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   Chapter 151 With You By My Side

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In wine, there is truth. Through an intoxicated haze, Lionel recalled the first time he laid eyes on Cassandra.

The Qin family was the one who reached out to the Tang family for the proposed marriage. Still, Cassandra behaved like an arrogant and proud princess. She didn't even look him in the eye.

Lionel grew annoyed at that time. 'Who do you think you are giving me that look! I don't want to marry you either!' he thought. Both of them looked down upon each other.

The Tang family entertained Cassandra and her parents to dinner. When a waitress served the meal, she accidentally knocked over a plate. Horace became very unhappy and was about to lose his temper to yell at the waitress with his face darkened. But Cassandra did something surprising.

She walked straight to the waitress and asked her if she was hurt or burnt. Then she accompanied her out of the room to get some medicine for her wound. The waitress escaped from a disaster.

It seemed like her attitude towards this waitress was completely different from the one towards him. Lionel felt extremely curious so he found an excuse to follow her outside.

Cassandra was whispering something in the waitress's ears. She told her to be careful later. Tears could be seen rolling down the waitress's cheeks. It was clear that she was touched and appreciated Cassandra's concern.

"Just don't be so careless next time. Go and get some medicine now," Cassandra said softly to her.

The waitress was grateful. She then walked away, leaving Cassandra standing in the corridor with her back leaning against the wall.

The corridor was dim and her tiny figure looked so lonely standing there.

It was just a small incident. Cassandra was very young at that time. The waitress looked to be the same age as her so maybe Cassandra felt pity for her because of that.

However, Lionel continued to remember the image of that lonely figure in the corridor. How he wished he could have asked Cassandra, who was defensive against him at that time, whether they could just get along!

But, the truth was cruel. They had no feelings for each other and there was nothing but pain throughout their marriage. Ivy almost lost her life in a car accident and Lionel assumed Cassandra was at fault.

Why was she so arrogant? Why did she look down at him? Anger suddenly replaced the curiosity to discover more about her in his heart.

Lionel felt guilty towards Ivy. So he did whatever she asked of him later. Ivy became totally a different woman. She was no longer the obsequious girl but rather a tough and strong woman.

Lionel, on the other hand, was not as faithful as when he was younger. He started to go around and went out with different women. Even with that, he kept his love for his first girlfriend, Ivy.

After all these years, however, his love for Ivy seemed to fade as he became more and more interested in Cassandra but he couldn't seem to win her heart.

The very drunk Lionel had no idea that the woman lying beside him was not Cassandra, but Ivy.

or the rest of her life! Staying with him made her feel that she had a home. He made her feel like family.

All of a sudden, the tender moment was disturbed as the bell rang. Rufus frowned and walked towards the door to check the monitor. He was completely annoyed at whoever rang.

Both Jasper and Michelle were standing outside, waving and smiling at him.

Rufus opened the door to let the two of them in. Cassandra got up in surprise to see them here.

"Michelle, what are you doing here!?"

'It is New Year's Eve. Why isn't she celebrating with her family, but instead, she came here, to Rufus's home?' Cassandra wondered.

Michelle blinked her eyes a few times and then she understood that Rufus had never told Cassandra about her real identity.

"I'm Rufus's aunt. This is my husband, Jasper. Obviously, we're here to spend the night with my dear nephew because we're family,"

Just as she said that, Michelle tossed the big bag filled with snacks straight on the table. Cassandra opened her eyes wide in surprise. Wasn't that too many snacks!

But, what was more shocking was that Michelle was Rufus's aunt! Rufus had never said anything about it before. He had kept his lips sealed and never even gave a hint about her real identity. Now it was all clear how he could make a reservation for Michelle's custom-made dress.

And about her husband...

Cassandra looked at Jasper from head to toe secretly. There were some gray hairs on his head, which actually made him look more mature and charming. He had an impressive appearance and an extraordinary temperament. Who was he? What did he do?

"They came without any invitation. Well, I'm afraid you won't be able to finish the gala tonight,"

Rufus said in a seemingly helpless voice. A smile crept on his face.

The beautiful fireworks lit up the night sky. It was loud and pretty outside.

It was time to ring out the old year and ring in the new! Cassandra prayed in her heart, 'I hope Rufus will be by my side every year starting today.'

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