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   Chapter 124 Hypnotherapy

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"What is your plan?"

Rufus was confused when he heard Cassandra's words.

"Rufus, thank you! I think I finally found the key to solve this problem!"

Cassandra giggled. But then, she realized another problem that she might have.

"Rufus, do you know of any hypnotist?" she asked.

Talking about being hypnotized reminded Cassandra of her roommate at school before who majored in Psychology. She remembered her sharing that mental illnesses could be treated by hypnosis. The problem with this was that there were very few of them, not to mention excellent ones.

Rufus forced a wry smile. Hypnotist? He wished he had heard it wrong. Staying on the line, he said, "Hold on. I happen to know one hypnotist. I'll send him over to you now."

As soon as he hung up, he turned to Victor.

"Book me the earliest flight to Norway," he ordered.

About the hypnotist, memories flashed in his mind of the days when he just started training ten years ago.

"You must have a mind so tough that no one can bar it. Wars are not just fought with bullets. There is another aspect unseen by the common eye, and it's mental confrontation!"

The trainer was a man from the special forces. He had tattoos all over his body and a brilliant track record.

He stood there like an impenetrable fortress. His cold face made new recruits shiver.

"If your mind is weak, your enemy will destroy you in every way they could. They can use it against you by hypnosis. Once they succeed, they can get you to do whatever they wish,"

Rufus was all ears. His stern and determined eyes impressed the General. In the following training sessions, he stood out from his class because of his excellence.

Later, he was chosen for higher studies.

One of the skills he learned there was hypnosis.

Rufus did not know what Cassandra needed a hypnotist for, but he flew in anyway to be of help.

Besides, it had been days since he last saw her. This was a good way to visit her as well.

Cassandra was startled when she saw Rufus driving the car into the yard by himself.

"Don't tell me you're the hypnotist!"

Cassandra said in surprise. She looked around but could not see anyone else that he was with. Even Victor wasn't with him.

"Why can't I be the hypnotist?"

Rufus smirked and looked at her with gentle eyes.

"Will you suddenly hypnotize me?"

Cassandra said, instantly alarmed with what he was capable of. Had she been hypnotized by him? Was that the reason she fell for him?

"Hypnotism is not an answer to everything. It only works on someone who doesn't resist you in his consciousness,"

he replied. Cassandra seemed to think that hypnosis was

e up.

"It's not what you think, Auntie Whitney!"

Cassandra said, trying to explain her relationship with Rufus. After all, she wasn't divorced yet. Technically, she was still Rufus's sister-in-law. Whitney's question frightened her.

Rufus, however, answered differently.

"No, we are not. But I will marry her one day,"

he said, extending a hand to hold Cassandra's shoulder. Cassandra immediately refused it as her face flushed in tomato red.

"Well, it's okay. I know Cassandra still has things to deal with but I believe you will be together, sooner or later," Whitney said, smiling.

Her words made Cassandra freeze, looking up to the lady.

She noticed the wrinkles that surrounded her eyes. Still, the blemishes did not reduce her beauty. If anything, they only made her look wiser.

Cassandra didn't understand how a woman as wise as Whitney could see through what was going on between her and Rufus, but did not know what to do with her own daughter. The thought saddened Cassandra.

Men are blind in their own cause. It is always easier to observe something from afar than to be completely submerged in the situation. Cassandra wondered why people seemed to find it easy to figure out that there was something special between her and Rufus.

Rufus and Cassandra stayed in the bedroom as they waited for Courtney to sleepwalk.

Finally, at around midnight, they heard noises from the corridor.

Rufus put a finger on his mouth to remind Cassandra to be quiet.

He opened the curtains gently and saw Courtney going back and forth along the hall. As she was about to go back to her room, Rufus sneaked up and followed her in. The moment she lay down, he showed her a photo and said, "One, two, three. You will only see him when you sleep."

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