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   Chapter 133 The Devil's Woman

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Rufus looked at Cassandra, eyebrows furrowed.

Her hair was damp. Water dripped slowly down to the tips of her long, black hair. Wet and feverish, she looked as if she had just come out of a hot shower and hadn't gotten the time to dry herself up properly.

Even though Jasper was standing behind Rufus, he could still smell the slight fragrance coming from her. Unconsciously, Jasper uttered something and Rufus turned around immediately, asking, "What did you say?"

Rufus was completely unaware of what Jasper had said. All of his attention was concentrated on Cassandra's beautiful face and the water that dripped down her neck. He stared at Jasper, confused.

"This scent is very unique. I think it's the famous luxury brand specializeds in shampoos for men. The one she has used is a globally exclusive edition, if I remember correctly."

Jasper's voice was low but his words were shocking. He turned back to look at Cassandra with a profound look, shocked.

Rufus's handsome face turned darker. His shoulders stiffened as he stared at her, tight-lipped.

Men's shampoo? Just what was going on? Had Cassandra just come out of a man's room?

Without thinking it through, Rufus rushed to the door she had come out of. It was half-closed. He pushed it open reluctantly at first but then stepped in without hesitation.

The apartment wasn't too big but the decor of the rooms was certainly stylish and of great taste. The color scheme was a classy black and white. Judging from the layout and the ambience, it seemed like the owner was well inspired and had a great aesthetic and interior sense.

Small but compact, it was located right in the heart of G city. A location like that would cost a fortune.

As he cast a casual glance at the walls, his attention was caught by the pictures hanging on it. There were several pictures of wild animals and natural landscapes. Among them, a portrait of a handsome young man stood out.

For a second, Rufus's heart skipped a beat. His face turned pale in shock while his eyes narrowed and breath escalated. He remembered that face. The man and Cassandra went out eating on the street together once. Rufus remembered spotting them chatting and laughing, fully enjoying themselves.

Rage seized his heart. He didn't know how to deal with the mixed feelings that arose from the bottom of his heart. He clenched his fists and swirled around, leaving the apartment, stomping his feet. Without looking at Cassandra, he strode out.

"Rufus, stop!"

Cassandra called out to him nervously as he passed by her. It felt like he had misunderstood something. However, he didn't stop even upon hearing her call him. He barely paused before he headed towards the elevator.

Before the elevator could come and Rufus could go away, she ran to his side, reaching for his arm, trying to explain, "I had a small incident just now, which is why Dylon let me take a shower in his bathroom. Please don't read too much into it! He was just being helpful!"

The blank look on his face worried her even more. She kept gazing at him anxiously while her heart sank at his suspicious, accusing face.

"You don't need to explain anything to me."

Rufus's mood was at its worst. He reached for the elevator panel directly without even casting a glance in her direction. He didn't want to listen to anything she had to say at all.

"Nothing happened between us, Rufus. Please don't be like this. It's saddening to see you behave so coldly."

Cassandra was now at her wit's end, almost at the edge of breaking down. Rufus and his aloof attitude scared her. It was obvious he had mistaken things. She was innocent and didn't deserve to be treated like that.

Just then, the elevator door slid open. A glamorous woman stepped out, almost bumping into Rufus's arms.

"Cassandra! How come you're here?"

Michelle gasped in disbelief. She was utterly shocked to see Cassandra and Rufus there. She stared at them, mouth wide open, curious to see what was happening between the two. Judging from Rufus's tightly pressed mouth, she figured he was pretty mad about something.

Rufus didn't answer at all, shockingly. His strange behaviour shocked both Cassandra and Michelle, especially when he pushed Michelle aside and walked straight into the elevator. The door closed silently behind him as he pressed the button for the lobby.

"Damn you! How dare you

ime for both of them.

However, things changed when Rufus's mother, Michelle's sister got bed-ridden. It was like he matured overnight. This sudden change in him shocked everyone.

Rufus showed his extraordinary skills at such a young age. Ten years ago, he got admitted into an elite group to receive advanced training with the organisation. He turned out to be one of the smartest members. Intelligent and focused, he founded TY group and just within a short period of 2 years, it saw huge success. TY group made a big fortune and continued to remain lucrative till date. People couldn't believe such a young man had already achieved so much. His sharp brain and immense maturity impressed everyone in the business world.

Rufus was always polite to Michelle, showing full respect to his aunt. Yet, she felt like there was something that kept things cold between them.

To her, it seemed like Cassandra's arrival had changed Rufus drastically. She still remembered the day Rufus came to her, asking for a dress for Cassandra. Michelle could tell his eyes were lit up. It was then when it first struck her what had been missing in Rufus's life all this time.

His success alone wasn't enough. He ached for love and affection but needed to build up the courage to trust someone.

Before Cassandra walked into his life, he was a lone wolf who lived with pride, independent in his own kingdom. He tended to do things in a straightforward manner. Cassandra changed so many things in his life. He craved for her. Before, he had never cared for anyone's well being.

Just the way he talked about her bespoken dress revealed how much he cared for her happiness. He'd asked Michelle to present the best dress for Cassandra, putting in so much effort to help her design it. Michelle was shocked to see him talking so much that day. He'd barely talked to her since his mother passed away.

He told her Cassandra's favourite colour was blue and that navy-blue suited her smooth ivory skin the best.

A one-piece dress would be ideal for her slim yet curvy figure. She'd completely dazzle everyone with a dress that highlighted her tiny waist.

She was a girl of unique taste and liked her attires to be eccentric and very individual to herself. Even when she wore the most simple outfits to work, she'd have altered some details such that it spoke of taste.

Rufus's behaviour shocked Michelle. She never thought a person like him would go to the lengths of discussing details for a dress! Her jaw dropped when he came to her with that request so seriously.

She had to admit that Cassandra had influenced him greatly. He went beyond himself just to make her happy.

"Gosh, Rufus is such a complicated man. It's so hard to read him! Even though I am a family member, sometimes, I find it overwhelming just to face him. He is not that easy going. I wonder how Cassandra feels confronting him. It must surely be difficult."

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