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   Chapter 138 I've Been Missing You So Much

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 13688

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Cassandra had signed her name on the dotted line countless times before but this was different. This time, she was feeling all sorts of emotions—most of which was relief. She smiled from ear to ear as she signed her name on the piece of paper Lionel handed to her.

Signing her name on that dotted line was all she needed to finally free herself from the cage she had been stuck in for the past years. She was more than happy to do it.

It didn't matter if she was framed or not—she still ended up in the same place. Now, she could finally be free and that was all that mattered to her.

She didn't even bother to read through the document—she just went ahead and signed her name.

"Don't you want to have a look at the terms?"

Lionel was a bit taken aback at how calm Cassandra was. He didn't expect she would be this cool and collected. Cassandra just casually signed her name without putting up a fight or protesting even.

"I'll read through them after I've signed. I'm sure none of these terms were written up to favor me, but I guess the worst would be asking me to leave the Tang family with nothing on my back. I don't mind that because I don't want to take anything that doesn't belong to me."

Cassandra shrugged, her tone was nonchalant but you could tell she wasn't lying or pretending. It really seemed like she didn't care about not getting any money from the Tang family. Lionel didn't know what to make of this.

Cassandra was right—the terms were ironclad, almost too ironclad especially for someone who had been married to him for five years. Firstly, she would not be able to take anything that came from the Tang family when she left. Since she had been working as a designer for the Tang Group, part of the terms also stipulated that she had to finish the amusement park design without compensation. In addition, she couldn't work as a designer for any other company in the next two years to preserve the secrecy and privacy of the Tang Group.

The terms were too harsh that Lionel assumed Cassandra would start a spat making it a perfect opportunity to humiliate her. However, he was surprised to find her pausing for just a second before signing her name.

She pushed Ivy down the stairs, consequently killing the forthcoming son of his. Who could blame Lionel for despising her? Lionel specifically asked his lawyer to draw up ironclad terms that he knew Cassandra would protest to. He wanted her to suffer for all that she'd done, but here was Cassandra acting like she didn't care at all.

Cassandra didn't care that the Tang family would absolutely abhor her and she most certainly didn't care that she was coming out of this whole deal without receiving a penny. She didn't care that her life as the rich wife of a wealthy man had ended. She didn't care that they spat all those hurtful words to her. She would merely lend them an ear and didn't even bother retorting anything back. In fact, she really didn't care about any of these—she just wanted to be done with this whole thing and get her freedom back.

For Lionel, Cassandra was an evil woman because she virtually killed his unborn son. But seeing Cassandra's demeanor today confused Lionel.

What was Cassandra really thinking? What did she really care about? Lionel had no way of knowing the answers to all his questions.

"All right. I signed all the papers. We can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now to finalize our divorce,"

Cassandra said while getting up. She straightened her clothes then turned around to get her coat from the hanger. She put on her coat and glanced at Lionel, who was still standing and unmoving. Cassandra paused then said, "Or I can get a taxi there myself. I will see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Oh, I almost forgot. Here you go. The keys to the car your father gave me."

Cassandra dropped the keys on the desk and headed out of the office with her head held high. She never looked back.

Lionel just watched as Cassandra proudly left the office. He watched until he couldn't see her shadow anymore. Then he turned to look at the keys lying on the

ufus's car.

Rufus was finally back!

Cassandra immediately stood up. She even forgot to put down the spade in her hand and wide off the mud that was on her clothes. She was just staring at that car with expectant eyes and watching it slowly pull over and stop. Then, Rufus got out of the car.

He was wearing a black wool coat which made him look somewhat intimidating. Rufus closed the car door on his side carefully. He was now facing Cassandra. She could vaguely see his handsome face that could make every woman swoon.

She just could not take her eyes off him, watching his every move with a big smile on her face. Cassandra was just so happy to see him. She couldn't wait to start their new life.

She knew that Rufus saw her too but he didn't run towards her and envelope her in a hug like she had expected. Instead, he just stood there unmoving, looking back at Cassandra.

Rufus was far enough that Cassandra couldn't see the look on his face. She wanted to assume that he was just surprised but still nonetheless happy to see her here. He must be, right? After all, he had pleaded for her to come here so many times before but she kept refusing. This time, she came without telling him so he must have been surprised.

And this time, she was ready. She was ready to begin her new life with him. A life of freedom that only belonged to Rufus and her.

What if he asked her why she was suddenly here? How would she answer this question? A lot of other questions ran through Cassandra's mind.

Her heart was beating rapidly in her chest out of excitement. She stared at Rufus with intense and expectant eyes, waiting for him to start walking towards her. But suddenly, something unexpected happened.

The car door on the other side opened, pulling Cassandra out of her trance. A woman dressed in red stepped out of the car.

She had a great body, tall and thin. She was wearing a red hat and a long red coat. The black waistband showed off her slim waist. Even from afar, Cassandra could tell that she was elegant.

All of a sudden, Cassandra felt that time had stopped around her. She froze in place and her world suddenly seemed so quiet.

She couldn't see clearly but she could tell the woman had a smile on her face based on how bouncy her steps were.

She walked to stand beside Rufus, and tilted her head to look at him. Then she grabbed his wrist and walked towards the house, dragging him with her.

They got closer and closer. So close that Cassandra could see the looks on their faces.

The woman looked at Rufus with a sweet smile on her face. Then she reached out, put her arms around his neck and said in a seductive tone, "Rufus, didn't you know? I have been missing you so much."

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