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   Chapter 154 The Past Had Gone By Without A Trace

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Cassandra felt a dull pain stabbing at her back and waist. Sighing out loud, she could feel tight knots in her muscles. It was indeed not an easy job to manage a business.


A familiar voice called out to her. She looked up and met a man's concerned gaze. He seemed very familiar, and it took Cassandra a moment to recognize him.

"Oh, Uncle… Uncle Jasper!"

She hesitated on using the honorific, unsure of how to address him. Calling him 'Uncle-In-Law' did not seem very appropriate as she hadn't married into Rufus's family yet. At the same time, 'Brother' would sound too intimate, and so she settled for 'Uncle'... The only problem was that Jasper looked too young to be addressed as such.

Sure enough, he gave her an awkward look upon her greeting. He signed inwardly, 'Am I that old?'

At this moment, a man in a suit strode to his direction and bowed before him respectfully.

"President Li, we didn't expect that you would be coming today. Is there anything I could do for you?"

Cassandra peeked at the name tag on his chest. It bore the title "Supervisor".

But her thoughts were elsewhere instantly. 'What? President Li?' Cassandra tried to hide her surprise upon hearing the man call Jasper 'President'.

"I have checked the reports. Good work,"

Jasper said to him, with calm and formal air. It was as if a different person was standing in front of her. She failed to find any trace of the laughter and playfulness he had on the night of New Year's Eve.

The man visibly brightened at the president's acknowledgement.

Then, Jasper turned to Cassandra and asked her softly, "Are you here to shop for anything?"

His voice pulled Cassandra from her thoughts and back to reality. "Oh, I'm here to pick up some supplies," she managed to reply.

Jasper waved a hand at the supervisor, and in an instant he was at his side, wearing a big smile.

"Give Miss Qin the cost price of all the products. Charge the remaining balance cost to my account,"

he instructed. The supervisor nodded repeatedly.

"Well, thank you so much for your help, President Li," Cassandra uttered with gratitude, stunned by his generosity.

Not once had it crossed Cassandra's mind that Jasper would be the president of this huge mall.

From what she knew, this mall was owned by the TY Group, an international business which had engaged in industries of all aspects. If that was the case…she turned to Jasper with wide eyes. That must mean that Jasper was the president of TY Group. Cassandra almost reeled from the realization.

She recalled how she addressed him as 'Uncle' earlier, as if she was related to him. Somehow, she felt awkward when she thought about how it might have seemed to others.

The two of them exchanged small talk and Cassandra made sure to address him as 'President Li, ' this time, even as she stumbled over her words. Jasper felt even more uncomfortable at the sudden show of formality. 'So Uncle sounds better...' he thought to himself.

The supervisor personally showed Cassandra around and enthusiastically gave recommendations about which brands were best for the designs she had in mind. In reality, Cassandra already had a clear picture in her head of what she wanted, but she hesitated. She had a limited budget, and she had to think well and make adjustments if necessary.

But with Jasper's help, all she needed were offered to her at an unbelievably low price. She silently thanked him for his graciousness. Now, she could get the things she needed without too much worrying.

Cassandra's steps were light as she walked out of the mall. It was a good day and she felt very pleasant as she bounced on her feet and wore a smile on her face. Today seemed like her lucky d

d on the sheet music, and Rufus felt as if his heartbeat fell in time with the flutter of her eyelids. Long, fair, fingers danced on the black and white keys, and the beautiful sound filled every corner of the room.

In that dazzling light, she looked like a fairy that had descended to the world of mortals.

It was love at first sight.

He found out later that she was Charlie's daughter, and he was courteous and respectful to her at all times.

Unbeknownst to him, Amanda also felt the same way for him; and she found every possible excuse to go to the training camp to see him.

It was only a matter of time until their feelings reached the peak. They were each other's first love.

Rufus was in the darkest days of his life at that time. His mother was lying in the hospital in vegetative states, wasting away. He burned the memory of her in her deathbed, vowing that one day he would return to the Tang Group to get revenge. Horace would suffer the same agony they felt.

His feelings for Amanda ran deep, but his inexperience had gotten the better of him. Despite being one of the best students, he was clueless when it came to matters of love.

Other men would woo women with romantic gestures, flowers, and gifts, but Rufus seemed to have no clue of any of these. And despite favoring him as a student, Charlie was against their relationship.

In Charlie's eyes, Rufus was no doubt among the most talented of his students, but him being his son-in-law was an entirely different matter. He was young, and had nothing to his name.

He came between them and forced her daughter to leave Rufus.

Their love came to a tragic end; and Rufus found himself alone with his own despair.

Feelings of the past came back to him. The day Amanda left, he vowed to do everything he can to be successful. Amanda would regret not choosing him, and Charlie, for tearing them apart.

Now, he had stayed true to a part of that promise. He was at the top, but he found himself unable to recall the pain and the hatred that came with thoughts of her. It seemed as if everything had been wiped away.

He didn't care in the slightest whether she regretted or not. It did not matter to him any more. He had carved out his career and built up his name. Later on, he found that he no longer felt pain at the sound of her name; and his memories of her grew dimmer and dimmer each passing day.

His first love had ended, and it had stayed buried in a past that had gone by without a trace.

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