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   Chapter 125 Who Had Her Beset

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Rufus quietly opened the bedroom door to allow Cassandra to enter. Courtney had fallen asleep. Rufus knitted his eyebrows and gazed at her, thoughtfully.

"Did you find out something?"

Cassandra looked at him hopefully.

"I'm guessing her boyfriend said something before he left her which turned her into what she's like now,"

Rufus replied, looking a little worn out. Because making one confess something that was bothering her very deeply was a challenging task, both mentally and physically, for a hypnotist.

"What on earth did he say to her?"

Cassandra asked, partly thinking aloud.

"She hasn't mentioned it. It must be something that hurt her so deeply that she refuses to recall what it was. Again, hypnosis is not a cure to everything. I have no way to dig into the thoughts that she subconsciously rejects,"

Rufus shook his head helplessly.

Cassandra let out a sigh. It looked like it would take much time before they get Courtney to allow her trauma to surface.

As Rufus looked at her disappointed face, an idea came to him.

"If it's okay with you, I will ask Victor to bring Joel here. We haven't turned him in yet. He might be of help,"

Rufus said, taking a look at Joel's photo in his hand. It was what he used to hypnotize Courtney just a few moments ago.

Cassandra remembered freezing when she saw Joel's photo in Courtney's locket. She guessed that something terrible must have happened between them.

While her experience of Joel was rather disruptive—the man drugged her and plagiarized her work—Cassandra still could not believe that he had anything to do with Courtney's illness.

"I'm scared that seeing Joel would make it worse. It's the reason why her mom kept her away from people," Cassandra replied. "What if... We ask Joel what he has done to Courtney, instead?" Cassandra said thoughtfully.

She thought this might be the best solution after racking her brains

Rufus mused, nodding in agreement.

He thought of Joel's file. Joel worked as a Manager Assistant for two years in the Tang Group. Given the timeline, he must have entered the Tang Group right after he broke up with Courtney.

The family columns in his file were left blank. None of his parents' names or his siblings' name were filled. It appeared that he has deliberately been hiding his affiliation to Ivy the moment he entered the company.

Unfortunately, he was too bold and arrogant. It did not take long for him

ng it?

Ivy seemed to have better taste. During that same year, she sent her an accessory made of Jade as a gift. Everyone who saw it would admire her taste and Jill liked that!

"Auntie, Cassandra is busy with work. I'm sure she doesn't have time to shop with you. Don't take it against her,"

Ivy replied. Deep inside, she felt delighted that Jill was starting to show a preference for her.

"No matter how busy she is, as a woman, it is her duty to take care of her husband and her children. Still, up to now, she can seem to neither satisfy Lionel nor have a child. I really don't like her.

It's such a pity I didn't meet you earlier. If I did, I would not have consented to their marriage. Such a shame!" she retorted.

Jill always said what she thought. Ivy looked at Jill affectionately.

"Auntie, please don't dwell on it, I don't plan on marrying Lionel. It is already an honor for me to bear a child for the Tangs!" she said.

Ivy smiled. Her remarks and humility made Jill sympathize with her even more.

The two women were about to go home when Ivy spotted a rather familiar couple.

The woman, petite, wore a sweet smile as she held the man's hand and looked up at him with unmistakable adoration.

The man, on the other hand, looked polished and handsome. It was difficult for anyone not to notice them.

'Arthur and Cloris? Why were they here? Are they in a relationship?'

Ivy's mind began to revive. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her.

"Auntie, look! Isn't that Arthur and Cloris?" she said pointing at the charming couple.

Following the direction that Ivy pointed at, Jill's face darkened.

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