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   Chapter 150 When I Fell In Love With You

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For Cassandra, it was her worst fear no matter when Rufus said these vague jokes, even when others were around. She felt all her blood rushing to her cheeks as she blushed. It seemed like the temperature in the car went up because of what Rufus had just said.

"Rufus, why don't we stop by the supermarket later? Spring Festival is coming so I'm going to stock up on some items in case they raise the price during the holiday."

It suddenly occurred to her that the refrigerator at their home was empty. As a woman, Cassandra naturally wanted to take care of the household and the grocery shopping.

"Raise the price? Don't worry, your husband can afford the extra cost!"

It was very rare to see Rufus tell a joke as he always remained silent and cold. But it seemed he turned into a normal husband who would flirt with his wife whenever he was with Cassandra.

"Wait, don't you rush to call yourself my husband. I haven't authorized you yet,"

Cassandra snorted, pretending to be annoyed but deep inside she was giddy and happy.

It seemed that Cassandra was like a warm ray of sunshine pouring into Rufus's world, melting his ice-like exterior day by day. It surprised her a lot that he turned out to be an ordinary person of flesh and blood who'd joke and tease her, care for her, and help her even before she knew she needed it. At work, Rufus was a "get-things-done" type of boss, so it was easy to forget how considerate and caring he could be.

It seemed that... she got to know him better and better.

The self-proclaimed husband pulled up in front of the biggest supermarket in G City. Cassandra and Rufus walked inside with a shopping trolley.

This was the first time they shopped together. Rufus was in charge of the trolley and Cassandra walked beside him, looking around to spot the items they needed. She asked Rufus for advice from time to time.

It looked like they were a married couple, doing their regular shopping. Cassandra felt happy at that moment.

The two of them, both good-looking and seemingly a perfect match for each other, were eye candy to everyone else. There were people looking at them with envy all the time.

"Do you feel like having some hairtail? How about I cook fried hairtail for dinner?"

It seemed like Cassandra was asking Rufus for his advice, but the domineering wife had already tossed the pack of fish in their trolley before the husband could even answer.

"Stewed celery and lily bulbs is good. I'll get some."

She picked up another packet.

It wasn't until the trolley was almost full that the busy wife remembered to ask Rufus what he wanted to buy.

"What do you want for dinner? Well, forget it..."

Cassandra blushed when she saw the sly smile on Rufus's face.

Bending down, he whispered into Cassandra's ear. He was going to say the three words when she suddenly covered her ears and ran away.

She knew very well what he was going to say—"I want you."

As they approac

's tough childhood turned her into a mature and shrewd girl at a very young age. But she went to a different school from Lionel. How could she get in touch with him?

Some girls came to him with their love letters, chocolates and other types of snacks. They all tried different ways and tactics but no one even got Lionel's attention.

But again, Ivy was different and she used a different approach.

She paid off some gangsters and luked along Lionel's way home every night.

One day in a dark and narrow lane, some gangsters were bullying a vulnerable girl. The girl tried to break free from them, she screamed and her clothes were torn apart.

Lionel was tall and physically strong as he exercised regularly. He would not miss his chance to play a hero.

He fought off all the gangsters and turned to the poor Ivy who was huddling in the corner like a scared animal. It made him felt like he had to protect her.

Ivy got on her feet by pulling herself up using the wall as she trembled uncontrollably. The buttons of her shirt were ripped off and the tattered top exposed her ample bosom. Lionel felt his blood roar in his ears and he looked away.

The startled girl asked carefully if Lionel could take her home. Lionel nodded in agreement at her with a reddened face and placed his coat on her.

Lionel remained downstairs for a long time after taking Ivy to her dorm.

After that, he kept asking Ivy out for different reasons. Ivy won his heart with her innocence and kindness.

That was the best memory between them. Even though she approached Lionel because of his money, Ivy really did love him. But then he got married and everything changed.

"Lionel, let me help you get in the shower."

Ivy softened up as she recalled the happy moments between them. It made her heart ache to see Lionel this drunk.

But, the next sentence Lionel blurted out left her dumbfounded.

"I fell in love with you the day your parents brought you to my home!"

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