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   Chapter 145 Being A Ceiba Tree Beside You

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Everyone knew that the wildly successful orchestral concert held in G City a few months ago was sponsored by the Tang Group. If they were ever interested in Amanda's concert, they sure would have made it show by talking with her agent already. Well, it's easy to be wise after the event.

"Mr. Tang, you are such a generous president. It is my greatest pelasure to host a solo concert in G City. We all know this city is rapidly expanding and its future looks bright, so it's an honor to gain recognition by the people here,"

voiced Amanda, her face masked with a smile, hiding her true feelings of disgust in her heart. Everybody knew Lionel was just a vice president, but Amanda called him 'president' to make him feel good. Lionel was easily complacent.

"No, no, no, it's our pleasure to invite such a rising star like you to host a concert in G City."

Lionel returned with a big, fat smile on his smug face.

"By the way, I heard that your wife, Cassandra Qin, has recently been awarded the best design in an international competition. She is so amazing considering she's the first Chinese to win such a prestigious award. You indeed have a good wife."

Amanda pretended that she didn't know about their divorce, mainly because she wanted to embarrass Lionel. 'Well, to be fair, they haven't made it public yet, ' thought Amanda.

Lionel winced slightly when he heard Cassandra's name, but quickly recovered. He recalled the strange feeling in his chest when he saw Cassandra this morning.

"Oh! I just saw your wife having coffee with Mr. Luo at the Starbucks by the corner. They really looked serious and seemed like they were discussing business. Such a dedicated duo!"

Her words were a bombshell. She didn't even give Lionel anytime to think about why she mentioned Cassandra and Rufus.

Upon hearing this, Lionel was speechless for a while. 'Cassandra having coffee with Rufus?'

He remembered Rufus always had Cassandra's back, and he even beat him up just for her. Lionel had always suspected something was up between the two, but he never had any hard evidence to show for it.

'She went to Rufus right after our divorce. Is there something going on between them?' Lionel mused inwardly.'

He didn't betray his thoughts to Amanda. To keep from the awkward situation, Lionel forced a smile and said, "Manager Qin is very busy these days. She was probably just discussing some of her designs with Mr. Luo."

He looked calm when he replied. However, there was turmoil deep inside his mind. He was star

at up rigid. He looked gentle, a stark contrast from his tone.

"Rufus, have you ever read 'To the Oak Tree'? It was written by a famous poet."

Taking a deep breath, Cassandra started, "If I love you—

I will never be a clinging trumpet creeper, using your high boughs to show off my height.

If I love you—

I will never be a spoony bird, repeating a monotonous song for green shade.

Or being the spring, bringing cool solace all year long.

Or be a steep peak, increasing your stature, reflecting your eminence, Even the sunlight, Even the spring rain.

No, all these are not enough.

I must be a ceiba tree beside you;

be the image of a tree standing together with you.

Our roots, entwined underground.

Our leaves, touching in the clouds.

With each gust of wind, we greet each other.

But nobody, can understand our words.

You'll have your copper branches and iron trunk, like knives, like swords, like halberds, too.

I'll have my crimson flowers, like heavy sighs, and valiant torches.

We'll share cold spells, storms and thunder.

We'll share mists, hazes and rainbows.

Seemingly always apart, but also forever interdependent.

Only this can be a great love.

The loyalty is here.

I love not only your strapping stature, but also your firm stand, the earth beneath you..."

Her face was animated when she recited the poem. It was her favorite ever since she was young.

The poem meant that love would need not only company, but also independence to last long.

Rufus looked intently at Cassandra, and cast a faint smile as she recited her poem.

Beyond the window in the distance, a pair of eyes were scowling at the couple.

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