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   Chapter 129 A Present For Cassandra

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"Courtney, are you okay?" Whitney asked worriedly.

She rushed to her daughter and embraced her tightly, her eyes full of tears.

The lack of significant progress after the previous hypnotherapy session confused her. Still, Whitney noticed that her eyes were no longer as dull as before. It had more life in them now.

Courtney also stretched out her hands to hug her mother and stroked her on the back as they embraced.

"Mom, I'm fine. I just feel like I had a really long dream. Now, I feel tired," Courtney replied slowly.

Both her eyes and her mind were slowly getting clearer.

"Oh, you should rest then. Are you hungry? I can ask them to bring you something to eat," Whitney said.

The change in her daughter overwhelmed her with excitement.

"I don't want to eat alone, mother. I want to go downstairs and eat with you," Courtney replied, sat up, and walked with her mother out the door.

Whitney had dreamed of this moment many times. Seeing it happened after these many years, this filled her with so much happiness.

Courtney smiled happily at her mother. Her smile loomed through the light. She was as beautiful as ever.

Cassandra packed her luggage, ready to return home with Rufus. She decided that it would be futile to force Whitney to turn over her shares after she explicitly stated that she had no plans of doing so.

'Anyway, I hold as many shares as Lionel has. As long as Whitney will remain neutral, the Tang Group will still not be able to acquire the Qin Group, ' Cassandra thought to herself.

Suddenly, Whitney entered Cassandra's bedroom and handed her a folder, smiling.

"Sign here, Cassandra. I've already run this through my lawyer. He approved it," Whitney said.

Confused, Cassandra took the folder from her and was shocked by what she saw.

"Auntie Whitney, this... this is a share transfer form!" Cassandra felt a tingle of excitement.

With an astonished look, she gazed at Whitney in disbelief.

Whitney nodded with a smile to signify that she was correct.

"You've helped me so much. Now, Courtney is slowly recovering from her illness. I know that this is what you need the most right now, so I am giving it to you. Consider it a gift for my gratitude," Whitney replied.

Cassandra held the folder tightly against her chest. She was too excited to know what to say.

'What a pleasant surprise. I just wanted to help Courtney but I also managed to acquire Auntie Whitney's shares. I can't believe she transferred all of them to me.

Now I own 60% of the company. There is no way that the Qin Group will be acquired by the Tangs. The company is safe, ' she thought.

"Thank you, Auntie Whitney!" Cassandra said excitedly.

She was so happy that she turned red. Looking out the window, everything seemed perfect: the blue sky, white clouds, clear water, and green field. How wonderful the world was!

Carrying her luggage, Cassandra walked into the Tang family's villa with Rufus following her. Upon entering the living room, she felt something very strange was happening.

Angry, Jill sat on the sofa. Sitting close to her was I

pregnancy, Ivy rushed to stop Horace. Knowing that she was pregnant, he forced back his anger and dropped the hand.

The tension in the house had been high right before Rufus arrived.

"What you should is, Horace Tang, you are disgusting, just like your bastard son!" Jill boomed. "Lionel doesn't have a good grip on reality. Shouldn't we be working together to come up with a solution right now? If you or Lionel can't say something to help solve this, then you should both shut up!" Horace claimed.

Their words annoyed him so much. He glared at them with his big eyes as the muscles on his face trembled with anger.

'I've supported Lionel so much, hoping that he would be able to help me manage this company the way Rufus does, but he does nothing except disappoint me.

Right now, Rufus is my only hope. If Rufus can find a way to bring this project back, then I would really say that he is an asset to this company, ' Horace thought.

This amusement park was more than just a single project. More importantly, it would be located inside the new industrial area of the city, as a centrical landmark and tourist attraction. This would only increase the project's importance significantly.

If the construction of the amusement park could be completed successfully, the Tang Group would likely get more credibility to acquire more projects in the tourism industry. This was an opportunity of expansion that the Tang Group did not want to miss. There might not be another chance like this. Allowing Dawn Star Group to have this project would give them a huge advantage.

"Rufus, do you have any ideas on how we could get this case back?" Horace asked.

Gazing at his son expectantly, he hoped that Rufus would be able to give him a definite answer.

However, Rufus shook his head and said, "There were two reasons why I managed to get us this project. First, I left a good impression on the officials. Second, the officials knew of Cassandra's capabilities..."

After this saying, everyone looked at Cassandra. She was the one now who everyone focused on.

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