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   Chapter 166 Don't Call Me That

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Cassandra blinked her eyes repeatedly. In this bewildered state, she looked like a beautiful doll.

By looking into her enchanting eyes, Rufus felt his heart soften.

'Well, she is definitely a silly woman. She drenched herself in the rain because she wanted to ensure her flowers were safe!' Rufus thought and laughed at the hilarity of it.

"If you are so fond of flowers, I will ask someone to plant you a whole garden of them. That way you can enjoy them to your heart's content,"

Rufus offered in a compassionate voice. As he waited for her response, he tucked her hair behind her ears. It was dripping with water.

The warm water showered Cassandra and filled the air with clouds of steam.

"No, no flowers. If possible, could you plant two Chinese parasol trees?"

Cassandra's eyes lit up. She looked at Rufus, hoping he would give her an affirmative reply.

"So you want to have Chinese parasol tree? But why? Chinese parasol trees are often surrounded by phoenixes. Are you trying to attract phoenixes?" Phoenix, in ancient mythology, was a kind of bird that preferred to settle down on Chinese parasol trees. And its presence insinuated confession of love.

Its symbolic meaning suddenly dawned on Rufus. He raised his eyebrows at Cassandra suspiciously.

Hearing his absurd suggestion, Cassandra shook her head and grinned.

"No way, I had no idea about that. I asked for them because they look lovely. When summer arrives, it would be amazing to sit under the shade. Anyway, I need just two of them,"

Cassandra replied to Rufus in a convincing tone. She shook his arms, acting like a spoiled child begging for his consent.

Rufus's eyes trailed down and Cassandra noticed a spark in them. Watching his gaze, she blushed a little.

"Hey, what are you looking at!" she screamed.

Rufus burst into laughter.

"You know what I am looking at," he retorted back.

He came forward and gave her a long kiss. Cassandra tried to catch her breath when Rufus finally let go of her. And Rufus observed her with his tender eyes. He could tell that Cassandra had savored that kiss.

He stood up and handed out a towel to Cassandra before he turned to leave.

"Sweating is good for you. Now you won't fall sick," he added with a smirk and closed the door shut.

Rufus's words left Cassandra stupefied. It became apparent that he had kissed her to stop her from falling sick.

However, she had thoroughly relished that kiss hence she couldn't help feeling stupid. 'What is wrong with me!' she shrieked internally.

Her face had turned crimson and she buried it into the towel. The warmth in her heart was equivalent to the steam in the bathroom.

Hours passed but the rain showed no sign of ceasing. The television and network were all reporting about the pouring rain.

Almost all streets were flooded. Cassandra was confined in this mansion. She couldn't go anywhere.

"Well, we're literally living in an ocean-view hou

. He was indeed very lucky to have Cassandra with him. However, he didn't know how long their relationship would last.

It was dark outside. Cassandra and Rufus drank some wine together.

"Remember the last time we had steak here? You were the one who cooked. But today, I made it for you. How wonderful this is! What are you waiting for? Please taste it," Cassandra ordered impatiently.

Internally, she was waiting for his compliment.

Rufus took a bite and it truly lived up to his expectation. She had done a wonderful job and he gave her his compliments generously.

"Wow, it tastes delicious. My wife is indeed a master chef!"

After he paid this compliment, silence filled the air.

Cassandra was surprised to hear herself being referred to as his wife. She felt embarrassed and shook her head immediately.

"Don't call me that...It feels a little strange…"

It wasn't that Cassandra didn't like it. It was just that this word was completely novel to her. In spite of being married, Lionel had never addressed her as his wife.

It was hard to tell where they stood in their relationship now. They weren't married and it sort of felt akward being called this way.

Rufus was surprised too. Maybe it was the atmosphere that prompted him to call her that. Moreover, he and Cassandra had spent a great day together. They slept together, cooked together and now shared a great dinner together, just like a normal married couple. So it came out of his mouth naturally.

Instantly, an idea popped into his mind. Rufus remembered the diamond ring. He realized now was the perfect time for him to propose her.

He kept the ring in his pocket so that he could use it when the perfect opportunity flared up.

Slowly, Rufus dug into his pocket and felt his fingertips touch the box. A smile appeared on his face when he was pulling it out of his pocket.

With a soft smile, he said, "Cassandra Qin, I might have to start calling you that from now on."

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