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   Chapter 152 An Encounter With Lyndsy

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Cassandra was starting to get busy as the new year starts.

First order of business was to go to the North District office of Qin Group to end the current lease for the office space. She then started to dismiss employees with recurring poor performances. Last, she had a meeting with the hard-working people of the company.

"Currently, our finances at Qin Group are not looking very good. But, I believe we can turn this around. With you guys who remain, you are the new backbone. And I know you will drive this company to a new and brighter future. I hope each and everyone of you take this opportunity and work harder. I promise, your hardwork will be generously rewarded."

The staff she retained did not have a lot of experience, but Cassandra preferred their youthful energy and good work ethic.

However, finding a new office space was proving to be a different challenge. It was difficult nowadays to find a good office location at an affordable price.

Although Cassandra was a local of G City, she had stayed with the Tang Group as a designer ever since she graduated. She knew very little people outside of the organization. Where could she start to look for someone who could help her?

After coming out of another real estate agency without closing a deal, she felt like giving up already. None of them could offer her any reasonably priced office spaces. She started worrying that she would never find the right one.

She was only starting and already found herself facing with such a huge obstacle. It was disheartening the young entrepreneur.

But she couldn't give up. She knew that. So Cassandra looked at her notes to see which agency to visit next. This one was not far from where she was now so she walked towards their office.

Although it was spring now, the wind was still cold.

This was the last agency on her list. If they still couldn't come to terms for an office, she would have to go back to the drawing board and do more research.

Surprisingly, she was offered a really good deal at one of the city's most luxurious office buildings.

It was spacious and bright on the third floor of the office building, but even more surprising was that the price was affordable.

Cassandra immediately signed the lease. After getting the key, she looked at the empty office and planned how to arrange the departments for the future.

Suddenly she heard a loud commotion downstairs. Cassandra looked through the window and saw a large group of reporters and cameramen by the flower beds surrounding a woman.

People kept pushing over each other in an attempt to interview this woman. 'What a scene!' Cassandra thought to herself. She couldn't help herself but watch the rare scene unfold before her.

Although she was too far away to hear anything, the woman in the middle of all the chaos actually looked familiar to Cassandra.

The reporters kept taking

, she got the script rewritten and now has as many lines as I have! I hate sneaky bitches like this!"

Cassandra had an idea about Lyndsy's rise to fame. Her acting skills had always been superb and she had been in a lot of big-name directors' films. She would also get top billing in all of them and each one soared at the box office.

Basically, having Lyndsy as the face of a movie was a guarantee of the box office. Why would anyone try to offend her?

"Didn't your agency set everything up for you?"

Cassandra asked in deep wonderment. Generally speaking, the agency should be very protective of a big star like Lyndsy and should have negotiated with the film producers about a matter like this.

Unexpectedly, Lyndsy snorted while rolling her eyes.

"It was the agency that actually pursued a script rewrite. They just signed this new actress and probably wanted to give her a start. But how dared they use me as a stepping stone! If They had discussed it with me when I signed the contract, I would not be as angry as I am now!"

Hearing her words, Cassandra realized that Lyndsy was very straight forward and would probably offend a lot of people because of that. Could the agency considered her as a difficult star to manage so they were looking for a fresh, new star?

"By the way, I want to get out right now. Would you know if this building has any hidden exits or a backdoor perhaps? Since the news that there would be two heroines in this film broke out already, I have been followed everywhere by those damned reporters downstairs!"

The problem was that this was Cassandra's first time in the building as well! She wouldn't know where the other exits were.

But those reporters were really persistent. They were still waiting downstairs and showed no signs of any intention to leave.

Cassandra looked at Lyndsy and suddenly got an idea. She grabbed Lyndsy's hand and said, "Quick, come with me!"

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