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   Chapter 160 Rude and Violent

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"The TY Group seems to have a wide range of businesses; their interests in entertainment and other fields are remarkable. In fact, I've bought some decoration materials in one of their malls last time," Cassandra relayed.

She was bursting with curiosity as the TY Group was mentioned in the conversation.

"Indeed. They started off with securities and finance, and they are very famous abroad too. Now they prefer doing business at home. They kicked off with investments and are now eagerly engaged in all kinds of industries. Moreover, in its efforts to seek higher grounds, the TY Group is now paying attention to the entertainment industry. You know what? The films they had invested in the past two years had hit huge box-office successes. Now they have set up their own film company and will make and sell their own films in the future."

Lyndsy's eyes widened at her description of the TY Group. Her metaphors were so detailed that it was as if she were enumerating the heirlooms of her own family. Cassandra was enthralled by her words and couldn't take her eyes off her as she spoke.

"Why don't you join TY Entertainment as they are so strong? With a good platform and your respectable reputation, you will surely win more awards," Cassandra suggested.

Expressing deep concern about Lyndsy's prospects, Cassandra was excited at the thought of seeing her succeed in the future.

"Oh! TY Entertainment is a company after all. You know, I've got a fiery temper. In case I have trouble with the senior management, for sure they will keep me idle intentionally."

Lyndsy knew her flaws well, but she also had her own ideas.

A crow is never the whiter for washing herself often. For Lyndsy, it was better to follow her heart than to fawn on others. It was hard to run her own studio, but she wouldn't need to restrain herself.

She had a strong character, and it was true that it would be more suitable for her to set up her own studio. In that way, nobody would interfere with her and no one would mess around her.

"Since you have the plans to set up a studio, won't your agency make things more difficult for you?"

Cassandra thought that if the agency knew that Lyndsy wanted to set up her own group, they would deliberately put obstacles in her way, so that her plans wouldn't be realized.

"They know nothing about this. I have secured the business license. Then I will submit a case to the court, claiming that the contract they signed for me is at variance with the facts. Surely, I will have to pay the liquidated damages which shouldn't be too much since the agency is the guilty party."

Lyndsy trusted Cassandra completely, so she always confided things to Cassandra.

They chatted while eating, from work to skin care products and many other topics women liked to talk about.

On the other hand, Dylon just kept his silence. Being a man as he was, he couldn't get a word in the girls' talk.

Lyndsy stole a curious glance at Dylon from time to time. She thought t

left out as he stayed alone in the villa.

"I had dinner with my friends, so I came back late. Why, did you wait long?"

Cassandra sat beside Rufus, curled up and snuggled herself into his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

Rufus subconsciously reached out to fondle her hair, but soon went rigid, remembering that he was still upset with her.

He wanted to ask her so many questions, but his heart was softened as she acted pettishly. He didn't know how to deal with this woman every time she acted so child-like.

"And who are these friends you stayed with so late?"

Rufus tried his best to make his tone natural, but it was still strained.

"Just some acquaintances."

Cassandra did not want to mention that she met Lyndsy tonight. After all, only a number of people knew that Lyndsy wanted to terminate the contract. She trusted Cassandra, so she told Cassandra about her plans. Cassandra did not want to betray her confidence.

Rufus's grief came in waves, slowly devouring him. He had seen Dylon's car in the monitor and Cassandra got off his car, but she didn't mention Dylon's name.

'Is there something between them? Does Cassandra try to hide something from me?' Rufus thought silently.

Cassandra moved closer to Rufus and murmured in his ears, "Rufus, you're rarely visiting me here. I feel so lonely. Every time you come, I'm so glad as if I'm celebrating the holidays."

Her voice was nasal. Rufus put out his hand to gently stroke her face, and he felt the brewing tears in her eyes.

Cassandra moved away to dodge Rufus's hand. She felt very humiliated. Her joy was immense when she saw Rufus waiting for her in the hall, but she dared not show her excitement.

She wished she could see Rufus when she came home every day, but she knew it was too much to hope for.

Rufus's lips hardened and an angry mask shadowed his face at Cassandra. His moves were rough like he wanted to give full vent to his anger on top the little woman. 'Why is she hiding that from me?'

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