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   Chapter 146 Your Resignation Was Not Approved

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Lionel's eyes grew big with anger as he stood outside the coffee shop. He was watching Cassandra and Rufus who seemed to be happy, drinking coffee, talking and enjoying each other's company.

Rufus and Cassandra, on the other hand, were unaware that they were being watched. They continued chatting and laughing while taking a sip from their mugs. Lionel's blood brewed in rage at the display of affection. In his eyes, the way they talked with each other revealed that their relationship was more than that of a boss and an employee. He had always been doubtful about their relationship.

Upon hearing from Amanda that she saw Rufus and Cassandra in the coffee shop near the company, Lionel instantly left his office and headed towards the coffee shop. Judging from their interaction, his suspicions were now confirmed. He wanted to walk in and confront them right in their faces but refrained from doing so. Since he had divorced Cassandra, he discerned that he had no right to question her about her relationship with Rufus.

Just as Lionel was fumbling his mind whether to confront them or not, Rufus and Cassandra walked out. Afraid of being caught eavesdropping, he was about to hide. However, he was held frozen when he saw what Rufus was doing with Cassandra.

Rufus put his arm around Cassandra's shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Blushing instantly and bashfully pushing Rufus away, Cassandra turned around and headed toward the company building.

With the mirth evident on his face, Rufus looked at Cassandra's back until it disappeared at the corner. Then he walked to his car, got in and drove away.

He had to host a meeting for the Union of Real Estates. Before his departure, Cassandra told him to come home early and asked what he wanted to eat for dinner. "I want you!" he whispered, which was the reason why Cassandra walked away with a blushed face.

When he arrived at the building of the Dawn Star Group where the meeting was to be held, Rufus was warmly greeted by Arthur, the leader of the Dawn Star Group.

This was the first meeting since the founding of the Union. To show the importance he had attached to the meeting, Arthur waited on the first floor to welcome all the members who were coming to attend the meeting.

"Welcome, Mr. Luo! The Dawn Star Group is greatly honored by your presence. The meeting room has already been set. Let my secretary lead the way,"

Arthur said politely as he shook hands with Rufus, who in return responded with a ceremonial smile. Although Arthur treated Rufus and the Tang Group as his biggest opponent, in such a condition he had to pretend to be nice and respectful because Rufus was the Director of the Union.

Arthur had already known that Cassandra and Lionel had recently got divorced. That was really a piece of good news for him!

He had planned to isolate Cassandra from the Tang Group. Before he could carry out his plan, however, Cassandra herself terminated her marital relations with Lionel and moved out of the Tang family house.

If Cassandra resigned from the Tang Group, they would have sure lost an excellent designer who could outwit the designers of the Dawn Star Group in project biddings.

Arthur had carefully studied the government's planning of the entire tourism industry. He got the conclusion that the architectural design in this particular field should be both practical and aesthetic, and that was just what he was good at. Without Cassandra competing with him, he confidently


The agenda of the meeting of the Union was to talk about the construction of the tourism industrial area. Almost all the member companies were undertaking some projects, big or small, in this industrial area construction.

They each expressed their own opinion. The Tang Group would assimilate all the different opinions, made a conclusion and would present it to the responsible leaders in the government.

After the meeting, people left one by one. A man came to Arthur, patted him on the back and said with a tone of admiration, "Hi, Arthur, I heard that you got an investment from TY Group. Nice work! TY Group's boss has high requirements in choosing where to invest. Lots of people want to seek investment from them, but failed."

The man was the boss of a small company. He had tried to seek cooperation with TY Group, yet he was rejected.

"I'm honored. TY Group chose to invest with us because of the sincerity that we show,"

Arthur replied politely. He was pleased to receive these compliments.

Rufus who was walking behind them clearly heard their conversation. A slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and then vanished before anyone could see it.

'Huh! Be honored?' Rufus sneered in his heart. Dawn Star Group was just a 'useful chess piece' TY Group needed in this game.

They were just a pawn that Rufus took use of to facilitate the realization of his plan. Ridiculously, Arthur was quite conceited and was elated with himself.

'Arthur, the game's still on, you'd better watch out for yourself, ' Rufus thought in his brain as he shot a disdainful look at Arthur.

Meanwhile, in the Tang Group, Cassandra handed in her resignation notice and her employee ID card to the personnel department. She shook hands with everybody there and bid each one of them goodbye.

The employees of Tang Group had heard that Lionel and Cassandra got divorced. Their marital relationship was made public just lately. Little did everyone think that they would get divorced so abruptly.

Actually, there were lots of rumors around the office about Cassandra and Lionel.

Cassandra took a deep breath and braced herself ready to leave. Just as she was going to step out, the door was kicked open and a cold-faced man burst in.

"I haven't approved your resignation yet. Take back your ID card!"

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