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   Chapter 159 Lyndsy’s Decision

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It was already the start of spring when Cassandra finally put up the signboard of her company outside the office building.

The peach flowers were budding wildly; the grasses sprouted vigorously; and the orioles were singing among the leaves of the willow trees. Even the air had started to smell sweet. A perfect welcome of the early spring.

Rufus would usually stay inside the Tang House most of the time, but he tried to make a point to go out and spend time with Cassandra. It was good for them both; the time they spent together was the most relaxing time of their week. It was even more comfortable when they were in each other's arms. The fragrance of her body made Cassandra all the more irresistible.

Cloris had gone abroad to study and Edith lived alone in their old house. Cassandra would give her a call once a week, just to update her about the company, but not much else, especially not her personal life.

Rufus was a forbidden topic between the mother and daughter; and even though Cassandra was still sulking about it, she was unable to say anything else. Her mother wouldn't be able to accept their relationship yet and she wasn't the one to press the issue any longer.

The Qin Group had just started over in G City and Cassandra was running around to get more business opportunities every day. Regardless of how tired she was, however, she would always clean up the villa herself each day.

In her heart, she saw the villa as her home with Rufus, and she was trying her best to keep it warm and comfortable.

Cassandra also tried to make the company feel homely to her employees. She hired highly skilled chefs to cook nutritious work lunches for them and allowed employees to take paid vacations. As time passed by, all of them had learned what kind of boss she was and plenty of her workers were thankful to her. There were also a lot more people who wanted to work for her.

For the sake of her employees' well-being, Cassandra also made sure to have regular medical exams for them, bringing them to Jenks's hospital.

While the employees were waiting in line at the physical examination center, the young people were busy laughing and joking around one another as Cassandra was calling one of her clients outside the door.

"Yes, Mr. Wang! We've completed the design you requested. A member of our team will bring it to you personally this afternoon, but if there's any other inquiry or question, please let me know!" Cassandra spoke eagerly over the phone, before hanging up.

She cherished every client she had and sincerely hoped to develop a long-term relationship with them. All the work that her company did was treated with great care, no matter how small or trivial it was.

While she was talking, a young man in white uniform passed by but he stopped as he turned towards Cassandra's frame.

"Cassandra? Is that you? What are you doing here? Are you sick?" he asked, worry in his eyes.

It was Dylon. He looked as handsome just as he always had been in the past, looking at Cassandra with a concerned expression on his face.

Cassandra laughed. "No, don't worry. I'm not sick. My workers are having their routine physical examinations here," she explained.

She glanced over towards the small crowd in the hallway to stress her point.

Dylon had recently learned of her divorce with Lionel and felt sorry for her, which was only further emphasized when he saw her contorted face before

of them ate cheerfully.

"Ah, I almost forgot! Thank you for helping me out last time. I still have your dress in my place. Don't worry, it's dry cleaned! I can have it sent to you later," Lyndsy said in between bites.

Her cheeks were burning from the heat and her eyes crinkled in gratitude.

"Don't mention it! I still have your dress too, so it's really nothing to worry about. Maybe we could just find another time to exchange them? By the way, you need to tell me about your new movie! Have you started shooting?"

She remembered that Lyndsy had told her that she was just about to start on her new project.

Lyndsy's smile slowly faded and she looked away.

"I-I've decided to terminate my contract with the movie. I'm also going to leave my agency soon. Actually I'm planning to start my own studio. You see, it's better to depend on myself and not someone else I don't trust," Lyndsy explained.

Cassandra wanted to hug her tight. Lyndsy was such a kind soul who never deserved to look so sad. Lyndsy was pure, authentic, and honest, but because she became a star at such a young age, there could have been a disagreement between her and her agency. She tried not to press about her decision, and instead, focused on her plans for the future.

"What about the damages? Would you be able to afford it?" Cassandra asked worriedly.

She knew about the liquidated damages that movie stars tended to face whenever they terminated their agreements. Whenever news broke out about actors terminating their contracts with their firms, they were often considered as incredibly large scandals.

"Hmph. They violated the agreement first. The director of the movie switched the leading female role without consulting me. You can't even imagine how sketchy they all are, and I wouldn't want to bother you with the toxicity. The movie producer's so, so stupid. The entire film production is such a mess. Nothing like my last few movies," Lyndsy sighed irritably.

Her face was contorted in irritation.

"Anyway, TY Group is actually pretty reliable and capable. They bring out the most brilliant scripts; they hire really talented directors; and their movies are always well-reviewed. I worked with them in that particular movie that won me the Best Actress Award!" Lyndsy said.

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