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   Chapter 155 Unexpected news

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When Amanda finished, the audience roared with a thunderous applause.

She stood up, bowed to show her appreciation; and then her eyes scanned the crowd for Rufus. Finally, they settled on him and happiness reeked through her body.

Rufus noticed the way she looked at him. When he met her gaze, he promptly moved his eyes away.

But Amanda wasn't upset. Just one look which had lasted only for a few seconds filled her with contentment.

Nothing could spoil her mood today. The admiration she felt for him explained the extra piece which was not listed on the program. It was exclusively for Rufus.

When she gave Lionel the admission ticket, she also saved one for Rufus. Instead of giving it to him by herself, she handed it over to his assistant. In spite of this, she highly doubted he would show up. She vividly remembered what happened the last time—she had given him two tickets for the concert but instead of Rufus, an unknown man and woman showed up.

'But today he came!' her heart wanted to scream again and again. When she first spotted Rufus on a VIP seat, her mouth was agape with surprise.

Once the information finally sank in, she looked around and spotted Lionel. He was sitting with an old man who wore a stern look.

Out of excitement, she decided to continue with another piece soon after her half-time break.

Secretly, she hoped the piece would strike a chord in Rufus's heart. Her intention was to revive his memories. She wanted him to recollect their past and feel nostalgic.

A sly smile crept on her face when she realized this was their little secret. Nobody else in the audience had any idea about her intention. They presumed Amanda had played an extra piece as a bonus. Artists often rewarded their fans with an extra piece so nobody found this to be unusual.

Amanda continued to communicate with the audience using her music. It left everyone intoxicated.

No one could have guessed what would happen next.

When the second half ended, everyone stood up to applaud. Amanda once again bowed and showed her gratitude.

For the hundredth time, her eyes drifted and landed on Rufus. But this time, she didn't look away. In an emotional tone, she began speaking, "There was a time when I thought my music was only recognized overseas. Due to this, I pushed myself to make a mark there. But gradually I have come to learn that music has no boundary. Due to my Chinese ancestry, I find myself getting more and more drawn towards the music industry of China. After giving it a lot of thought, my studio and I have come up with a solution. We have decided to shift the focus from overseas to home. Yes guys, you heard me right! My new studio is going to be located here in G City!"

It took a few seconds for the audience to realize their ears weren't playing tricks on them. To confirm their doubts, they started whispering to one another. There was a part of them that still couldn't believe what they heard. They didn't understand why Amanda would choose G City for her future development.

Seeing their confusion, Amanda added, "I understand why you all look so surprised. You must be wondering why I picked G city out of all the places. You might want to know why I didn't choose Beijing which is the capital of culture. Also there is Shanghai which is the capital of prosperity. I completely get your concern and won't hesitate before coming clean to you people. To be honest, I admire the vitality of G City, but that's not the sole reason for shifting here. The truth is the person I care about is living in this city."

In her gentle voice, she went about and filled the audience with truth. There w

she bravely made this announcement, she was positive that Rufus would do her this favor for the old time's sake.

Besides, Rufus was now the president of Tang Group. He had to consider the benefit of the group. This music school was a project that would promise them a good name. Overall, it was a great opportunity for them to be in the public eye. She didn't think there would be any reason for him to reject it.

But Rufus still didn't move. No one knew what was going on in his mind.

Amanda stared at Rufus. Their past was like a constant wind which whooshed in front of her.

Ever since she met Rufus, she had immediately fallen for him. Even the small qualities like the fact he smiled less and talked less didn't bother her.

What she liked the best was that he always came straight to the point without the slightest hesitation. His words were usually short but it always conveyed what was required.

When he had dinner with Amanda's family, he talked a lot with her father, Charlie. They talked about everything from astronomy to geography, from humanity to military. She sat looking fascinated when she watched him speak.

Since that day Rufus had begun to occupy her mind. Piano and Rufus were the two things that she was most passionate about.

He didn't like to talk much so she would be the talker when they were together.

When they went outside, he was a little shy to hold her hand so she would be the one who did it without any hesitation.

Also, he was scared to make the first move to kiss her, so she became the one who initiated it.

She almost gave all of her girlhood passion to Rufus. Yet it didn't budge or change his stern look.

Even now she had prepared the stairs, the red carpet, for him to walk on, but he was reluctant.

No matter what she did, her hard work would fall short.

Now watching the audience, she felt embarrassed. Her expression became rigid. If she didn't get a signed contract, she wouldn't be able to continue with her plan. All her efforts would go in vain. Everything was prepared in such a short period of time because she was excited to have it done.

Time continued ticking away and everyone was still looking at Rufus.

Just when she was about to leave the stage, a voice spoke in the hall with an echo.

"Thank you Miss Ke. Thank you for your great kindness. Tang Group is honored to receive this proposal. We are looking forward to our cooperation!"

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