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   Chapter 130 A Passionate Kiss

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It was such an embarrassing situation. Horace had just taken away the amusement park project from Cassandra and appointed it to another designer. But the Dawn Star Group got in his way when he thought he had the deal properly set up. How could he ever face Cassandra now?

Lionel was just as stunned. He never really gave his attention to the project, so he wasn't the least bit aware that Cassandra was a large contributor to the project.

The moment turned sour and awkward. Everyone was silent. It was so still in the room that everyone could possibly hear a pin drop.

"Don't worry. Rufus and I will visit the person responsible tomorrow,"

Cassandra broke the ice. She sighed deeply. No one would be able to leave if they remained deadlocked like this.

"Okay then. Tell him that you'll still be the lead designer of the project."

Horace pushed the boat along with the current, letting Cassandra take back the project. It left him with no other choice, anyway. He dreaded to think what would happen next.

"Please excuse me now. I'm tired. I want to rest up for tonight,"

Cassandra said and turned directly for her bedroom upstairs, carrying her luggage with her. She was relieved after she closed the door.

The atmosphere in the living room a moment ago was suffocating. A bitter smile curled the corners of Cassandra's mouth.

She knew for a fact that the Tang family had been keeping a wary eye on her. They excluded her from several projects and even tried to take over her father's company, but she didn't have the courage to retaliate against them.

Anyway, they had helped Qin Group once when it was in trouble. If it hadn't been for them, Qin Group would have gone bankrupt long ago.

'Well, it's to repay their kindness. After this project, we will be even, and I can leave at ease, ' she mused.

Back in the master room, Jill was still grumbling, "Why did you let Cassandra take over the park project? Didn't you want to cut her out? She is already planning a divorce! What is your point of keeping her here? That woman is thinking about leaving us!"

Jill was upset at the thought of Cassandra, who wanted a divorce before the Tang family abandoned her as the daughter of a prisoner.

"This project is important. If we complete it successfully, we will sure be getting the upcoming projects in the next few years. She can be of help to us, so I'm willing to make a compromise. We have to look at the bigger picture and break some eggs to make an omelet."

Horace unbuttoned his coat and went to bed.

ind blew her wet hair, making her feel cozy.

Rufus stroked her hair, fingers grazing against her ear.

He looked down seeing her earlobe turn pink, and suddenly felt an irresistible impulse to kiss her.

The man turned off the hair dryer, put it aside and turned to look at her, their faces only inches apart.

He slowly held her face in his hands and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

Cassandra faltered for a bit, but returned the kiss. It was a tender and passionate kiss. Afterwards, Rufus slowly broke away, then held her in his arms without doing anything else.

Cassandra stared at him, eyes hooded and dark. She knew he had promised that he wouldn't touch her until the divorce was final. This man had alway cared for and been considerate of her.

Rufus looked at her and admitted to himself how aroused he was, but he knew he couldn't go any further.

The next day, Rufus and Cassandra went to visit the person in charge of the project, but his secretary said that he had something else to do and could not meet them today.

"It must be an excuse! Obviously, there is no other room for negotiation!"

Cassandra was aggrieved after they left the office building. Both parties had agreed to sign the contract later, and the Tang Group had finished the design draft and the prep work; but now they were replaced by Dawn Star Group suddenly.

"They must be declaring war. Let's pick up the gauntlet then!"

Rufus gritted his teeth in anger. His face looked as rigid as stone.

"What do you mean?"

Cassandra's eyes darted at Rufus's trembling frame. He seemed to have a vicious idea.

"Since they stole our project, we might as well beat them at their own game."

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