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   Chapter 128 Falling In Love With A Princess

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This was the first time Cassandra realised how ridiculous a man could get. Joel perhaps just churned out an absurd lie to Courtney

and Courtney believed him blindly! The whole story depressed Cassandra very much.

"Joel confessed that he had cheated Courtney out of a large amount of money and justified himself by saying that he fell for another woman because he wanted to escape the scrutiny of her family. Courtney was stubborn and blindly in love with him, so she probed Joel about who the woman was…"

Rufus concluded his summary with a serious look. The fact that a scum like Joel had worked in Tang Group for two years and nobody knew of his crimes, shocked Rufus for a long time. 'Fortunately, we've found the evidence to prove his crime, or he would do more damage, ' thought Rufus.

"So he told Courtney that he had fallen in love with a princess?!"

Cassandra was incensed at Joel's treachery. In her mind, a man like Joel deserved to go to hell.

Courtney was devastated by the passing of her father and the betrayal of her boyfriend, thus she had isolated herself from the whole world.

Since Joel disclosed that the woman he loved was a princess, Courtney adopted a princess lifestyle too. She was crazy about princess-style things, such as royal-style decoration and a dreamlike princess room.

She was barely sober most of the time and when she looked disinterested, it was because she was suffering internally. The thought of Joel greatly distressed her and she often felt broken alone in her room.

When she lost her cool, Courtney would sink herself in the past with Joe. She spent hours picking out a dress for dating and ran to the door from time to time to see if Joel had returned. She hoped he would come back one day and profess eternal love for her and her alone.

She was so vulnerable, that even a man like Joel could destroy her. Cassandra swore to send him to prison for what he had done.

"That son of a bitch! How I wish I could cut him to pieces! I would do that secretly to protect Courtney."

Cassandra blushed with anger as she recalled how much Courtney was hurt within. It upset her greatly to think about that.

'Had Joel cast a spell on her? Why does she love him so much?

What if I were to love a man so obsessively one day? Would I be fortunate or not?' mused Cassandra.

"Did Courtney ask him which princess he fell in love with?"

asked Cassandra with a frown. Courtney was stubborn enough to have asked this question.

"Yes, and Joel told her it was Princess Ofelia, the Princess of N Country, who was on a diplomatic trip to our country. You can still find the related news online now. She even made a

r and closer to her yet she couldn't see his facial features clearly. Finally, her knees buckled and she tumbled onto the floor.

Upon seeing this, Cassandra and Rufus stopped abruptly. Then Cassandra ran over to Courtney to see if she was fine.

Whitney also darted out from a corner and headed for her daughter, falling to the ground beside her.

"What happened to her? Why did she faint?"

asked Whitney, quaking with fear.

"She is fine. I just hypnotized her. She will wake up tomorrow."

Rufus walked up the stairs slowly, in conversation with Doctor Smithers,"You can measure her blood pressure. It should be normal."

Doctor Smithers nodded his head and proceeded to check on Courtney and concluded that Rufus had been right.

"Courtney obsessively believed that Joel had fallen in love with a princess, so she wanted to become a princess to compensate for her short-comings. She couldn't find the perfect gown because the gown she kept looking for is here,"

said Rufus as he gestured towards the gown that Cassandra was wearing, which dazzled when it caught the light.

This was Michelle's design. She had gifted it to Princess Ofelia. The princess loved this gown and even wore it on her visit to China. No one expected that a gown which had caused such a stir could become a mental block for Courtney.

She believed that this gown represented Princess Ofelia, so Cassandra and Rufus came up with a plan—Cassandra wore the gown when Rufus hypnotized her. He told Courtney in her subconscious mind that Joel wasn't the lover of the princess and that she didn't need to worry about a princess stealing him away.

The sky gradually lit up and the Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes slowly.

There was a hint of a hint of limpidity in her beautiful eyes.

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