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   Chapter 153 The Real Boss

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The lobby was full of commotion as anxious journalists were waiting. They were chatting and cleaning their equipment waiting for their target to appear. All of a sudden, a person wearing the same outfit as Lyndsy's came out of the building.

"Lyndsy... Lyndsy is here!"

Somebody from the crowd spotted the figure and screamed her name out of surprise and excitement.

In an instant, everyone turned their heads and rushed forward following the figure with their cameras.

The figure ran out of the office building and came to a halt about 200 meters away from it. Photographers and cameramen surged forward. Zooming and clicking on their devices to capture the figure's reaction as they began asking her questions.

"Lyndsy, what's your opinion about having two heroines in this movie?"

"Lyndsy, it's said you want to break up with the company. Is that true?"

"Lyndsy, you..."

Everyone was stunned when suddenly, the figure at the center of the crowd took off her mask with a grin.

"Have you guys mistaken me for someone else?"

Silence fell upon the group, those who bombarded the fake Lyndsy with questions stared at the petite girl, dumbfounded. They examined her features from head to foot, she was not Lyndsy.

"But the clothes..." a journalist exclaimed in disbelief.

"Please, could you excuse me?"

Cassandra elbowed her way through the crowd and hailed a taxi, swirling the mask by her finger.

It was not until the cab sped off did these gossip-providers understand what was going on.

"We have been fooled!"

Someone blurted it out and everyone present began to regret their carelessness. With their shoulders in a shudder and their heads low, the crowd dispersed gradually one by one.

Cassandra looked back in the cab and smiled as the crowd scattered.

Enjoying her victory, Cassandra was surprised that such a simple trick could fool the journalists. It seemed that they were so desperate to interview Lyndsy that they didn't notice the woman in Lyndsy's clothes was way shorter than her.

On the back of her mind, she recalled the moment when she pulled Lyndsy to the ladie's room with her. She suggested that they should exchange outfits.

Cassandra pointed at Lyndsy's coat and motioned her to took it off and give it to her so they could switch over.

"Your clothes are too brightly colored. They are too eye-catching."

Lyndsy began to inspect her clothes in the mirror. She was wearing a light blue dress matched with a rose red coat. The colors were both bright and in sharp contrast. While Cassandra was in a plain grey coat and a large scarf covered half of her face. It was easy to keep a low profile in Cassandra's outfit.

"But we are of different figures..."

Lyndsy was tall and willowy while Cassandra was petite. It was easy to tell the difference.

"It's okay. Don't worry. I will rush out to attract their attention. They will follow me as long as they see your clothes. When there's no one around, just go ahead and run away!"

Cassandra took off her scarf and placed it around Lyndsy's neck. She made several loops around her face until only her eyes were exposed.

Lyndsy checked herself out in the mirror. Indeed, no one could

Jasper heaved a sigh as the memory of his tough days came flashing back his mind.

"But, hey, cheer up. I could offer you a piece of advice,"

Jasper uttered mysteriously. He cocked one of his eyebrows towards Rufus, waiting for the cold man to ask him what it was.

Rufus glanced at the excited man in smug satisfaction but didn't say anything. He knew Jasper was the kind of man who couldn't stand holding the excitement back to himself.

As expected, Jasper pulled a long face a minute later as there was no response from Rufus.

"You know what? If it were not for your aunt, I would keep away from your matter, as far as I can! I hate your ice-like face!"

Rufus snorted. With a slight grin on his face, Rufus's face melted and his eyes gave him away, shining with satisfaction.

"What it is?"

Under the eager gaze of Jasper, Rufus had no other choice but to speak out the question.

"Ask her to marry you! It was not until your aunt married me did she began to pay more attention to me,"

Jasper whispered to Rufus's ear with a wicked smile on his face.

"When you two finally get married, she will definitely turn close to you. And, by that time when you help her, the assistance will be from a family. She has no reason to turn you down anymore!"

Jasper suggested, full of confidence, advising Rufus based on his own experience.

Rufus's cold eyes brightened up. He was imagining how he would propose to Cassandra.

It never occurred to Rufus that it was a way in. Jasper's advice sounded somewhat practical.

Cassandra was so tough because no one cared for her during her childhood. But as long as they got married and he became her husband, Rufus believed he could melt her aloofness away by the care and warmth from the family they made.

"I see she has been hanging around out there for a while and hasn't gotten what she wanted. How about I going down and helping her?"

Jasper looked at Cassandra who was sitting on a bench and bending over to pound her legs as in massage. She looked terribly exhausted.

"Don't worry. I won't let her know you are the real boss here," Jasper teased Rufus.

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