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   Chapter 147 I Want To Feast On You

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Everyone panicked as they heard a sudden shout. Unaware where it was coming from, they looked around and finally found Lionel. He was standing in the doorway with a sullen face.

Cassandra, on the other hand, shared the surprise too. She couldn't believe it was Lionel who had let out the cry.

'Didn't he ask me to leave the Tang Group for the divorce deal? Why is he around to embarrass me all over again?' thought Cassandra looking agitated.

"Mr. Tang, President Luo has approved my resignation. It is the corporation's rule that dismissal of a managerial personnel should be approved by both the board of directors and the president. But resignation only requires the president's approval," Cassandra replied.

While speaking, she tried her best to be patient. She intended to reason with Lionel. The smile she had earlier started to fade. Now it was replaced with an emotionless look.

The whole place contained pin drop silence. Following Lionel's rebuke, nobody in the personnel department apart from Cassandra dared to speak. In a hurry, everyone turned their heads away from this conversation and made an attempt to busy themselves.

However, Cassandra was well aware that their ears were still trying to make out their conversation. Turning around was only a facade to look good in front of Lionel. But curiosity was killing everyone present there.

"Yes, I am the one who has the permission to resign you. There is no way you can leave without my approval. My signature is required for you resignation. Without it, you are trapped!" Lionel spat out with rage.

After that, he stormed towards the Director of the Personnel Department and grabbed Cassandra's resignation and ID card from his desk. Swiftly he handed them to Cassandra and warned, "Take back your resignation. You cannot leave here unless you have my signature. Put on the card and continue observing the corporation rules!"

Lionel knitted his eyebrows as he glared at her. Cassandra kept still and didn't bother taking the things from Lionel.

At the moment, she was speechless and thought his behavior was surprising. 'How can Lionel be so fickle? It was he who forced me to sign the divorce agreement. And now he is acting completely different. Why is he ridiculously stopping me from leaving here?' she wondered.

"Mr. Tang, I have submitted my resignation to Mr.Luo and he has approved it. I will cooperate with you if you need any support in the future. It is certain that my resignation has come into effect as Mr.Luo has already signed it. From now on, I am not an employee of the Tang Group, therefore I am under no obligation to comply to the rules set by this corporation."

As she uttered these words, there was a look of resolution on her face. She seemed firm and wouldn't budge.

In the past few years, she had suffered a lot from this marriage. Marriage was supposed to give her a happy life but she never got to experience it. All of the

er nose. It was such an intoxicating feeling.

"The dinner is ready, let's eat."

Cassandra felt the pounding of her heart in the chest. She tried to suppress her thrill, but her trembling voice gave her away.

"What dinner? Isn't it settled that I would feast on you today?"

Rufus playfully arched his eyebrow, reached out to wrap the woman into his arms but she immediately dodged him with her lithe move.

"Don't touch me or the rose will be messed!"

Hugging the roses, Cassandra looked around, unsure where to place them. This was the first time that Rufus had given her flowers. There was no way she would leave them anywhere. She treasured them very much.

Rufus's perfect lips curled into an amusing smile as he watched her fly about in the hope of finding a good place to set the bouquet.

"Place them wherever you want. If you like it so much then I will buy it for you every day!"

Rufus offered. To please the pretty woman in front of him, he was willing to do anything.

"Don't, it doesn't sound good. If you do it everyday then it won't be a surprise!" she dismissed his offer. She didn't want to bother him.

Cassandra finally found a woven basket made of bamboo. Originally she planned to put sundries in it. But now it seemed to fulfill a good function loading such an amazing rose bouquet.

Cassandra carefully unwrapped the paper binding the roses and placed the nutrient soil on the bottom of the basket. Carefully, she inserted the roses one by one into the soil.

Dew was still on the petals of the roses. Cassandra loved fragrance that was permeating the air. It seemed like Rufus and these roses had completely changed the atmosphere.

She was so busy with the task that she didn't notice when Rufus stood behind her. Shock went through her whole body when she felt his arms clasp around her body. His head was leaning on her shoulder now.

"If you keep me waiting longer then I will really have to feast on you!"

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