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   Chapter 140 Where Have You Been

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10073

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Long ago, in his younger years, Rufus was quite a rebellious child. He had lived with his mother ever since his birth, and had never seen his father. By chance, he knew that he was the bastard of Horace, the kind of bastard who would never be legitimized by his father because of the latter's ambition.

At that time, he was not yet mentally mature enough to accept the cold, harsh truth. Daily, he constantly felt defeated, depressed and dejected.

Ever since the day he could form coherent thoughts, his mother had constantly told him that his father had passed away, and he was the last thing on his father's mind even on his deathbed. Using that as a driving force, his mother pushed him to strive hard in his studies.

And he believed it. With all his heart and soul he believed that he was loved by a father he had never seen. He believed that he was never deprived of love. He was determined to live his life to the fullest, in honor of his father, who did not have the chance to live long.

He worked hard; he obtained the best grades; he was the posterchild of brilliance in everyone's eyes.

However, things started to change when Rufus turned 17. His mother's health condition worsened. Her low blood pressure that plagued her for years has pushed her body to the brink of collapse.

Maybe she was afraid of taking her secret to the grave, or maybe she was afraid of leaving her child alone in the world after she passed away. So she eventually decided to tell him every bit of the truth about his lineage.

It turned out that the truth was too much for him to bear. He became a rebel for some time.

He missed school; even if he did attend, he would only stay for half the lesson. He was also involved in a lot of fighting. In no time, he went from being the exemplary student to a problem child, one who brought forth headaches for all the teachers and his frail mother.

One day, he was reprimanded by his teacher. After much arguing, he was fed up and stormed out of school.

While wandering around, he happened upon a stubborn little girl.

He examined her uniform and realized that she was from another school. The skirt ended only above her knees. Rufus couldn't help but stare at her exposed legs.

She seemed to be obsessed with a claw machine. He couldn't keep count of how many coins she had put in.

One, two, three… She promptly inserted her coins into the slot of the machine, played, but all seemed futile.

Rufus stepped closer to the girl and observed her intently. Her earlobes were surprisingly tiny, and her skin was spotless and smooth.

Her eyelashes were elegantly long, and would swing everytime she moved. She stopped and stood still, gazing at the metal arm of the machine.

Slowly, the arm inched closer to the white unicorn and lowered to grasp it. It always dropped close to it, but just couldn't hold on long enough to pick it up.

It was her last try. She had run out of coins. The tip of her nose was caked in tiny beads of sweat—she was nervous

," Rufus answered proudly

He had been so cold towards Amanda the whole afternoon, but at the mention of Cassandra, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Amanda's heart sank.

She was aware that someone as handsome and fetching as Rufus had no shortage of admirers. As someone who was once an important part of his life, she knew that the only thing he was concerned about was to strengthen himself. He wanted to make his father regret abandoning him and his poor mother.

At that time, even though they were a couple, Rufus just couldn't give her any sense of certainty.

He didn't know how to flirt with girls; he was so rigid even when he was on a date.

Amanda was once attracted to his appearance, but fell for his outstanding qualities. However, Rufus was a complete stranger to love. He knew nothing of romance and the subtle nuances of a functioning relationship. Even though she loved him, she had to gave in to her father's strong opposition.

But now, Rufus was radiant. He smiled brightly for a woman, and even went as far as declaring her as his future wife! Amanda started to doubt whether someone replaced the Rufus she knew so long ago.

"Well, your fiancee is gone,"

Amanda jeered as she pointed towards the yard.

Rufus was taken aback for a moment before he ran towards the door. She was right. The only thing in the yard was the small hill of mud—Cassandra was nowhere to be seen.

He then peered at the main gate. He remembered closing it with his remote, but now it was wide open.

Cassandra took off!

"Amanda, I'm sorry but it seems I don't have any more time for you today. I have to attend to this matter. Let me send you off."

Before Amanda could say anything, he pulled at her arm and took her out of the villa. Then taking out his phone, he called Victor, "Get to Garden Villa fast. You need to pick someone up, in 5 minutes!"

After letting go of Amanda, he went out to the main road and looked around. He wondered, 'Where did the little woman go?'

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