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   Chapter 167 The Arrival of Charlie

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Cassandra shot Rufus an inquisitive glance. 'What is he trying to say?' she wondered in puzzlement.

Rufus stood up and moved a little closer to Cassandra. He was about to get down on one knee.

"Cassandra, I..."

Before he could finish his words, his phone buzzed and interrupted him. With its vibration, he found it hard to focus. Halfheartedly, he reached for the phone and answered.

"Rufus, my father is here in G city. He is showing ardent desire to see you,"

Amanda's voice spoke from the other line.

Rufus glanced at Cassandra and hesitated.

"Go ahead if it's urgent. You have been with me for the whole day. There must be a bunch of work on your desk. I have to call the supervisors for some arrangements after cleaning up anyway."

Cassandra gave him a little chuckle and then nodded her head considerately.

It had been ages since Rufus last met Charlie. Back in Dark Night Group, Charlie supported him a lot, hence Rufus had nothing but respect for him. Since his honorable teacher was present in G City, he felt obligated to meet him.

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Hanging up the call, Rufus was still disconcerted about not being able to profess his love. But on the other hand he didn't want to do it hastily so he put if off for some other day.

"I am sorry that I have to leave. But don't worry, I will see you in a couple of days."

After this, he lowered his head and planted a soft kiss on her cherry lips. Without saying another word, he left the house.

As he opened the door, gust of wind blew in and Cassandra shivered slightly.

The cheerful smile on her face died down. It was replaced with distress.

When he picked the phone, Cassandra got a glimpse of the caller's name. It was Amanda, but she acted like she hadn't seen it and pretened that it was a call from work.

It hurt her a lot but she knew it was the right thing to do. She had no grounds to confront him.

Sitting in solitary, she was overwhelmed with grief. She turned around and looked at the dinner she had made with so much love. The word Rufus uttered before he left broke her heart into pieces.

Rufus said he would come to see her in a few days and she believed him. Their rendezvous were always wonderful and he wouldn't leave without having sex with her.

But now she started to question these meetings. 'Am I just a timepass for him? Am I a piece of toy he comes to enjoy with once in a while?' she wondered.

When he desired her, he would come and spent some time with her. But when he found something better to do, he would be gone for several days. And while he was gone, she would be compelled to live in this isolated place with memories of him. All she had for company was the rattling of windows at night.

'With Amanda's one phone call, he left me. This makes it pretty obvious about who is more important to him. I am definitely not his first priority, ' she told herself.

She presumed that all these

up TY Securities, Charlie asked his friends to grease the wheels, so his business would move smoothly.

As the saying goes, he who teaches me for one day is my father for life. In Rufus's heart, Charlie was just like his father.

Horace, on the other hand, never managed to gain such respect from Rufus. He was not fit to be a father since he always chased money and fame.

Amanda stood beside Charlie. A dull red flush suffused her face the moment she saw Rufus.

She pulled back her long hair in a pony tail, exposing her clear and smooth forehead. In a black knitted dress, she looked like a noble black swan.

Rufus who came in a dark green suit with dark blue stripes looked as handsome as Apollo. No one could tear their eyes from him.

What a perfect match they were.

"Amanda, go downstairs and find out when my meal will be delivered."

Charlie suddenly turned to his daughter. Amanda was stunned, but she quickly nodded and walked out of the room.

'Father can just call the reception for this. Why did he have to ask me to go personally?' Amanda wondered.

"What's wrong?"

Rufus immediately asked as he detected that something must be wrong. He was certain that Charlie had something to tell him.

Instead of beating around the bush, Charlie explained,"Rufus, I came for Amanda this time. You know that she is my only daughter. I love her dearly and hope she can accompany me in my old age. But she told me that she wanted to build a piano school in G City. I don't feel very good about that,"

Charlie's voice was low and somewhat sad, he was a father who loved and cared about his daughter after all.

Rufus felt relief wash over him when he realized this was what Charlie wanted to say. In a cheerful tone, he replied,"You don't have to worry. I will make a clean break with Amanda and won't be involved with her ever again. In fact, I refused to help her when she told me that she wanted to build a piano school in G City."

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