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   Chapter 143 Arrange A Marriage For Rufus

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Rufus looked at Cassandra affectionately. Her vulnerability and innocence, her complete submission to him as her only pillar support made his heart melt. Rufus lowered his head to kiss her but was stopped by her hand.

"From now on, you will not drink with any man without my consent. You should also tell me before going anywhere. If you break the rules, you will see the consequence." Rufus frowned as he warned Cassandra and pretended to be angry.

Cassandra became all the more petrified to hear Rufus speak in such a stern voice. After she pulled the blanket tightly out of natural reflex, she looked up at Rufus.

He glanced over her body as she pulled the blanket on herself and then fixed his gaze on her face. His eyes softened at her innocent look.

"You are my only love. Don't suspect anything else,"

Rufus said in a sultry voice. Cassandra looked into his eyes as his words echoed in her heart. There was so much of sincerity and resolve in his eyes! Cassandra suddenly felt so light that her whole body got relaxed. The tension on her face gave way to a relaxed and contented look.

That was all she needed—to be the one and only for each other for ever and ever.

Initially, she was hesitant to bring up the topic of Rufus's relationship with Amanda. But after his confession to her, she did not need any more reassurance. It was the first time that Rufus made his promise with so much of determination. Cassandra pushed her urge to dig more about Amanda to the back of her mind and relaxed in his arms.

It had been so difficult for her to come out of the troublesome marriage. But from today onwards, she was resolved to live her own life without any unwanted interference from anyone.

And Rufus… She could trust him with her eyes closed! At every step of the way, it was Rufus who gave her a helping hand and removed obstacles from her path.

Even if not for the help he had given her, she would still be indebted to him for the unicorn he gave her when she helplessly stood in front of the machine. Needless to say, it was Rufus who helped her with loads of opportunities when she first started her career as an architectural designer.

He was the one who healed her in her past and continued to support her even now. What else could she ask for?

Cassandra closed her eyes, buried her head into the warmth of his arms and indulged in his tenderness. At this very moment, she felt absolutely complete.

However, miles away, at the same time, there was a storm raging in the Tang household.

"Father, I am planning to marry Ivy. I have made up my mind this time!" Lionel affirmed.

He had mustered all his courage to confront his father. Horace had been a very strict father and Lionel could never speak or do anything against his wish throughout his life. Even this time, as he spoke to Horace, he could feel his knees tremble. Yet, he was resolute this time.

Lionel loved Ivy and both of them had been through a lot already. He had almost lost Ivy once when she met with a car accident at the time of his marriage with Cassandra. And now, again, he was the one to be blamed for Ivy's miscarriage. Had he not been so outrageous in forcing Cassandra into a physical relationship, which was accidentally spotted by Ivy, she would not get in conflict with her. Now, there was nothing he could do to pay her back, except for giving her the recognition and respect her as his wife. Getting married to her was the only way to compensate for her miseries and the long years that she had spent waiting for him.

Horace had a stern look on his face. He sounded rather disgruntled to hear Lionel's appeal. "Why are you in such a hurry? Don't forget, that you just divorced Cassandra. Aren't you bothered about what people would say about your flash marriage?"

Horace scolded his son in a displeased tone, his face turning grim and a stern frown settling on his face.

Lionel had complete freedom to do whatever he liked all the time. As a result, he fulfilled his wishes without con

rship with the government. The projects on tourism that were deemed crucial by the government had been assigned to the Tang Group. If everything went well, the Tang Group would be rewarded profusely both in terms of profit as well as reputation. Once that happened, only sky would be the limit for them. And if no action was taken to restrain Rufus's power... She was afraid that it would be too late by that time.

"Well, do you really think I am just idling around at home? The Tang Group is certainly more attractive to investors than the Dawn Star Group! But why are you bothered about all this? As a woman, you should be concerned only about the family matter. And don't forget Ivy. Take care of her. I don't want Lionel to be brainwashed by her to challenge me anymore!"

Horace stood up angrily and walked into the study, leaving Jill alone. As she watched Horace walk out of the room, Jill threw out the fork she was holding in her hand. The fork smashed onto the plate making the room reverberate with the sound of the collision.

"Both of you, father and son, put the blame on me. Have I ever complained about what I have done for the Tang family all these years? I am in no way your emotional trash bin!"

It was only after Horace shut the door that she started to complain to the empty room. By that time Horace had got busy on the phone with one of the investors.

After the call was picked up, a hoarse voice came from the other side. It was hard to deduce the age of the person, and the sound was unnatural, as though had been purposely modified using some sort of equipment.

"We are still discussing our investment to your company. You don't have to worry. But now, I need you to help me with something."

The voice was so unnatural that anyone who heard it would feel uneasy.

"Of course. What is it that you want me to do?"

Horace didn't seem to be bothered by the bizarre voice, perhaps because he was used to it. It was apparent he regarded the person on the other side as his superior, so much so that he was eager to meet his demands without even knowing the details.

"Well, well, well. Your son, Rufus, is not married yet, is he?" the man asked, giggling.

The weird voice as he giggled sounded horrifying as it literally echoed out of the phone and broke the silence of the room.

"That's right, my son is not married yet," Horace replied with the same composure as before.

However, the question put Horace into a conundrum. 'Why would the investor ask such a question?'

"Then," the man demanded emotionlessly, "arrange a marriage for him. The bride's name is Amanda Ke." And then there was silence on either side of the phone.

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