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   Chapter 158 The Fireworks

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Cassandra's eyes were wide open, astonishment covering her face.

Fireworks lit up the sky in a dazzling array of pattern after pattern.

Some were green, the sparks raining down like a meteor shower.

Some were purple, glowing like smiling faces.

Some were gold, blossoming out like wild flowers.

And then there were the red, holding their shapes in burning hearts as the entire sky was painted bright with the color of romance.

As each explosion lit up the sky and scattered like falling flower pedals, the dark night shone as bright as day. Cassandra was enchanted.

She couldn't keep her eyes from the sky. Her astonishment slowly turned into jubilation and she couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

The burst of each firework reflected in her eyes and Rufus gazed as each color lit up her shining eyes.

"Like it?"

His voice was so soft and warm that even with two simple words, Cassandra could feel her knees buckle.

"A lot! It's so beautiful. Thank you."

She felt her voice choke, her eyes starting to well up a little bit as the gratitude spilled out of her.

Rufus smiled, instinctively leaning over and leaving a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I'm glad you like it."

He'd shipped the entire set of fireworks equipment along with all the fireworks from overseas but had thought little of the cost. All he could think of was making sure Cassandra liked it.

For Cassandra, the fireworks painted the most picturesque scene into the night sky. But for Rufus, the real beauty was in her eyes.

In her pure eyes, the fireworks bloomed. These were the clearest eyes he'd ever seen in his entire life.

As the fireworks faded into the night sky and the sounds of the explosions slowly drifted away, a sense of peace fell over their night.

Rufus removed his hands from covering Cassandra's ears, making their way down to cup her cheeks. He gently lifted her face, his eyes never wavering from hers, full to the brim with love.

"So, how are you going to thank me, huh?" he asked, a mischievous smile creeping onto his face.

His hands felt as hot as magma but his movements were soft as a feather; as if he was handling an invaluable piece of treasure.

His fiery eyes seemed to burn through her and Cassandra couldn't help but feel a little unsettled. She could never really behave calmly in front of him, especially when he spoke with such an irresistible tone and looked at her with such passion in his eyes. She felt as though she might fall down at any time, melting into a pool of liquid at his feet.

"Rufus, I... I… How do you want me to thank you?" she stammered with a bashful look.

This was nothing like her normal, articulate self. Within seconds, she'd been transformed into this shy, stammering girl. The last few words came out as soft as a murmur, barely audible if he had not been so close to her.

A wicked smile crept across his face and just like that, his lips were pressed fiercely against hers.

He closed his eyes, relishing the taste of this woman. A feeling of contentment filled his body.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was caught off-guard by the impromptu kiss. Her eyes stayed wide open in disbelief, and she could see nothing but the thick eyelashes of this man.

Though he kept his eyes closed, he could feel that her mind was elsewhere from the kiss so he naughtily bit her lip.

"I don't have anything

ide rolling out.

The horn of the unicorn crashed onto the floor below the seat, the figure cracking with as much ferocity as the breaking of her heart.

Amanda was used to having all her wishes come true. But this was the one that evaded her. She had tried and failed so many times with Rufus. She had spent hours crying over him, hurting over him, confronting her father for him. Even more, she had thrown the opportunity to perform overseas away just to come here, to his city.

'I did all this for you, Rufus, ' she lamented.

'You know that. You know my heart is with you. But you've trampled over it again and again.

When you heard that Cassandra was gone, you pulled me out and asked Victor to take care of me as you rushed off to find her. This time, you drove off immediately after the concert, again just for her. You couldn't even stay for just one second for me. And here you are, enjoying the fireworks with her.

Where did you learn this romance from? When we were together, you were as dumb as a stone. You didn't even dare come close to me. Anytime I wanted to touch you, you instinctively moved away, keeping a safe distance between us. Was it because you were afraid? Was it because you'd been hurt by a loved one before? I've tried so hard to be close to you...

But what about now? What changed? You hold her in your embrace. You kiss her. You look at her with such burning desire as if you are going to melt her!'

Amanda couldn't contain her overwhelming sorrow any longer. She grovelled on her steering wheel, a wail of grief escaping from her lips.

'What's so good about Cassandra anyways? She was married to someone before! She flirted with other men when she still had a husband waiting for her back home. Why would you choose her, Rufus?' Jealousy roared inside of her.

But her undeniable pride held the tears in her eyes.

'No, stop it, Amanda. Are you going to give up now?' she berated herself. 'How can you give up!'

She had never got over the mistake she made last time. And this time, she was determined to get what she wanted, no matter the cost.

'I want Rufus back at my side. I want Rufus to only have eyes for me.

I am the only one who truly loves him, ' she thought, with newfound conviction.

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