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   Chapter 142 You're Bringing Me The Hope

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9487

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Rufus slammed the car brakes all of a sudden, pulling the car to an halt.

He turned around to check on Cassandra who was sitting in the back seat. Her face was extremely red and her eyes were closed with her eyelashes moving slightly as she frowned. She seemed to be suffering from pain. She was murmuring his name and some inaudible words which Rufus couldn't tell.

Rufus held his breath and leaned closer towards the backseat, trying to discern what she was saying.

Thankfully, he recognized some of the words she was saying. She said 'homeless' and 'desperate.'

All of a sudden, Rufus remembered their conversation that time. He had also pulled over by the road, and told her that he would be standing by her side at any time.

He promised to love, protect and cherish her. He said that he would always be with her and give her a home.

Rufus was silent for a moment. Then he thought, 'Cassandra, why are you talking about this? Are you reminding me to fulfill my promises?' Rufus asked himself as he looked at Cassandra's innocent face.

Facing the steering wheel now, he smiled happily, then sped up and drove to his place directly.

As soon as they arrived, he carried Cassandra up to the bathroom. He filled the bathtub with warm water as it would help a drunk person sober, then gently placed the woman inside the warm tub.

He wanted to take her clothes off; but unexpectedly, the lady who had been quiet and dazed suddenly began to struggle heavily.

She was pushing and shoving whoever or whatever within her reach. Both her hands and her legs were desperately swinging and plunging in the air, causing the water in the tub to be spilled everywhere on the bathroom floor.

"Go away! Don't touch me! Go away!"

With her eyes still closed, Cassandra's eyebrows were frowning. She exerted her utmost strength and struggled to fight despite being half conscious.

"Be a good girl, Cassandra. Calm down! It's me, Rufus!"

Rufus was holding her in his arms all this time so she wouldn't hurt herself. Taking off her clothes was a struggle for Rufus, especially when he was doing it with only one hand.

"No, Rufus! We can't do it!"

Cassandra opened her eyes, it was obvious however that her head was still blank. She couldn't even recognize the man in front of her.

Rufus reckoned that she hadn't recovered from being drunk yet. Probably she even forgot that she had already been divorced, that was why she kept saying no to him.

With the warm water wrapped on her body, she started to recover and regain consciousness gradually.

Minutes later, Cassandra slowly opened her eyes, focusing on the man right in front of her. She couldn't help but be amazed at the handsome features of his face.

He was still so gorgeous, with the usual cool face, the face of her savior, her protector, and the o

ghtly and cleared his throat. He extended his arm in a position that seemed like he was waiting for her to give him a hug.

"You didn't thank me at that time. But you have the chance now,"

He spoke with a gentle expression on his face. Cassandra suddenly opened her eyes wide at his revelation.

It was sunset when the boy gave her the doll. Before leaving, he said something softly to her, "Disappointment was not a good thing."

She recalled the boy's face on her mind. His face and Rufus's gradually resembled each other. Cassandra gasped at his words all of a sudden.

It was him! It was Rufus!

The boy, who gave her the first doll of her life and encouraged her at that very moment, was also the man who was lying beside her now!

Cassandra couldn't believe how magical it was that their threads of fate had been tied together right from the very beginning!

From that day on, she had grown from an introvert girl to a tough woman. And the gentle boy had become a capable entrepreneur. What was more, they met again without knowing they were that girl and that boy and fell deeply in love!

Cassandra would hold the doll in her arms and shared her secrets with it at night when she was sad since her father ignored her. She had wished her unicorn would bring her new hope like what happened in the fairy tales.

She was so thankful that God had heard her prayers. It granted her the chance to meet Rufus again.

If it were not for him, she probably would still be eating dirt and staying in the Tang family—enduring a husband who didn't love her, a father-in-law who cared only about benefits, a mother-in-law who always found fault with her, and later a child who was not her own.

However, everything changed because of Rufus.

"Disappointment is not a good thing. So you're bringing me the hope, aren't you?"

Cassandra looked straight into Rufus's eyes.

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