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   Chapter 157 A Firework Display For Cassandra

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Ivy was astonished at what Lionel said just now. She froze in place. It was as if someone threw a bucket of ice water on her, which instantly doused the burning desire she had for him.

'When it comes to our sexual life, Lionel has always been so active for so many years. He has never, ever refused me like he just did today. What is wrong with him?' She thought to herself.

After she finished that trail of thought, she felt even colder than the moonlight outside the window.

It was the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, which was also known as the Lantern Festival. Horace, Lionel, and Rufus went out to the concert so it was only Jill and Ivy at home.

The two women spent the night talking, where Jill mostly comforted Ivy and told her to take better care of herself. She also mentioned that the Tang family was prepared to compensate her abortion that was caused by Cassandra.

Even though deep inside she was still very anxious, Ivy was trying her best to stay behaved and sensible. She simply nodded along and agreed with what Jill said.

"I love Lionel. Nothing else matters," Ivy said sincerely.

'I know that Jill loves Lionel best among her family. For as long as I can show her that there is nothing more important to me than Lionel, she would definitely see me as the most suitable wife for her son, ' Ivy thought.

Since she came back from the hospital, Ivy felt that everyone in the Tang family had changed their attitudes towards her. Though it was not obvious, she could feel it.

Ivy never hesitated to go after Lionel after he divorced Cassandra. However, it felt strange that she seemed to have to walk on eggshells with the Tang family.

It was common for someone who had nothing to lose to dare to do anything. Ivy was like that. Since day one, she had nothing but the baby in her womb. She had no choice but to frame Cassandra in causing the abortion. If she failed, she would rather die and took Cassandra down.

But, this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. Cassandra had divorced Lionel and left the Tang family. 'My long-cherished desire for many years is about to be fulfilled. This is my chance. I must seize this chance to get what I want, ' Ivy thought. 'But somehow, it feels like it is much more difficult than I've imagined.'

Originally, Lionel was the President of the Tang Group, and he was being groomed to be the successor of the company. However, the position was now occupied by Rufus and it seemed that he had taken Lionel's place.

When Lionel and Cassandra were still married, Horace actually appreciated his daughter-in-law. Rumors had it that the father and son actually argued about the divorce. Lionel took the divorce settlement to Cassandra and asked her to sign her name on the contract. He did it behind his father's back so that the divorce went through in the end. Horace found out after it was already done.

There was no use for Horace to stop the divorce. He knew his words would no longer sway them so he turned a blind eye.

Then, Ivy had moved in with the Tang family since she became pregnant with

indow? It's not stuffy in here anyway.'

"Face the window and close your eyes. I have a gift for you," he requested with excitement in his voice.

Rufus raised his lips as he stared at her waiting for her response.

"A gift? What gift?" Cassandra asked.

Her face was filled with confusion and it actually looked pretty cute. Seeing this, Rufus couldn't resist the temptationto kiss her. But he refrained from doing so.

"Honey, don't ask anymore questions, okay? Just close your eyes and you will soon find out," he answered.

Standing by her side, he pulled her head against his chest, put his hand over her ear and covered her eyes with his other hand.

"What are you doing? Why are you being so mysterious?" she asked.

Cassandra then pouted her lips with a look of discontent.

Leaning against him, she felt his heart beating faster and faster. The anticipation was building inside him and now it seemed like it was transferred to her. She started to hear his heartbeat again, which was different from her own.

His was so strong and powerful and pulsed with great vitality.

"I'm going to count down now. Open your eyes as soon as I hit one. Do you understand?" Rufus asked her.

He bowed his head and gave her a quick kiss on the top of her head as a sign of comfort.

Hearing what he said, Cassandra felt more curious and excited so she hurriedly agreed to it.

Rufus then narrowed his black eyes as he turned to look out the window.

He then checked the indicator of his wristwatch and began to count down accurately, "Five, four, three, two, one..."

As he counted to one, Rufus quickly moved his hand from her eyes to cover her ears to protect them from the loud sound.

Her beautiful eyelashes fluttered like the wings on a butterfly as she opened her eyes.

A deafening sound suddenly came from outside the window. Fortunately, her ears were covered by his hands. Otherwise, it would have hurt her ears.

Looking up, Cassandra watched a wonderful display of colorful fireworks lighting up the beautiful night sky.

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