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   Chapter 141 Got Drunk In A Bar

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10587

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The wind was chilly at night, making Rufus shiver. Suddenly, it occurred to him Cassandra wasn't wearing a jacket earlier that day when he saw her. She might be feeling warm while working in the garden. But where could she be right now?

He worried that she would catch a cold or fever since she was only wearing a flimsy blouse with a knee-length skirt.

She had just been nursed back to health and was finally getting better. The idea of her falling sick again worried Rufus.

Presently, he stood outside the gate with Amanda, waiting for Victor. Amanda could tell Rufus was distracted. She already assumed it was about Cassandra without even asking him. She couldn't believe Rufus would concern himself so much about other women. Amanda remembered when they were dating back then, he was always too cool. It was rare to see him behave like this, so on edge.

Amanda had never been able to forget Rufus since she had left him. They were, after all, each other's first love and he was such an outstanding man. The breakup had scarred her emotionally and she kept thinking of him for years thereafter.

The situation was such that she was forced to breakup with him because of the pressure from her family—her father didn't approve of Rufus. She had tried to revolt against him in the beginning but it was no use. Her father won at last, leaving her no choice but to break up with Rufus.

She still remembered the look on Rufus's face when she told him she couldn't be with him anymore. His eyes were a strange combination of intense fury and sadness. She remembered him clenching his fists, pursing his lips. He didn't utter a single word.

He didn't ask her for an explanation, didn't beg her to stay. He was still Rufus, composed as always, even in the face of such shocking news. To her surprise, he turned around, walking away with determination and leaving her alone in a void.

She told herself if Rufus turned around or even so much as halted, she would run to him. To hell with her father, her family, the world, this was the man she loved!

But as it turned out, he didn't stop, not even for a second. Eventually his figure disappearing in the mist.

Tears started to flow down her eyes and in no time, turned to howls. She fell down to her knees, crying as if there was nothing left for her in the world anymore. She knew then she could never forget what they had, and surely now, years later, she still remembered every single thing from then.

But now, Rufus was a changed man. His composure was gone. He had finally allowed himself to show his vulnerable side to someone. He had begun to show warmth, care, concern and worry.

Rufus's mind was still wandering and was only brought back to the current moment by a car that whooshed by them.

The car looked very familiar to Rufus. This was the same car Dylon and Cassandra had gotten into that night after they had dinner together. Rufus had ended up following them, feeling angry and betrayed.

And sure enough, they were together again. He could make out Cassandra's silhouette in the passenger seat. He was sure, it was her.

For a moment, Rufus forgot to breath.

'Why is Cassa

side. He pulled Dylon back, grabbing him by his shoulder and lifted Cassandra up, flinging her on his own shoulder and walked straight out of the bar without uttering a single word.

Dylon was in shock. He stood up immediately and followed him, soon finding out it was Rufus.

Rufus was very angry. How could Cassandra go to a bar and get drunk with another man!

He had followed them to the bar. As soon as he walked in, he spotted Cassandra chugging a drink. She couldn't even sit properly after 2 shots of whiskey!

Rufus saw how the men around her were looking at her body.

He couldn't take it anymore and decided to get her out of this place. Now, he felt Dylon's hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Luo, I don't think it is appropriate for you to carry your sister-in-law like this."

Rufus flashed his angry eyes at him. Dylon could see how angry he was. But for Cassandra's reputation, he gathered his courage to stop Rufus.

'Sister-in-Law?' Rufus squinted at the thought. It seemed like Dylon didn't know Cassandra and Lionel had already gotten divorced.

He realized that at least he knew this before Dylon did! That thought relieved him, somehow as a proof of him being closer to Cassandra than Dylon.

"Go ask your father what really happened to the Tang family."

Rufus himself had learnt about the incident on the way to the bar. He knew it had to be Ivy who had gotten Cassandra into this situation. As he thought more and more about this, he felt sorry that she had gotten kicked out of the Tang family mansion and had to take all the blame by herself. He felt frustrated at not knowing how to reduce her misery.

After saying that, he just ignored Dylon and walked out of the bar carrying Cassandra on his shoulder. He laid her down on the backseat of the car and drove directly to his mansion.

Even lying down, Cassandra felt dizzy. She couldn't tell where she was. The smell around her was familiar. For a while, she kept trying to recollect everything and then suddenly, she opened her eyes wide, sitting up.

Rufus! It smelled like Rufus. She murmured, "Rufus! Rufus!"

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