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   Chapter 127 Cloris’s Nightmare

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Shocked by the loud noise, Cloris was delighted to see it was Arthur who broke into the room.

At this very moment, the appearance of him was like a mighty God who could save the world. In a panic, the sleazy man drew back his neck as if trying to make himself invisible.

Arthur's face was contorted with anger and he rushed to punch the man in the face. The man had no time to think and was quickly knocked down to the ground. He looked at Arthur as he coughed blood out from his mouth, trailing down to his jaw.

Instead of punching Arthur back, he lay there defenseless as Arthur kicked his torso.

The next moment, Arthur grabbed Cloris and pulled her into his arms, squeezing her tightly that it became difficult for her to breathe.

Arthur's strong and tight embrace immediately made Cloris feel better and calm. She let the tears fall finally.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone," Arthur said, apologizing while stroking her hair.

His voice was trembling, and he sounded quite miserable.

"Arthur, I was so scared! I thought I would die!" Cloris whimpered in his arms.

Her tears kept falling down like broken strands of pearls, disappearing whenever they landed on his shirt.

"I'm sorry, babe. I'm here, I'm right here. I'm sorry. I will never leave you alone again," Arthur apologized once again, embracing her tighter.

He patted Cloris's back to comfort her and glared furiously at the man on the floor. The man squirmed underneath his gaze and quickly crawled to the door.

Arthur didn't let him leave, however, he kick the man down to the floor again. He whipped his phone out from his jacket pocket and called the police.

"Yes, Room 8708. Please hurry," Arthur spoke.

As the man struggled to get up once again, Arthur stomped his foot directly against his spine and held him there.

"Don't even try to fucking move or I swear to god I'll murder you right here before the police arrive," he hissed.

It only took a few moments before the police arrived at the scene and arrested the man.

"Captain, my girlfriend is still in trauma and I don't think it's wise for her to be going to the police station at the moment. I hope you could understand," he said to the lead policeman.

It seemed that they knew each other before, as he also patted the captain on his shoulders.

"Okay then. Mr Zhuang. Please wait until we've investigated everything," the policeman replied.

Afterward, he turned to wave at his fellows and left the room.

"Okay, let's take him back!" he commanded.

When there were only the two of them in the room, Arthur picked Cloris up from the ground and carried her to bed. He whispered loving words to her in order to keep her calm.

Cloris hadn't properly recovered yet from fright. She held onto Arthur tightly, afraid that he would disappear.

"Arthur, the man was sent here by an employer. This was planned, and I'm their target," Cloris said assertively as soon as she was calm enough.

She clutched onto his shirt and looked at him, eyes still in panic.

"I know. Just relax, okay? The police captain is a friend of mine and he'll look into it. Stop thinking about it and get some rest. I won't leave you, I promise." Arthur replied.

He patted her on the

had put aside all these things, good or bad, especially when she got Arthur as her boyfriend. He was so sweet and considerate, and Cloris had long gotten over Rufus, even forgetting what he looked like.

But now, Cloris realized that Cassandra had never forgotten.

Thinking of it, Cloris grasped the quilt so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

It must be Cassandra who employed the man. She was such a sneaky bitch and it seemed that she rushed here and there for their father, trying her best to support their father's company and paying no mind to the other things, but actually she remembered every single thing Cloris did to her. She would take revenge against Cloris when the time was right.

What a spiteful woman Cassandra turned to be!

At the same time, Arthur had noticed the unnatural expression on Cloris's face and was clear that she began suspecting her older sister. He smiled in his mind but showed nothing on his face.

"Cloris. Hey babe. Relax. No one can hurt you anymore," he whispered lovingly.

He wrapped his arm around her and tried to warm her with his own body.

Cloris felt that she had suddenly matured overnight. She was no longer a mischievous girl who would play tricks anymore. She was now a strong woman and she intended to protect herself.

'Cassandra, you were humiliated on the party but you lost nothing. Why did you do this to me? Why did you pay someone to rape me? I hate you! I hate you! I swear I will repay you ten times over, ' Cloris thought, her heart growing cold at the mere mention of her sister's name in her mind.

Arthur felt the stiffness of her body and he couldn't stop the sly, cold smirk on his face anymore.

'Cassandra, please don't hate me! I never intended to hurt you, but you should blame yourself for marrying in to the Tang Family. It's your own fault!' Arthur thought.

Meanwhile, within the walls of a castle in Norway, Cassandra was dumbstruck and her mouth was wide open after hearing Rufus's words.

"What? Seriously? Joel told Courtney that he broke up with her because he fell into love with another woman, and the woman was a real princess?" she exclaimed stunningly.

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