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   Chapter 139 You Have Always Been This Stubborn

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The world went pitch black as Cassandra gingerly closed her eyes, then the colors of her surroundings burst out when she opened them again. She had imagined her encounter with Rufus countless times just several hours before now. Finally, she was a free person—she could come to see him without being judged and it wouldn't be against her morals either.

Maybe, while she slept, Rufus would silently go to her bedside and kiss her gently on the face. The tenderness would awaken her from her sleepy form and she would open her eyes in delight. Their eyes would meet at the first beam of sunshine, and they would smile at each other.

Or, she would welcome his arrival while she basked under the warmest sunlight at noon. They would embrace each other so tight and step on their shadows as if burying all their miseries in the past.

Or again, he would find her at dusk, where the entire sky would be a wistful red. His eyes would be attractively dark brown like always, and he would whisper to her the sweetest words from his heart…

In all the scenes that she had envisioned, there were only two of them. What she had wished for, was the life between only the two of them.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that when they came across each other again, there were three of them—and ironically, she seemed to be the outsider.

Her eyes scanned down her own body—dark stains were smeared on her clothes, and her hands still holding the spade she used for digging were muddy.

Beads of sweat trickled down from her forehead. Her clothes were glued to her back, and she could almost hear the sound of the fabric rubbing against her skin when she started to move.

This definitely wasn't an ideal encounter.

There by the porch stood Rufus and a proud, gorgeous woman by his side. Her eyes didn't intend to hide her boiling contempt for Cassandra.

A frown marred Rufus's face. The beautiful woman had asked a question, but her voice was drowned in his thoughts. He didn't respond, as he seemed to be quite confused with what he saw in front of him.

"Cassandra, what are you doing here?" he asked in doubt.

His voice wasn't gentle; his expression wasn't tender; he didn't even intend to give her a warm hug. It was a totally different scene from her dream.

He was even holding the hand of another woman. Cassandra didn't know how to respond, but she managed to squeeze out a few words.

"I…I'm just planting some flowers..." Silence hung like a heavy curtain in the air.

Awkwardness crept through her skin as if she was the intruder who had broken into this property and even dug an ugly hole in the yard without the owner's consent.

"Isn't it cold outside? Come in," he said.

When the words came out of his lips, his brows were still creased, and then he walked into the room.

The woman beside him followed suit, and Cassandra was left outside petrified like a statue.

Suddenly, the woman in red whipped her head around and shot Cassandra a meaningful glance. A huge smile was plastered on her face—it was a smile that meant triumph and victory.

Her lips curved into a willful smile in silence; then she turned her beautiful, arrogant head back and followed Rufus's footsteps.

A gust of the night breeze kissed Cassandra's skin, making it quiver with goosebumps.

Her body that felt so hot just now after her wearisome activities, was now like it was the coldest thing in a winter night.

'Who is this woman? Why is she able to hold Rufus's hand so naturally? Why didn't he reject her?

Why was he not excited to

be so careless about her own health?

Her health condition wasn't the best as she had always been weak and fragile, and hospitalized frequently. She didn't take care of herself in this chilly winter again. Rufus had to scold her so she would listen to him next time.

"Amanda, wait a second. The stuff is upstairs. Let me get it for you," he said.

After he spoke, Rufus made a beeline for the second floor.

Amanda Ke requested contact details of all real estate companies in G City. She said she wanted to invite representatives of these companies to her concert, and she didn't want to miss any of them; and the relevant documents were in his study on the second floor.

The study was at the end of the corridor. Before he reached it, he suddenly stopped midway and went a few steps back.

There was one room whose door wasn't completely closed. The door mildly swung with the gentle wind.

A hand gripped the door handle, and Rufus pushed the door open.

Then he fell into another world. This room had been empty as he remembered it, but it was now filled with the scent of the little woman.

The bed was tidy and clean, and the windows were free from dust.

He noticed that the windows were open, which he guessed could be for ventilation purposes. After all, it had been quite a while since someone lived here.

A white doll suddenly caught his eyes.

For some strange reason, Rufus slowly walked towards the bed and picked up the little white doll.

It seemed old from its faded fabric and slightly rough texture—it must have been washed many times.

However, the owner of the doll must have cherished it so much that even though it had endured many years, it was still clean and white.

The doll was a stuffed pony with a horn. Oh, that didn't really sound right—it was actually a creature from the fairy tales, and had a name of its own. It was called a unicorn.

The gates of his mind suddenly burst open, and the memories that had been buried for ages flooded his consciousness. He recalled a lonely little girl in his thoughts.

She stood alone in front of the claw machine. She had been so amusingly determined that she dropped her coins into the machine one after the other even if she failed in all her attempts. Still, she was not willing to give up.

'Well, Cassandra, it seems that you had always been this stubborn, ' he thought.

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