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   Chapter 126 Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

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Jill heard Horace mention that Arthur was an ungrateful money-grubbing man. Ever since he took over the Dawn Star Group, he had poached the customers from Tang group despite the close relationship between their two families. What was even worse, Arthur had tried to mobilize other members of the Union to vote for his own company to lead the Union as its Director.

When Dawn Star Group was just a small company, Horace had consistently aided Arthur's father, who was the leader of the company then. He had even given away plenty of engineering projects to help Arthur's company grow.

Dawn Star Group should have been thankful for Horace's contributions. However, now that the Dawn Star Group was a bigger company under Arthur's leadership, the Group disrespectfully undermined the Tang Group. Horace attempted to hide his disappointment even when he went to the hospital to visit Arthur's father, since he couldn't blame the father for what happened to their companies. He knew Arthur acted out on his own. That was why, when Jill saw Arthur, her eyes immediately began to burn from anger.

She held her tongue despite wanting to shout at Arthur when she saw Cloris with him.

At present, stating that the Tang Group and the Dawn Star Group were in a tense competitive relationship was an understatement. It seemed that Cassandra's sister Cloris and Arthur were in love seeing that they're together. Jill's shoulders grew tense as she began to doubt Cassandra's loyalty to the Tang Group.

"It seems that Mr. Zhuang has become a prisoner of love. Cloris is as beautiful as her sister, Cassandra. No wonder he's fallen in love with her!"

Ivy said with a smile, deliberately mentioning Cassandra. Jill glared at Ivy as her doubt began to grow.

"There's no point in being beautiful if you don't have the brains to back it up. If Cassandra is loyal to the Tang family, how could she allow her sister to engage in a relationship with Arthur?"Jill chided.

When Jill first met Cloris, she had a good impression of her. But now, she disliked Cloris as much as she did to Cassandra.

"Auntie, don't be mad. People are free to choose who they want to love. This has nothing to do with loyalty. If one loves a person, it's because they saw something in them. Don't you think so?"

Ivy said with a meaningful look.

Looking at Ivy silently, Jill became more suspicious of Cassandra.

'It's because they saw something in them, ' Jill reiterated in her head. 'Maybe Cloris hooked up with Arthur for his money, ' she thought quietly.

'Yes, that's right. Vernon is in prison. They need money to pay the fines. Their mother Edith is a housewife and she has no way of getting her own income. Cassandra couldn't get any help from the Tang family, so Cloris is trying to look for a rich boyfriend to help the Qin family get out of their crisis!'

Jill deduced.

It was obvious that Cloris's relationship with Arthur would do no good to the Tang Group. Dawn Star Group

is asked, unable to hide the shaking in her voice. She started to tear up despite trying to calm herself down. She never expected being in such a situation.

"Oh Beautiful! Are you crying? Don't be scared. I've come to help you. I'll make a real woman out of you,"

The man stood up and walked closer to her, looking at her with lecherous eyes. Cloris stumbled back until she felt the wall behind her; her hand was still gripping the remote by her chest as if to shield herself from him.

"Don't you dare. My boyfriend will be here soon. If you hurt me, he'll kill you!"

Cloris's tears fell out of her eyes. She was horrified.

"Your boyfriend? Who is he? You think I would be afraid of him? Nobody can scare me off. So don't fool yourself into thinking you could threaten me,"

the man said dryly as he continued his approach.

"Who are you working for? Are you hired by someone to ruin me? Who is it? Tell me!"

Cloris asked in a louder voice. The little woman was smart and quickly figured out what was happening. She didn't expect that what she had been experiencing now was deliberately arranged! But she didn't have any enemies. Who could the mastermind be? Anger started to wash over her, overpowering her fear against the man in front of her.

"Sorry, that's classified. Otherwise, I wouldn't get paid."

Cloris was now trapped in between him and the wall. The man started to unbutton his shirt and stared at Cloris wantonly.

"I-I have money! If you just let me go, I can pay you ten times as much as your employer!"

Cloris tried to persuade him.

"Don't try to fool me! I know your older sister is rich, but you and your mother are practically poor,"

The man chided. With that, he eagerly grabbed Cloris's wrists and pinned them above her head, his face nearing her own. Suddenly, the door was smashed open, and the man and Cloris both darted their eyes towards the door.

"Get your evil hands off my girl! Go to hell! You son of a bitch!"

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