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   Chapter 156 Leave Me Alone

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All eyes turned to the lone figure who spoke. Lionel stood up with a smile and an air of confidence.

He started for the stage as soon as the words left his lips and stopped right beside Amanda.

Amanda was disappointed at Rufus's reaction and expected that he wouldn't do anything more today. She thought she was going to be stuck in this awkward situation. Surprisingly, Lionel was the one who rescued her. She felt grateful.

She didn't let this opportunity pass and immediately took advantage when Lionel made the offer. They signed the contract on the spot. The thunderous applause sounded soon after.

Horace, who was on the edge of his seat, secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, Lionel came forward with a solution with to tricky problem. Otherwise, he could already see the headlines for tomorrow's paper—Tang Group, too arrogant?

"What's wrong with you, Rufus? It's an honor to be invited by Miss Ke. Why didn't you take the chance?"

He asked Rufus with an unpleasant tone. His eyebrows were furrowed.

This was the perfect chance for Tang Group to make its mark in history. What on earth was Rufus thinking by not making a move?

Rufus just stayed silent and observed the jubilant Amanda and Lionel shaking hands onstage.

He didn't like this form of coercion. Amanda attempted to force him into making some kind of response. He hated being forced most of all.

After signing the contract, Lionel went back to his seat. Amanda bowed deeply and ended the concert right there. She proceeded backstage amidst the deafening applause.

Rufus had planned to leave wordlessly, but Horace stopped him by placing his hand on his shoulder.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Rufus?"

Horace asked suspiciously. He was visibly angry at Rufus.

Rufus did not fear him. He merely turned around and asked in return, "Father, don't you think the contract signing was a hasty move?"

He frankly spoke his mind.

Lionel, who was standing beside them, frowned at what he said. Rufus was clearly implying that his decision was too hasty.

"What? I don't see it like that. What I saw is that you refused to make the right decision at such a critical time. You disappoint me!"

Horace was quite livid whenever he remembered the crucial moment. He had always believed Rufus to be a reliable man who would always make the right decision; but today, he decided to close his eyes to the situation when it came to Amanda.

"Even if you didn't want the contract signed, you could have said something. How could you leave her hanging onstage like a fool?"

Horace was still blaming Rufus while Lionel jibed with his father's words.

"Father's right, Rufus. Miss Ke invited us in her kindness. You could have at least said something. She is the official spokesperson for the Department of Tourism. She is endorsed by the government itself. You'd better not offend her."

Lionel certainly didn't pass up

Lionel, let's head home!"

Horace trusted Rufus had a good reason for speeding away like that. So he took Lionel and asked the driver to head home directly.

Lionel went straight to his room the moment they arrived. He removed his clothes to run a bath. After washing, he lay on his bed, ready to sleep.

He was still angry about what happened today. Somehow he felt that Rufus set this trap for him.

After Amanda made her proposal known, Rufus remained passive and glued to his seat for at least a minute or two. He didn't do anything even when everyone had all eyes on him.

If he really knew that Amanda's school wasn't permitted yet by the government, he would have stood up immediately for a reply. He was that capable.

But then, he merely stayed silent. The only explanation he could find was that Rufus was waiting for him to stand up and say something.

Lionel had always longed for his father's approval and praise. Before Rufus took over Tang Group, Lionel was the president of the company. He managed everything! But now, he was replaced so easily by Rufus. He just couldn't reconcile with this fact.

Now there came a chance to turn the tables. He broke the ice with the act of saving Amanda. And at the same time, people would realize who was actually in charge. He could also show off his good manners. He was killing three birds with one stone!

What a perfect opportunity! How could Lionel pass up?

Thinking more on this, Lionel grew more upset. He twisted and turned in bed, just was unable to fall asleep.

A pair of soft hands, with stark white skin and shiny red nails hugged Lionel from behind.

Lionel felt that Ivy's burning body pressed onto him. However, he was too bothered by his thoughts to do something. He took her hands and pushed them off his body.

"What do you think you're doing? Leave me alone. It's late. I'm tired and I had a bad day. Just go to sleep!" Lionel said in an annoyed tone.

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