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   Chapter 137 We Lost Our Baby

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Cassandra had never paid attention to the sound of the wind so carefully before.

She hated the wind and the rain. She liked the sun. But tonight, she listened to the gush of the wind all night long.

It was still winter. The wind last night was still chilly. It blew through the trees and caused the leaves to rustle.

The wind sounded so sad as if it was worried that it would be soon be replaced by the warmth someday.

She kept calling Rufus. But she failed to get through. The automatic voice informing her of all the failed call depressed Cassandra. It was the cold voice of the machine, bereft of emotion, that affected her deeply.

Cassandra remembered what Rufus had once said to her.

"Let me be the one to turn to no matter what happens later, okay?"

Yes, and here she was, calling him again and again, to do exactly that. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, daylight came. Cassandra heard the bustle of the servants beginning their preparations for the day. She forced herself to bathe and get ready to go to work. However, the moment she opened the door, she saw Jill advancing towards her.

Before Cassandra could greet her, Jill had already raised her hand and slapped her in the face with full strength.

"You bitch! Ivy's baby is gone! Are you happy now?"

Jill shouted the words as she shivered with rage. Tears rolled down her cheeks quickly.

"It's my first grandchild! How did you have the heart to do such a thing!?"

Cassandra had not recovered from the impact of the slap even though she could not feel the pain on her face anymore.

'How is that possible? Ivy's baby is gone? It is a thirty-week old baby! And it is growing bigger and bigger!"

Cassandra felt like she was in the most unimaginably horrid nightmare. How she wished everything could've return to peace when she woke up from the nightmare.

She closed her eyes and then opened them again. Jill was still standing right before her, crying hysterically. Horace stood not far away with his hands behind his back, restraining his emotions.

There was no expression on his face. But people could feel his anger simmer within.

Even though Ivy was not his official daughter-in-law, she had been living with the Tang family whilst pregnant. She was well-mannered and Jill favored her a lot. Horace, himself, bore no ill will towards her. Shockingly, she had a conflict with Cassandra just before her due date.

"Jill, the car is ready. Let's go to the hospital to see Ivy!"

Horace did not acknowledge Cassandra. He spoke directly to Jill and led her away. Casandra could hear the soft sobs of Jill as she walked away with her husband.

Cassandra walked downstairs in a daze, her mind blank. Once downstairs, she noticed the servants scrutinizing her. They didn't greet her as warmly as they did before. Instead, they averted their ey

her battles steadily; the one in her belly, the one where she was injected with the oxytocin and the one when she delivered the baby.

She pretended to have had a change of heart and behaved generously, only in order to win more of Lionel's sympathy. Only in this way would he be incensed enough to ruthlessly deal with Cassandra!

Everyone knew Lionel was a romantic person. But Ivy was shrewd enough to sense that he might have a special feeling for Cassandra. She was his wife but she never allowed him to touch her, not even a finger. And Lionel did not force her! He must have a strong protectiveness towards the woman.

As for Ivy? She had no other way but to put herself and her baby at risk to keep Cassandra away from Lionel for the rest of her life.

Ivy was fortunate. She had won this round.

After leaving the hospital, Cassandra roamed around aimlessly. She had no idea where she could go.

If she went back to the Tang house, she would have to face Jill's wrath. Cassandra had no energy to handle her anymore.

So she decided against going back and booked herself into a hotel.

She tried to maintain distance from the Tang family. However, Lionel came to her.

When Cassandra was absorbed designing in her office, Lionel broke in and threw a file at her.

"Sign it!"

Cassandra was confused. She took the file. It was a divorce settlement.

"Cassandra, I want to divorce you. The biggest mistake I've ever made during my whole life was to marry you!"

Cassandra stared at the agreement on the desk with mixed feelings.

She had been desperate to sign this paper, then walk out of the Tang family and forever leave that cage with her head held high.

Now this dream was about to realize but in such an absurd way. She was being dismissed by Lionel.

"Just sign the damn papers! Do it! Then we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the divorce certificates!"

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