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   Chapter 161 Ready To Propose To Her

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Rufus couldn't feel his face. He was desensitized from his surroundings. He even failed to notice Cassandra's cry of pain.

The only thing he focused on was the feeling he felt when he witnessed Cassandra getting out of Dylon's car. It was like a bucket of ice water pouring onto him. He couldn't believe what he saw.

His mind was occupied by this. He didn't notice his thrusts were getting harder and harder. Cassandra bit down on her lower lip, drawing blood. She tried to stifle her moans until the torture ended. She fell asleep soon after they were spent. The corners of her eyes still glistened from the tears even when she was already asleep.

Rufus, on the other side of the bed, couldn't sleep. He put on some clothes and walked out of the room. He went down and stood in the middle of the garden with an emotionless expression.

He lit up a cigarette and was soon letting out puffs of smoke. The smoke clouded his already cold expression.

The night wind gently kissed his face. The flowers he helped Cassandra plant swayed in tune with the breeze. They were already sprouting out small green leaves. They seemed to make the garden look alive, a stark contrast to how Rufus was feeling at the moment.

Rufus took out a velvet jewelry box from his left pocket and grasped it with his hand. He gently flipped it open, and a beautiful ring with a clear-cut diamond at its center appeared.

It was a platinum ring decorated with four claws that held the gem. The ring itself was simple, but one look from even a non-expert would know that it was priceless.

The diamond was imported from overseas. It cost him a ton of money to acquire it from an auction abroad. It had the highest grade of clarity and color, and was even more rare because of its carat weight.

Rufus heeded Jasper's advice. He thought that this would really show Cassandra how committed he was to their relationship. He would give her a home, their very own home. That was when he began planning a proposal to her.

He thought last night was the right time.

The Range Rover's trunk was filled to the brim with Ecuadorian roses. He planned to make Cassandra open the trunk, and then get down on his knees as soon as she was surprised.

He texted her and informed her that he would be at the Garden Villa came the evening. To his disappointment, Cassandra didn't reply. He was extremely worried, so he called her. It went straight to voicemail.

Rufus tried to reassure himself that Cassandra must have an emergency, or a good reason. As soon as he got off work, he drove to the villa as fast as possible to wait for her. He waited for 3 hours. She was dropped off by Dylon.

Rufus felt so empty. He hated himself for being so stupid, but he also felt sad and hurt.

Cassandra wasn't even his first woman. Ever since he and Amanda broke up, he buried himself in building up the company so he hardly had any time for a serious relationship. But every man had his needs. He had plenty of flings to attest to that.

But Cassandra was different.

Other women fell in love with his physique or his money, since he was a generous lover. They all wanted something from him. Cassandra, though, disappeared immediately after the night they slept together. She didn't even leave her phone number.

This made its mark on Rufus. He was driven insane by his curiosity about her. When he did eventually get to know her better, he set his sights on conquering her.

She was beautifu

ay that!"

The photos were obviously taken by a low-end phone since they were so blurry. They were apparently taken yesterday when the three of them were having hot-pot.

Though they weren't clear, Cassandra recognized Lyndsy's profile. Dylon sat across her was also easily identified.

Strangely, Cassandra wasn't present in the photos. Her body was covered by a big palm tree planted indoors.

"When I signed the contract with the company, there was a term that specifically said I couldn't have a relationship for the duration, or I'll have to pay a huge amount of money!"

It was obvious that Lyndsy was panicking right now. Her hands were balled into tight fists, and she was quivering.

"Earlier this morning, I went to the company to discuss the contract further. They refused and said this stupid post did serious damage to the image they so carefully built. Now there are some bad comments about me online. They said I caused a huge loss to the company and they even threatened to take legal action against me!"

Lyndsy grew more agitated as she went on. She thought that when the contract expired, she could finally be free. She never expected this to happen so close before her contract came to an end!

"Lyndsy, calm down! Let me see the comments first."

Cassandra opened the profile who posted the photos. The person seemed to be an average young man, not paparazzi who followed Lyndsy everywhere. Unfortunately, this worked against Lyndsy since people would believe a normal person more than a mere paparazzi.

The photos bugged her even more. They all were taken specifically at angles which left Cassandra out. They seemed to be taken right when Dylon and Lyndsy were discussing about photography. One was taken when Dylon and Lyndsy were huddling close since she was showing something on her phone. They looked quite intimate. If someone who didn't know them saw this photo, he would surely mistake them as a sweet couple.

She scrolled down further towards the comments section. The comments took her by surprise. There were really venomous comments aimed at Lyndsy. They called her a liar.

To be fair, celebrities were also human. It was normal for them to form relationships. It wasn't anything new. Why was this such a serious problem for Lyndsy? It all seemed strange.

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