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   Chapter 162 My Girlfriend

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Cassandra pored over social media posts and found that many of them were from major personalities who had overwhelming following in the internet. There was an endless string of comments after the posts.

Cassandra continued checking their tweets and posts. After a while, it was clear to her that these were all negative reports about Lyndsy.

"Lyndsy is hard to get along with. It is already a known fact in the entertainment industry. She will go through any length to maintain her popularity, even if the actions are questionable."

Comments of the same nature could be seen everywhere. It shocked Cassandra. She had no idea what to make of it.

"When a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push," Lyndsy sighed. "I know who I am. I don't think about other people's feelings. I deserve it."

She leaned back on the chair as she spoke. Frustration was boiling inside her, but she held her lips tightly shut. Looking at her now, it would be impossible to think of her as a super star. Her hair was mussed, her skin pale, and her eyes had no trace of life in them. It seemed that she was now ruined, and there was nothing she could do to improve the situation. Cassandra felt sympathy for her even as she read the negative comments about Lyndsy.

She had started out as a child star. It was said that she came from poverty. Therefore, she worked a lot more and much harder than other actresses.

Her breakthrough came when she starred in an action movie. There were a lot of physical scenes, but she chose not to use a body double, saying that she wanted to make the fight scenes look more real and vivid. She went to action school and dedicated all her time in learning the stunts. During one of the scenes in the film, she once got a fracture and often came home bruised. Her passion translated into the big screen and everyone lauded her true-to-life performance.

Lyndsy reaped the fruits of her hard-earned position and her name was cemented in the industry when she was nominated in an international film festival for that film. Despite not bagging the award, she made a deep and lasting impression on domestic and international reporters alike. For days, her name poured out of the headlines, and the film that she starred in was a gigantic box office success.

After that, producers and directors flocked to her, offering her the lead parts. Everyone wanted her, and everything she appeared in was a guaranteed success. Soon enough, she became one of the top box office earners. Many well-known actors and directors mentioned her as someone they wanted to work with. All her hard work had paid off into such astonishing achievements.

Lyndsy had always be outspoken. People who truly knew her would praise her with the frank and direct way she had of handling things. However, success had a lot of pitfalls. Alongside praises, there were also plenty of criticisms about her, describing her as a mean gossipmonger.

Cassandra tried to comfort Lyndsy, "Don't worry. There are always news of this sort in the entertainment industry. I'm sure that the noise would die down soon enough. We can still fix this."

"Fix it? How?" she spat bitterly. "As things stand now, I have no other option but to leave the company. They wouldn't even let me stay until the end of my contract. Their value will plummet if they allow it; and even if they do, they would just use this chance to put me in a leash and control me. I won't have that,"

Lyndsy spoke, red-cheeked with rage. She had been in the industry long enough, and she knew those senior executives as well as she knew the back of her hand. They were the sort with tons of money who treated people ruthlessly, and all they cared about were filling their pockets. They would resort to the lowest, unspeakable means if it meant their bank accounts would fatten up.

It was more than likely that money was involved with the outpouring of the social media posts.

In normal circumstances, when such thing happened to celebrities, their companies and agents would waste no time and act quickly to try to quell the damage and rebuild their image with PR campaigns and strat


The man was a paparazzi. He had been tailing them for quite some time now; but the moment he finally got a good picture, Dylon deleted it. Now, he had no material and might even get sacked.

"You know that you're the one being unreasonable. I don't want to talk with scum reporters like you. Leave now, or I'm pressing charges," Dylon snapped back.

It was just one shock after another. Cassandra had never seen Dylon so angry. His jaw was clenched tight and his knuckles were digging into his palms. She could almost feel the heat of his fury.

It was probably true that gentle and decent men were the worst when angered. She looked at him and felt anxious at the sight of his hard expression.

The man muttered to himself and left reluctantly. Dylon, Cassandra and Lyndsy sat around the table, still not knowing what to do.

After what happened, they were more aware of the eyes around them. One waitress in particular seemed to recognize Lyndsy, and she kept throwing looks to their direction. The trio realized that it might not be a good idea for them to stay any longer, especially after the scene with the man earlier.

Lyndsy spoke up first, "Let's call it a day. Cassandra has to go to work any way. I'll see you guys another day."

She sounded frustrated. They had spent a lot of time and energy but came up with nothing helpful.

"Lyndsy, please don't worry. I promise I'll keep thinking of a solution,"

Cassandra reassured, trying her best to comfort Lyndsy. The three of them stood up and walked to the door.

Nothing could have prepared them for the sudden crowd that gathered around them at the door. The man from earlier was in front. He wore a fake smile as he spoke to them.

"Ms. Su, are you on a date with your boyfriend?"

There were multiple flashes from around them, phones and microphones were thrust in their faces from all directions. They could barely make out the sentences as all the reporters spoke simultaneously, asking for statements and answers.

"Ms. Su, there's a rumor going around that you will leave the entertainment industry and marry your boyfriend. Is it true that you're pregnant with his baby?"

"Ms. Su, your boyfriend is a photographer who earns a lot of money. Is that the reason you quit the show business?"

Cassandra struggled to stay on her feet as they got pushed around. 'What kind of questions are these? They are ridiculous!' Cassandra thought to herself.

Then Cassandra looked at Lyndsy. She was grinding her teeth and fuming. Cassandra had to think of something quickly before things got worse.

Suddenly, Dylon pulled the woman into his arms and smiled at the reporters.

"This is my girlfriend. Please stop asking me such nonsense. She will be angry with me."

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