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   Chapter 132 Why Are You Here

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"What's wrong with you, Cloris? Remember, this is the Tang Group's office and not the Qin family house. You cannot have your tantrums here, or else, I will be forced to ask security to escort you out," Cassandra said forcibly.

She could not stand Cloris's temperament. If they were at home, she would probably muster more patience to deal with her bratty and self-centered sister. At the workplace, though, she had to put her foot down. After all, she was the firm's Architectural Design Manager. In no way was she going to allow her sister to talk to her like that.

"Wow, Cassandra, You really are somebody, aren't you? It looks like you won't even listen to dad. How dare you threaten me with calling the security? Who do you think you are? Well you know what, I am ashamed to be your sister! I am ashamed to be associated with a double crosser like you! And because you had so much audacity to do it, I am not afraid to reveal it!"

Cloris shouted. She yelled like a crazy person and it angered Cassandra very much.

"Call the security! Get this lady out of here!"

Cassandra demanded. Right now she had no patience for Cloris, who seemed to have lost her sanity. She knew that work hours were not the right time to settle personal issues and decided that it was best to talk to her sister after work.

The security guards walked in and pulled Cloris's arms to drag her out. Cloris shrugged them off and glared at the guards.

"I can walk by myself! Do you think I want to be here? I don't even want to come to this place! You are a disgrace!" she shouted.

Then she walked away briskly. The two guards exchanged glances with each other before followed her out.

The assistant, knowing that Cassandra would need some time to settle down, left the room as well, and closed the door behind her. Cassandra rubbed her forehead as she sat on her chair.

She had been so occupied with work from both the Tang Group and the Qin Group that she barely got to talk to Cloris. Therefore, she could not think of any reason why her sister was so upset.

After hesitating for quite a while, she finally picked up her phone and sent Cloris a message, "Cloris, wait for me at the Sweet Coffee Shop. Let's talk then."

Cassandra stared at the screen for several minutes but received no new notification. Her mind then slowly drifted away.

Suddenly, the door swung open. It was Stella, running into the office.

"Cassandra, what happened to your sister? She was vandalizing your photo on the Employee of the Month board and couldn't stop cursing you. The security guards tried to stop her and they ended up fighting!" she said worriedly.

Cassandra stood up immediately and was about to run out, but was pulled back by Stella.

"She's gone! I asked more guards to drive her away! I know she is your sister and she must be doing this to get your attention. She would be happy to see you down there so that she can curse you in your face, so just stay here. By the way, what happe

ier in the laundry room. I have to leave for now. When you are done, just remember to close the door after you go out,"

he said before taking his leave.

Cassandra stood holding the towel, feeling moved.

She was aware that Dylon knew that she would receive many questions from the family if she returned home covered in paint. This would be another headache for her.

How could someone hate her so much that he or she would do this? This question would surely come up if she were to return home like this.

The events that had transpired repeated in her head as she was showering.

'Why did Cloris ask me to not cause Arthur any trouble? Isn't Arthur the person who is causing me trouble?

What is it between them? Are they in a relationship?' Cassandra asked herself.

Feeling extremely unsettled, she made the water gush onto her head to clear her mind.

Meanwhile, in the living room of a well furnished flat, two men sat on a couch with their eyebrows creased.

"Are you telling me that I have to talk to Arthur about dividing the project of the amusement park into two and, assigning one part to Dawn Star Group and the other to Tang Group?"

It was Jasper speaking with Rufus, who had a stern look.

"This isn't how you do things, is it? Aren't you going to take all of it from them?"

Jasper seemed to be quite familiar with how Rufus usually worked. He had always overpowered his opponents so it puzzled him that Rufus was not going for an extreme.

"This isn't something you should be concerned about. Just tell Arthur what I want, and the Tang Group is willing to go at great lengths to reach our goal. If he still wants to maintain his place in the Union, this is our condition," Rufus stated with a determined look.

After an agreement had been reached, Rufus stood up and prepared to take his leave.

When he opened the door, the door at the opposite side also opened. An astoundingly familiar figure walked out.

"Cassandra? Why are you here?"

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