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   Chapter 136 Ivy's Bet

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The quiet villa started to become noisy prompting the servants to come out and check what was going on.

Jill, who had been asleep, was woken up by Ivy's scream. She sat up with a start.

"Horace! Wake up! Was that Ivy screaming?"

Jill shook Horace awake before she got off the bed and ran outside.

She could not help screaming when she saw Ivy lying lifelessly in Lionel's arms.

"Oh my gosh! What happened to her?"

Jill ran downstairs in a rush, almost knocking Cassandra down when she passed by her. Cassandra's head went blank at that time. She staggered on the impact; her legs buckled and she landed sharply on the stair; her hand that still held the railing broke her fall. She wasn't yet to understand what had happened.

"Wake up, Ivy! Driver! Where is the driver? Take her to the hospital. Hurry!"

Jill grew extremely distressed at the situation. Ivy was pregnant! What if the baby was hurt?

Everyone was shouting loudly and engaged in taking care of Ivy. Cassandra sensed the darkness closing in on her.

She remembered that she got rid of Ivy's grip and walked a few steps away. But how had she tumbled down the stairs?

Did she push Ivy with great strength so that she lost her balance?

Ivy's face paled dreadfully. Cassandra felt something terrible might have happened.

Suddenly, Jill screamed and raised her trembling hands.

Everyone turned to find her palms covered in blood.

Lionel lowered his head to see what was wrong. Ivy's lower body was bathed in blood. It was indeed a terrible sight to behold!

"Ivy! Please! Wake up!"

sobbed Lionel as he anxiously stroked Ivy's face.

However, Ivy still remained motionless, eyes closed.

Fear had taken hold of Lionel's heart. The fear was like a venomous shadow that clung on to him.

This was the woman whom he had loved for many years. He had wanted to marry her. But now she had slipped into a coma with their baby. How did this terrible situation happen? It was because of her—Cassandra!

Suddenly, Lionel turned in rage and glared at Cassandra with hateful eyes.

"Cassandra, you are a devil!" he bellowed angrily. "Get the hell out of the house! Now!"

He stared at Cassandra with daggers in his eyes as if the next second, he would cut her into pieces. Cassandra could not help shuddering at his glare.

She had never seen such hate in his eyes before. They were like the bloodied eyes of a monster from hell that wanted to incinerate her.

"Cassandra! You are such a hateful person! How heartless of you to push Ivy downstairs! How could I not have known that you're such a cruel woman before?!"

Jill glared at Cassandra. She had been curious about how Ivy had tumbled down the stairs. It was Cassandra's master move!

Cassandra opened her mouth to explain but no words came out. She did not know what she would say.

How had she become the culprit? S

ered his head and covered his head with his arms, thinking about the words Ivy had said to him before she lost consciousness.

"I didn't want to argue with Cassandra...I've never wanted to compete with her...I mean it."

Lionel closed his eyes painfully. Ivy, the woman he had loved for seven years, the woman with who he had spent the most beautiful period in his life, was now lying on the surgery table, precarious, between life and death.

She didn't want to compete with Cassandra, nor did she dare to compete with her. All she wanted was his love and the promises he had made to her. But he had not delivered on any of his promises.

He wanted to be Ivy's partner, as well. But his marriage with Cassandra was always the unavoidable hurdle between them.

He already decided to stay away from all the women he once had dated. All he wanted now was Ivy's and his baby's safety on the other side of the wall.

The door of the surgery room finally opened a few hours later. A doctor came out and walked to Lionel with a heavy face.

Lionel stood up immediately.

"How's she doing, doctor? And the baby?"

Lionel asked, his voice shaking. He looked at the doctor anxiously, expecting a positive reply.

"I'm sorry about the baby...It is a boy. She's in a stable condition. But she lost a lot of blood and will need some time to recover."

The doctor extended his hand and patted Lionel's shoulder lightly before turning back towards the operation theatre.

Lionel felt his world started to collapse. 'Sorry about the baby? Why did the doctor say that?

My baby is already thirty weeks old now! He is about to come to this world!"

Lionel was unable to see anything in the darkness that enveloped him. For a while, he was in a catatonic state until a sharp fact stung his mind.


He hissed her name through grinding teeth. The hatred in his eyes burnt in an inferno from hell.

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