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   Chapter 135 An Accident

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Rufus turned to Lionel's direction and cocked an eyebrow, expecting some sort of explanation.

"What are you talking about? Cassandra gets the shares because she's earned it. I did not have a hand in this I swear. What does it have to do with me?"

Rufus was indignant at Lionel's mutterings because he knew that Lionel was just trying to rock the boat. Lionel turned to Cassandra, "Cassandra, you're one of us. We can help you manage the vast Qin Group. You won't even have to lift a finger. This is obviously a win-win situation. You realize that, don't you?"

Rufus's answer was irrefutable, so Lionel tried to appeal to a different side of things.

Cassandra sighed deeply, visibly weary and resigned. It was as clear as day the Tang family wanted to take this opportunity to acquire Qin Group. Who could blame her for wanting to protect it?

"Listen, Lionel. I will never, ever, give up my father's legacy to anyone. Even if it is on the verge of bankruptcy, I won't just abandon it at the first sign of reprieve. This is my commitment to my family. You glibly said that I was one of you. Now, I want you to ask yourself, and I mean really think about it, if you have ever seen me as a member of this family."

Lionel was as stubborn as a bull. Cassandra was too tired to face him or Horace. She was weary from all the hurt pent up inside. She had devoted herself to the Tang family, but they never regarded her as part of the family.

"I lost my appetite. I'm going up to rest."

Cassandra stood up and promptly turned around, fully intent on just getting to bed, but no sooner had she taken her first step than Lionel continued to criticize her.

"You're feeling guilty, aren't you? You are a bona fide employee of the Tang Group, yet you also work for Qin Group. I wonder if you have ever used your position to your advantage to seek benefits for Qin Group."

Rufus stared icily at Lionel who was clearly making a fool of himself. He had failed outright in the task Horace asked him to do, so now he was just trying to embarrass Cassandra.

The Tang Group, for so many years, had dominated the industry in G City, but now Rufus saw a slight decline.

He would eventually witness its decline right before his very eyes. Like a frail old man on his deathbed, it would eventually succumb to the long, dark sleep.

A few days later, Cassandra was in her office, burying herself in work. A messenger came by and gave her new commissions. She almost squealed in surprise when she saw that she had received the design commission for the Ferris wheel.

As he promised, Rufus had talked with Dawn Star Group regarding the amusement park project; and Tang Group would be in charge of the construction of the Ferris wheel.

Cassandra's phone vibrated. It was a text from Rufus.

"Congratulations, your dream of designing the Ferris wheel is one step closer to fruition."

Her cheeks turned a bit scarlet red, and she unconsciously closed her eyes and held the phone close to her heart, unable to contain the fo

knew deep inside that she had nothing besides Lionel's feelings for her.

"You know what, you and Lionel are perfect for each other. You both twist other people's words and act like the victim. Think whatever you like. I'm tired of arguing."

Cassandra shook off Ivy's hand and turned to leave, but Ivy stubbornly grabbed her sleeve again.

"Who the hell do you think you are, Cassandra? How dare you look down on me? Don't get all high and mighty. I have proof that you lived in the same room with Rufus at the hotel."

Ivy ferociously stared at Cassandra, like a rabid animal. A diabolical smile slowly formed on her lips.

No matter how beautiful a woman was, if she was caught in the whirlpool of hate, she would be consumed by jealousy. Cassandra now realized how far gone Ivy had gone.

"A clean hand wants no washing. Nothing has happened between me and Rufus. Now, mind your own goddamn business."

Cassandra grabbed Ivy's wrist and forcibly removed it from her sleeve. There was helplessness in her expression.

Cassandra was no further than two steps when she heard glass breaking and a bloodcurdling scream from behind.

"Ahh!"! !

The scream was painful. Cassandra quickly turned to see what had happened. The scene shocked her to her core.

Ivy, with her bulging belly, fell down the stairs. The stairs, with steep steps, were long and winding. Her pregnant body couldn't stop at all.

She finally stopped and landed on the first floor with a sickening thud.

At that very moment, Lionel stepped into the hall and witnessed the scene.

Ivy tumbled down the stairs, while Cassandra was at the top, watching.


Lionel yelled in panic. He rushed to Ivy, crouched beside her and held her head up.

"Ivy! Are you alright?"

He began to tremble violently when he saw Ivy grimacing with a pained expression.

Ivy smiled grimly, her lips quivering, her brows furrowed.

"Lionel, believe me. I didn't want to argue with Cassandra,"

she murmured and then soon fainted.

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