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   Chapter 134 Love And Belonging

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Then the room was enveloped with silence. The awkward situation held the two in a daze and they just dropped down their heads in an effort to avoid each other's eyes. It was Jasper who broke the silence.

"Oh! Forget it! We'd better not meddle in the way of the youngsters. Everything would be all right as long as we two can keep each other company."

Jasper held Michelle's hand while looking at her with his eyes filled with adoration.

Michelle let out a sigh of despair. It seemed that they had been left with no choice. She wished that they would get over it patiently and considerately. She didn't want her reckless actions in her youth been replayed by them.

Cassandra froze, eyeing the lift door closing before her. With Rufus's face gradually fading out of her sight, she felt like the world was being shut down upon her.

She was aching to jump up and hug him to reconcile; she wanted to be like any other woman who would run after their boyfriends and give them last-minute hugs before they go.

But she couldn't. She was Cassandra, the wife, though nominal, of Rufus's half-brother.

Her stomach churned at the thought of Rufus. She wanted desperately to go after him, but she stopped herself and pounded her chest slightly with one hand.

It felt so bad to be in a situation like that. She could do nothing but watch him go.

Tears welled up in her eyes in frustration.

Cassandra thought she was strong enough all this time. When her father was put into jail, she didn't lose her nerve but tried every way to minimize the negative impact of the aftermath.

But for the one she loved most, she felt powerless and could do nothing.


She whispered his name in a soft voice, but it sounded like she was so feeble and weak deep inside that no sound was coming out of her mouth.

Cassandra didn't realize until now that she had already fallen deeply in love with him. Her mind was always occupied by his occasional highhanded manner, his unspoken concern for her, and his ubiquitous care and support. Rufus had done so many things for her.

And she did just take them for granted. Cassandra had got used to his kindness. She needn't utter a word and he would jump out from somewhere to get her out of trouble on the dot, without hurting her sensitive pride.

Sadly, Cassandra had nothing to pay him back. She couldn't give him back the love he was showing her since she had to abide by the secular rules.

Such a forbidden love made her heart ache. Tears from her eyes trickled down, she looked sad and forlorn.

Feeling weak in the knees, Cassandra let herself squat down. She buried her head in her palms and sobbed bitter tears. The LED screen in front of her was displaying an ascending number, the elevator was going up.

It was getting closer and closer to the floor where she was squatting half-heartedly.

Then she heard a loud sound as the elevator came to a stop.

As the door slowly opened, she saw a pair of man's feet striding out of the lift and halted before her.

Cassandra raised her moist eyes, to her surprise Rufus's stoic face materialized in front of her. He gazed at her melancholically.

orry about Lionel anymore? This son of mine is not an asset to the business, ' Horace couldn't help but think about this.

Glancing at Cassandra, Lionel opened his mouth and was about to say something but stopped abruptly.

"Shoot it! Don't hem and haw!"

Horace tightened his eyebrows, this time more annoyed at Lionel.

Upon his father's tough demand, Lionel spoke straight, "Today, the lawyer informed me that we have fewer shares compared to the other party who had already got 60%, so this means that we can't acquire the Qin Group!"

An ominous silence followed as soon as he finished his words. All eyes were on him, though different expressions had shown on everyone's face.

Cassandra was astounded—she was still in the Tang family, yet they couldn't wait to take over her father's business. Their actions had no difference from robbery.

A scornful smile grew over Rufus's face. 'How could Lionel be so insensitive and stupid at the same time?'

Horace pointed at Lionel with his trembling hand. Given his look, no one would doubt that he wouldn't be repulsed by the idea of strangling his son at this point.

"You... How dare you... That's not what I am asking you!

You brainless thing! How could you speak of this in Cassandra's presence? It was so embarrassing!" Horace cursed his son.

"Father, didn't you just force me to say it?"

Lionel seemed to have realized his blunder before he resolutely passed the buck.

Jill hurried to come over and tried to smooth things over, seeing her husband shaking with anger.

"Stop talking about the business. Let's first sit down and have a meal. All of you have been busy recently and come back home late. Hurry or our meal would turn cold!"

Jill dragged Horace to the dining room, for fear that he would jump up to kick her son.

Embarrassed and mad beyond words, Horace staggered the way, eager to escape the demeaning scene.

Lionel, Rufus and Cassandra, were held dazed at the hall. No one dared to disturb the strange atmosphere in the air.

"Rufus, how does it feel to have the equity of Gary's wife, was it great?"

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