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   Chapter 131 Who's The Bitch

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"Are you serious, Rufus?"

Cassandra asked, surprised. This was the first time she saw Rufus so impulsive. He was normally calm.

Rufus turned around to look at the worried woman and gave her a sly smile. She rarely saw him with such a soft expression.

"I knew it!"

Cassandra said sheepishly. A part of her worried that Rufus was really going to settle their rivalry with violence.

Surely, he was just joking. But Rufus wasn't the type who would kid about things like that.

Unknown to Cassandra, his eyes turned fierce.

Jasper Li called Arthur. The usual level-headed man now sounded angry through the phone.

"Mr. Zhuang, as one of your shareholders, I feel that it's my responsibility to remind you to watch your behavior! I heard you stole someone's project. That was not part of our deal,"

Jasper said, questioning Arthur's business ethics and doing his best to hold back his rage.

"Mr. Li, you misunderstand me. I did it exactly for our partnership. It's to make the most out of your investment. Besides, there was no contract yet. The project was still open for public bidding. I did not break any law,"

Arthur explained, trying to defend himself. Investors were important and he did not want to upset them. He did his best to convince Jasper that there was nothing unethical with what they did.

"Mr. Zhuang, even though what you did was not illegal, it's still not something we can be proud of. I worry that our peers will go against us if they find out what you did. Remember your position. As the Deputy Director of the Union, you can't compete with the Director. On top of that, what you did was very inappropriate,"

Jasper replied impatiently. He was on the verge of losing his patience. Then he began to wonder whether Arthur was truly a good steward of his money, seeing what he was capable of.

He began to feel as if the chairman had picked the wrong guy to work with.

"Mr. Li, the Dawn Star Group is going towards a very bright future. Road bumps are normal while we're expanding. The question is, will we let them stop us or will we push through them? Maybe you look down on the way I deal with it. But it can lead to the results we both want,"

Arthur reasoned. It seemed as though he came prepared with the possible comments of his investors.

"Then as your investor, your ethics are important to us. We need to know that you are really a good person to entrust with our money and that you know what you're doing, instead of just stealing projects from our com

broad soon, aren't you?"

Cassandra stood up and looked at Cloris warmly. The latter, on the other hand, greeted her with a glare.

"Cassandra, you went too far!"

she said as she walked to her sister's desk.

"What do you mean, Cloris?"

Cassandra asked, sensing something very wrong. Her smile was instantly replaced by a look of concern.

"What do I mean? Cassandra, have you always been jealous of me? You must be taking out all your anger on me because our parents liked me better. Why can't you be happy for me? You always try to sabotage my life!" she said angrily.

Cloris's pretty face was distorted with fury. She looked like a wild animal baring its teeth and ready to attack Cassandra.

"Cloris, I think there was a misunderstanding. Let's sit down and talk,"

Cassandra said, trying to calm Cloris down. Unfortunately, it annoyed her instead.

"Misunderstanding? Come on, Cassandra. Stop pretending that you are innocent. It's disgusting, you know?"

Cloris shook off her sister's hand as she was about to touch her. The look on Cloris's face made Cassandra turn white.

The assistant at the door stood shocked by the scene. It's the first time that anyone talked to Manager Qin like that. Plus, it was her own sister. This was too juicy.

"You can go now. I'll take care of this. Please close the door,"

Cassandra told the assistant when she spotted her dumbfounded face.

It was embarrassing that someone saw her being cursed by her own sister.

Unexpectedly, the simple sentence triggered her sister.

"Close the door? Why do you need to have the door closed? What are you hiding if you did everything right?" Cloris challenged.

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