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   Chapter 148 To Know More About Her

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It felt like Rufus was burning into her skin. Part of her felt so shy that she wanted to tear herself apart from his embrace, but that only made him clutch her tighter and tighter.

"Rufus.." Cassandra said softly. "The dinner is ready, I have to arrange the table..."

Rufus gently planted his soft lips on hers before she could go any further. The fusing of their mouths, the feeling of his hands moving all over her back ignited a kind of electricity in her body. She moaned and exhaled with pleasure, only wanting him more. She let herself flow for just a few seconds, before saying, "Rufus...Stop... Please...It's time for dinner. It took me so long to make all those dishes. You wouldn't want to eat them all cold, would you?" Cassandra brought herself to say despite the fire she felt in the pit of her stomach.

After leaving the Tang Group, she had hurried back simply so she could cook dinner for Rufus, which was something she had always wanted to do. For her, cooking for her beloved and waiting for him to come back home after a day's hard work was the real happiness in life.

With his face buried in her neck, he let out a small chuckle and finally pulled himself back. Well, he thought he could wait a bit after sensing her embarrassment. They had the whole night to themselves.

At dinner, they sat face-to-face, with dozens of appetizing dishes on the table between them.

"I don't think Chinese food goes very well with red wine. I have here a pot of traditional yellow wine that my granny left me. Do you want to try it?"

Before Rufus could even say yes, Cassandra already picked up a porcelain cup, filling it up fully. As the pure, amber colour liquid flowed out of the beautiful, antique crock, a lovely, intoxicating aroma greeted them.

"It tastes great, but this kind of yellow wine really has a kick to it. Just try a little first, you might get drunk pretty easily," she said, putting down the crock and pouring herself a cup of tea. "Cheers! With the wine and the tea, let's toast for my resignation from the Tang Group today!"

Cassandra announced gleefully, raising her cup and waiting for Rufus to clink it. Rufus was torn between smiling and weeping at her words.

"I never knew one could be so happy losing their jobs, you know," he said, amused.

And then he raised his cup, clinking it with hers. They looked deep into each other's eyes as they sipped from their cups.

The amazement escaped Rufus's face the moment the cup touched his lips. Pleasantly surprised by its flavor, he took a good look at the liquid. Now, it looked orange-red to him, even clearer in the white porcelain cup. Although it looked fairly transparent, the taste of it was quite dense and as rich as the smell that lingered in the air. Even the aftertaste had the perfect balance of acidity, sweetness and a slight bitterness.

This was the first time he had had yellow wine. It was unlike anything he'd drank before, as if it had things to express and stories to tell.

"This wine tastes really rich! It seems so special. Tell me more about it," he urged, reaching for her hand.

Judging by the antique pot and its traditional flavor, he guessed it had a deep historic background.

However, Cassandra's face fell at the question. A look of sorrow came across her beautiful eyes.

"It has another name—Maiden Rose," she said slowly after a while. "I was brought up by my granny, who was in fact my mother's wet nurse. She was a southerner, and followed the tradition of burying a pot of this kind wine under the ground if a girl is born into the family. The wine is to be kept underground till the day the girl is married," she recalled. "This pot was prepared for me

ing her a long hug. Only then did she notice Rufus. She smiled at Rufus but was unsure of why he would come with her.

Nevertheless, she let them both in warmly and called out to Cloris with joy.

"Your sister's back, Cloris, and Rufus has come, too. Get them some water, will you?" she asked, looking toward the living room.

Cloris had been lying on the sofa, watching TV. Her face darkened as soon as she sat up and saw Cassandra.

She was still very mad at her. The last time they'd met, she'd splattered paint at Cassandra, warning her not to go against Arthur. Arthur was moved by her petty action. Cloris remembered how he had hugged her, calling her a silly girl and saying she didn't have to stand up for him in the future.

"Oh, but I'll feel terribly bad if anything happens to you!" Cloris recalled him saying.

He had said it so heartily, and hugged her so tightly. To Cloris, it was a fruit of what she had done for him.

Since then, she had accorded herself to keep an emotional knot in her heart for Cassandra. Now, seeing her again, she felt quite uncomfortable, especially because Edith was around.

Cassandra, on the other hand, smiled at her gracefully, as if nothing had happened.

Honestly, what Cloris did to her didn't even compare to the trouble she had in her marriage with Lionel. Now that it had been resolved and she had moved on, she felt generally positive about life. She could easily let go of Cloris's childishness.

As she saw it, Cloris hadn't entered the society yet. She still had a few years to be outspoken and impulsive.

Since she was in a relationship with Arthur, and deemed her sister as a stumbling block in his career path, it was perfectly natural for her to hold things against her. Disagreements were typical between siblings.

Now that Cassandra no longer worked in the Tang Group, she posed no threat to Arthur. The coldness between them should automatically resolve.

She decided not to think of it and greeted Cloris with a bright smile.

"Hi, Cloris. I heard you are going abroad soon. Anything I can help with?"

she asked, walking toward her and trying to start a conversation. To her surprise, Cloris stood up immediately with a cold, stony face.

"I don't feel well, mom. I am going to rest for a while," she said, stiffly.

Before turning and leaving, she threw the TV remote on the tea table. The noise it made was so loud it sounded like her intention was to smash it to pieces.

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