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   Chapter 144 A Foolish Man

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"Amanda Ke…"

It sounded familiar to Horace as he repeated the name, but he found himself at a loss in pinpointing it to an actual face.

"Ah, you might know her? She is a world-famous female pianist. She had a performance in a concert in G City not long ago,"

The man smiled and reminded Horace after sensing his confusion.

The name clicked into place at the man's remark. Horace remembered a concert in G City recently. The performers and singers were all from abroad; and major real estate developers in G City, including the Tang Group, sponsored the event.

Amanda Ke's piano performance was the grand finale. The next day, her name poured out from almost all the headlines of newspapers and social media posts. There was an overwhelmingly unanimous verdict— her performance was praised in words as an 'unprecedented success.'

With the turn of time, living conditions had been steadily improving in the city; and more and more people were gaining new appreciation for the arts. The government of G City was planning to build a new theatre in the newly-constructed tourism industrial area in order to host more performances from different artists in the future.

As for the TY Group, they took advantage of this opportunity by holding a concert for Amanda, and was well-received by the public. The tickets almost sold out only hours after the performance had been announced.

Horace didn't pay a lot of attention to this in the beginning, so it took him some time to recall the name, and all he knew was that she was an excellent pianist.

"I barely know her. How can I let Rufus and her be together?" he hesitated.

It would be strange to set Rufus up with a woman whom he didn't know at all. The very idea was ridiculous.

The man chuckled at his response and said, "I will connect you with Amanda. You can rest assured that she would be agreeable to a marriage with Rufus."

He sounded confident, his laugh was loud and had an odd ring to it.

"Are they old friends? Then… what about our business agreement?"

Horace asked, his mind on the negotiations for the investment.

"When Amanda and Rufus decide to marry, I will put the money into the Tang Group's account. Money isn't a problem. Name your price, and we'll be sure to match it," the man answered nonchalantly.

He didn't seem to care about the money. From the way he spoke, it was as if the marriage between Rufus and Amanda was the only thing he had in mind.

Horace weighed the situation. After some deliberation, he had arrived at a decision.

"Alright. I agree to your terms. I look forward to the success of this cooperation," he declared.

The man hung up. Horace found himself still listening to the busy tone from the other end. The reality of the conversation had not yet completely sunk in, and he was caught off guard from the abruptness of what had just happened.

This investor came from a famous venture capital firm. A colleague had once mentioned to Horace that the company was known for its risk-taking strategies. The riskier an investment was, the more willing they were to invest. It seemed that they had a lot of confidence.

As a family business, the Tang Group had gone through a long line of ups and downs. Since the establishment of the company, they had had to make a lot of changes and sacrifices, climbing their way to be one of the greatest companies in G City today. They had a steady foundation with their long history in the business; but if they wanted to grow, they needed something else, especially

very scared back then, and Lionel felt remorse creep in his chest.

He could still see Cassandra in the Tang Group for now, but she would be resigning and leaving the company as soon as she finished the project with the amusement park. What did she plan to do after that?

Horace had decided to let go of Vernon's company. Lionel didn't have any say on the matter even if he owned some shares in the Qin Group. In a short while, those shares would inevitably be sold; and after that, the last of his connection to Cassandra would also disappear. She was no longer his wife, and not even a business partner. It would be as if she never existed in his life.

Lionel felt annoyed at the thought that Cassandra had to support the Qin Group on her own in the future and there was nothing he could do to help her.

This mood lasted for the whole morning, until a woman came to visit him.

"Mr. Tang, the pianist Amanda Ke has called for you. She said that she has an invitation to deliver in person."

Lionel was taken aback by his secretary's words. 'Amanda Ke? The pianist? Why would she want to see me?' he wondered to himself.

Despite his surprise, he asked the secretary to bring her to his office.

Amanda greeted him, invitation in her hand.

"Hello, Mr. Tang. I apologize for the unannounced visit, but I would like to invite you to my concert on Lantern Festival. I look forward to seeing you there."

She held out the invitation to him and smiled sweetly.

Amanda was a beautiful woman. Lionel felt calmer at the sight of her. He had always liked attractive women, and there was one standing in front of him now.

He returned her smile with one of his own and reached for the card. "Thank you, Miss Ke. It would be my pleasure to go and see your performance. The Tang Group had just been thinking about sponsoring the concert, but the TY Group was faster. What a pity!" he said, seeming regretful.

Lying came easily to Lionel. The Tang Group had never talked about any sponsorship for concerts, but what he said just now was the perfect response. Not only did his words compliment Amanda, but his words gave an air of sincerity to his answer.

Still, Amanda was no fool. She knew that Lionel was lying.

'Such a foolish man. No wonder Cassandra chose Rufus.' Amanda mocked him in her head, but her sweet smile never faltered.

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