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   Chapter 164 A Ragged Colt May Make A Good Horse

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A sad smile formed on Cassandra's lips. The miserable day made her feel depressed.

Previously, love was a taboo between Rufus and her because she had been married to Lionel. Now that she had gotten a divorce, they were still in the same place.

Was he waiting for a good time? Or was he not thinking about it at all?

Cassandra raised her head. The billboard at the crossroad ahead had been replaced, but it was still an image of Amanda.

She made a bigger splash in G City compared to other female stars. Cassandra heard from her employees that she would be appointed as the tourist ambassador of G City.

It was clear that Rufus loved Cassandra only. However, every now and then, Cassandra would find out something or hear something that would make her heart drop.

Amanda used to be with Rufus until he broke up with her. When he did, she didn't press on and Rufus didn't bother to give an explanation too. They just parted ways and now their romance was nothing but a thing of the past.

However, Cassandra couldn't get over it.

In big bold letters and a spring-like theme, Amanda's billboard was definitely something.

Cassandra stood on the other side of the road and just gazed at the image of Amanda smiling on her billboard.

She was a beautiful woman and very few men could resist her given her identity.

When Cassandra returned to the company, she wasn't in the best mood. As soon as the elevator doors dinged open to her floor, an assistant walked up to her right away.

"Manager Qin, Mr. Wang is waiting for you in the office."

Cassandra was the boss of Qin Group on paper, but she didn't want anyone to call her President Qin. In her heart, it was still Vernon's position.

"Okay. I'll meet him now."

Cassandra lifted her spirits by pasting a smile onto her face.

Mr. Wang was an important client. They presented the design draft yesterday. He might have come today to seal the deal and talk about further business.

"Manager Qin…"

The assistant opened her mouth and then closed it for several times—she was hesitant to speak.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

Cassandra could feel her insides dropping as she sensed the assistant's hesitance.

"Manager Qin, Mr. Wang seems to be unsatisfied with our design."

The assistant frowned. Worry was etched on her face. When Mr. Wang arrived at their office, his face was twisted into a scowl. The assistant served him tea before calling Cassandra. Cassandra had come right in time.

Cassandra was nonplussed as she listened to the assis

t budge on making Cassandra sign her name as the designer.

"Mr. Wang, I believe that as a CEO, you should take the interests of your company seriously and it should be your priority. When I worked as a designer in the past, I devoted myself to my work. Design was my top priority, and I didn't need to worry about other things. However, since I took over Qin Group, everything has changed.

A manager should make decisions based on the interests of the whole company and not just one side. For example, for this draft—while I can easily sign my name on it, but it would be terribly unfair to its real designers if I do that, right? They worked very hard for this design and if I sign my name on it, I would be taking credit for their hard work.

I personally chose all my designers. They deserve to sign their names on this draft because they worked on this. I won't deprive them of their right to do that on account of my personal affairs. I believe you can understand that, Mr. Wang."

Cassandra's sincere, reasonable arguments silenced Mr. Wang.

Cassandra sensed his hesitation, so she went on, "Mr. Wang, rest assured that we value your project very much and we will work very hard on it. My signature will not change anything because we'll work hard nonetheless. Having Qin Group design your project will be your greatest investment."

Mr. Wang looked at Cassandra and gave a hearty laugh.

Cassandra heaved a sigh of relief when Mr. Wang let out that laugh.

He shook his head with an easy smile and said, "Haha. Vernon's daughter is remarkable indeed. You are much more capable than your father. A ragged colt may make a good horse. Keep going and surely you'll go places!"

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