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   Chapter 149 A Business Woman On The Way

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Cassandra was shocked by Cloris's act. Her intent was becoming too obvious through her reckless actions.

"Are you alright, Cloris?"

At this moment, Edith saw that Cloris was growing angry so she immediately went to her and started babbling anxiously. She was afraid that her daughter might grow angry due to not feeling well.

Cassandra stopped where she was, looking down to see the remote control. Her eyes turned and saw Rufus. A sudden awkward feeling filled her.

Later, Edith walked back to the living room with her frowning brows.

"What happened to her? Why did her face turn pale all of a sudden? She seemed alright a minute ago."

Not able to answer the question, Cassandra simply smiled to hide the truth she knew. She then tried to change the topic and said, "Mother, there is something important that I need to tell you. I've already divorced Lionel."

She said trying to downplay the gravity of her statement. It didn't work as Edith still cried out loudly.

"What did you say? Why didn't you come to me earlier? When did this happen?"

Edit asked as her eyes grew wide. This revelation was just too much for her to accept. Wasn't this such a rash decision?

"We got the divorce certificates just a few days ago. We don't love each other and neither of us was happy in the marriage. With this, I can now concentrate on father's company."

Cassandra knew that her mother wouldn't easily accept her decision, so she tried to explain it carefully.

"How could you, Cassandra! Why didn't you tell us anything before making such decision?"

A frown formed on Edith's eyebrows. She was surprised and very unhappy to hear this news.

The marriage between Lionel and Cassandra was the idea from Vernon and her. Suddenly her daughter got a divorce without even informing her. She felt like her role and identity as a mother was being challenged.

"Mother, I'm an adult now. I know what I'm doing,"

said Cassandra as she looked directly into her mother's eyes.

While trying to find words to tell Cassandra, Edith simply looked at her. Suddenly, she remembered something about Vernon.

Many years ago, when Vernon gave up a secure and well-paying job to start his own business, he had the same firm and serious expression as well.

She realized that her elder daughter was so much like her husband.

All of a sudden, Edith noticed Rufus standing beside Cassandra. With the divorce, she was no longer a member of the Tang family, so why was he with her?

Cassandra immediately recognized the confusion in her mother's eyes. But, she didn't not know how to properly explain the situation.

A sneer suddenly came from behind her.

"Don't you use that 'concentrate on father's company' excuse. You got a divorce so you can be with Rufus openly, am I right?"

It was Cloris. She walked towards her and stared at Cassandra

it came to her plan for Qin Group as if she would never stop. This finally began to cheer her up.

Rufus admired this about her. She never learned how to manage a company and it was rare for a rookie to take everything into consideration.

"Maybe you can cooperate with some larger construction companies and subcontract agreements with them. The Qin Group now is like a freshman in some ways, after all. You don't need to set up so many departments. Focus on the priority first,"

Rufus said, reminding Cassandra of some risks. He was afraid that the company's situation would deteriorate should she keep the unnecessary departments from the beginning.

Cassandra was stunned. She realized what Rufus said made a lot of sense.

Qin Group had terrible management in the past due to Vernon's stubborn pride. He rented the largest and the most expensive office in the North District. Yes, it gave them a luxurious appearance but in the end, it was too expensive for the company.

On top of that, the design department existed in name only. The people there produced little to no decent works at all. It sucked the company dry by being credited with contributing to the company's establishment.

Of course, profits went down due to the number of expenses and Vernon was the best example. He made desperate moves for profit. Cassandra realized that she could learn from her father's past mistakes.

"Thank you, Rufus!"

She turned around, looked at Rufus and thanked him sincerely. She felt that he couldn't be more handsome now.

"My pleasure. And stop thanking me all the time. You are my woman now. We're family."

Rufus rejoiced in his heart yet maintained a cool face.

Cassandra bent towards him and left a gentle kiss on his face.

She smelled so wonderful. Rufus could not help getting distracted.

"I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself when you take the initiative."

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