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   Chapter 163 Dylon’s Declaration

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 15047

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A sudden hush fell over the hubbub of th crowd. One could almost hear a pin drop within the dead silence.

All eyes were fixed at the three people at the center of the issue in question, mouths gaping in shock. Flashes of the cameras halted and hands holding the microphones hung awkwardly suspended in midair even as the media's gaze scrutinized their every movement, looking for signs that would give any secrets away. However, their eyes failed to penetrate their expressions, especially Lyndsy's, as she was wearing huge sunglasses. Thankfully, it served as a good cover up. Nobody would be able to tell her shock beneath the dark shades of the lenses despite the practiced smile on her face.

The next thing Casssandra knew was the sensation of Dylon's arms wrapping around her waist and drawing her closer.

His words and actions were like tranquilizers injecting into the veins of the excited crowd. No one had uttered a word since his declaration. The situation seemed too sudden to completely sink in. Feet were planted into the road in this stupefied silence.

It was Lyndsy who recovered first. She took her sunglasses off, and flashed a big smile to the crowd that had gathered around them.

"I believe the misunderstanding has been cleared up now. As you have just heard, I was having dinner with two of my friends the other day, and I have no idea why it was only me and my male friend on the photos. Camera angles, maybe? I'm sure you would know better than me," she remarked cheerfully, although the implication rang loud and clear to everyone. Either that, or the photos were framed! She chose to leave this last part out. Judging from the reluctant gazes of the reporters, she knew they understood the bite in her seemingly harmless words. "Please give my friends privacy. They're not celebrities, and this is harrassment. The next time this happens, you can be sure that we would take action," she ended, emphasizing the last sentence in a strong and clear voice.

After her words, Lyndsy flashed her billion-dollar smile again. Its warmth had a startling contrast to the coldness in her eyes as she gave an once-over to the reporters in front of her.

Cassandra's mind had completely shut down as she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

'Girlfriend? What were you thinking, Dylon? You should have discussed with me first! Or maybe even given me a hint at least, ' she thought to herself as she struggled to untangle her thoughts.

Gradually, all the media and the paparazzi came to their senses and looked at one another in dumb silence and disbelief.

They had been tailing Lyndsy for the past days to dig up some more dirt. When the news of her dating blew up on the internet, they were sure that they hit the jackpot; and they watched her more closely than ever, knowing it was only a matter of time before a juicy secret revealed itself to them.

The man who snapped a photo at the cafe was one of them. They had sent him to take the pictures of Lyndsy and her so-called boyfriend, but to their surprise, it seemed that they had completely missed the mark.

Dylon's earlier declaration that Cassandra was his girlfriend, not Lyndsy, had left them speechless. The scenario had not crossed their minds. What now? They would look like fools who made a great fuss over nothing. They thought they were digging for gold, which turned out to be useless rocks in the end.

Seeing that his words had taken the journalists by surprise and confusion, Dylon felt his irritation dissipate, replaced by a certain mischief. A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips.

He bent his head and 'kissed' Cassandra on her forehead. His lips did not touch her skin—he merely hovered above her long enough to give them the illusion. He knew that it would confirm his words.

Then he turned to the crowd and smiled, his eyes glinting with mischief. After what they put him through, he felt a distorted sense of satisfaction. He would play them to the end. He was entitled to that much.

"Lyndsy was having dinner with us the other night, so please stop making stories up from unknown and unreliable sources. It hurt both my girlfriend and Lyndsy, and it won't bring you anything but court cases. However, I admire your hard work. You people from the media really have it hard, don't you? I respect your dedication," he paused to keep himself from smirking at his words. "The milk tea and cakes here are wonderful. Please help yourself with them. I'll pick up the tab fo

e felt like she could breath. She was feeling good because things got sorted out, even for a little bit, and it was obvious to Dylon that she didn't take his words seriously. He shook his head silently, but said nothing else.

"Hmm," the two of them were startled to hear Cassandra speak as she checked her watch. "I have plans this afternoon and I need to go back to my company now," she said, shifting her gaze between them with a curious look in her eyes.

They had been talking so familiarly, and it was as if they've forgotten her existence. Time flew by that day, and before they knew it, it was past afternoon.

"I'll take you there," Dylon hurriedly offered.

Cassandra shook her head and smiled politely at him.

"No, it's only a few blocks away. I can manage. Please take care on your way back," she said with finality in her tone.

Then she waved to them and turned around to walk to the direction of her company. Dylon stood and watched her, lost in his own thoughts.

"Thanks, buddy!" Lyndsy said casually.

She patted him on his shoulders. Dylon was pulled from his thoughts at the contact and his gaze fell on the shoulder where her hands briefly landed. He wore a blank expression on his face, but he was stunned by her sudden movement.

The real Lyndsy was nothing like the roles she played in the movies. She was always an elegant, noble lady in films; but the woman standing in front of him now was much simpler and honest. She had an almost childlike air to her, and at times she had a certain boyish charm to her movements.

However... Dylon liked the less-than-perfect, real life Lyndsy much more than the ideal woman everyone else saw on screens and in theaters. She was full of life, and her edges and faults only served to magnify her brightness. The image of her twnkling eyes as she grinned without restraint came back to him. 'That's not a bad look on her face, ' Dylon thought to himself.

At this time, Lyndsy had turned around and walked away from him, her pace confident and brisk as it sounded on the pavement.

Dylon lingered for a little while. He looked up at the dark clouds that had gathered against the expanse of the blue sky. It was going to rain.

Moving step by step to the company, Cassandra felt the earlier heaviness tug at her more fiercely now that she was alone with her thoughts.

A moment ago, when Dylon announced that she was his girlfriend in front of so many people, she was astonished at first. But later on, the surprise was replaced with a melancholy as she thought of the relationship between Rufus and her.

She couldn't help but wonder, would there come a day when Rufus too would declare their relationship proudly in front of all people, regardless of the reaction of her mother or his father, just like Dylon did just now? Cassandra bit her lip as she ignored the hollowness that had now turned into a stabbing pain. Steeling herself, she willed her legs to move, even as every step felt much, much heavier.

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