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   Chapter 165 The Petite Woman In The Bathtub

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Mr. Wang finally stood up, design plan in his hands. He nodded to Cassandra with a satisfied smile on his face, his curious expression now long gone.

"Ms. Qin, I believe that your company's success will be beyond expectation. You have the ball at your feet! Please accept my congratulations in advance!" he smiled sincerely.

Cassandra's sheer confidence dispelled whatever doubt he had before. He looked at her approvingly before turning to leave her office.

Cassandra thanked him eagerly and promised to not let him down.

Once he was out of earshot, she squealed in delight for successfully nailing down the business transaction.

Her happiness was short-lived, however, when it finally dawned on her how exhausted she had been. Since she was the operator of the group, her mother was unable to help and her sister was too young to understand, she had to do most of the work herself. But no matter how frustrated she was, Cassandra knew it was all worth it. Her father must have felt the same when he started the group. She smiled to herself.

Although she had won several grand design prizes before, Cassandra promised Lionel that she wouldn't work on designing in the next two years, which somehow restricted her to gather a larger clientele for her company.

Most of the cases they undertook were similar that of Mr. Wang, and many clients came to her for the sake of her previous works. She quietly hoped that the group could provide them with some brilliant works in order to establish a long term cooperation relationship. Facts speak louder than words. However, if she was just able to design again, she knew she could have gathered a larger network of prospective customers.

A loud clap of thunder broke her from her thoughts as she suddenly felt her feet quake beneath her. She got dizzy as she noticed the glass windows rumbling.

Cassandra knew it wasn't vertigo, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She closed her eyes until the shaking subsided.

As if on cue, her phone beeped to alert her of the news. She quickly took her phone out to check.

It said that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck A city. The alerts updated her every other minute. The earthquake and the thunder shower triggered several landslides and there were still unconfirmed reports on casualties. The earthquake was strong enough to affect the surrounding cities.

G City wasn't very close to A City, but citizens there also felt the strong vibration.

Taking several deep breaths, Cassandra slowly stood up from her chair despite her dizziness.

When she opened the door to leave her office, the hallway was in utter chaos. Her employees were all scattered outside, discussing the earthquake.

"It was so scary! I saw the ripples in my mug and thought that I shook the desk by accident!" a female employee said.

Her voice was trembling and shaky.

"My uncle and his family are in A City. I tried calling them but I still couldn't reach them! I'm so worried," another employee cried out.

She was about to burst into tears and some of her colleagues gathered around to comfort her.

"Don't worry. They must just be busy ensuring they're safe so they don't have time to call you. That, or the connection might just be too busy because everyone's doing the same thing. Just try again later!"

"She's right! Don't worry. I'm sure they'll contact you once they're safe!"

Cassandra cleared her throat when she approached the huddled crowd, and all of them quickly grew quiet and looked at her.

"Let's all call it a day! The weather report says it's also going to rain soon. Please be careful, and make sure that all of you message me as soon as you're home," she said.

She knew it was the right

," he ordered.

He sounded incredibly irresistible and Cassandra was overwhelmed by his cool voice.

She took her nightgown off and threw them aside, blushing. The wet clothing landed with a soppy flop on the tiled floor.

Rufus still glared at her, but he couldn't help swallow at the sight of her naked form.

"Are those two plants really more important than your own body? You'll pay dearly for it in the future! Everything in the world is apart and outside of you but your health, because your health is the only thing that belongs to yourself!" he chided once more, trying to not get distracted at her beautiful figure.

Rufus didn't plan to come to the Villa today, but the thunderstorm changed his mind and he was afraid that Cassandra would be terrified alone.

He drove back as quickly as possible, only to see her standing outside like an idiot.

With her back to him, she didn't notice his car and was busy covering the plants against the strong storm. Her stubborn figure reminded him of what happened during the typhoon last year—the woman also walked into rain determinedly.

Rufus felt that he couldn't breathe, and anger started to slowly boil inside him. He ran to pick her up harshly and hurried inside without talking to her due to his annoyance.

On his way to the villa, his mind was too busy worrying if Cassandra would be terrified being alone in such a big house. Seeing her standing in the rain only put his back up as he even felt hurt himself when the rain hit on his body.

"I'm sorry... I was just scared that they might be blown away," she explained shyly.

Cassandra didn't dare speak loudly when Rufus was mad at her. He only had little patience when he was angry, and it wasn't the right time to anger him even more.

Cassandra's shyness immediately softened Rufus's expression and he sighed irritably. She had become his weakness that he couldn't even get mad at her properly.

Rufus fixed his eyes at her frame; all his muscles were tensing when he saw her crouching in the bathtub. He crouched down next to the tub, right beside her head.

He held the shower head and began bathing her, hands carefully brushing over her hair and her face. Cassandra's pale skin had started to flush from the hot water. When their eyes met, he could see himself in her glistening eyes.

She pouted her lips and looked at him innocently.

"I just wanted to keep those plants alive so that I could watch them bloom, with you!" she said.

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