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   Chapter 123 A Call From Rufus

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Whitney looked sad and frustrated. What Cassandra said even gave her more pain.

"I know why Courtney is acting like this. It is because of that man. He left Courtney and no one knows where he is now. I can't seem to find him no matter how hard I tried," she said.

Whitney furrowed her brows and looked at Courtney who was picking out clothes from her closet happily. Tears filled her eyes.

"Considering Courtney's mental state, how can I leave her? I can't afford to try to find the guy myself. Someone has to stay with Courtney. Also, that man hurt her. I don't know what will happen to her if he comes back in her life again. What if she goes out of control? I can't afford to lose my only daughter.

I don't expect her to fully recover. All I want is that she becomes capable of living her life without trying to hurt herself again,"

Whitney sighed. She became even more sorrowful as she looked at her daughter.

Cassandra followed her gaze. The sunshine lit the room beautifully. Under the warm sunlight, Courtney looked young and beautiful.

It could have been a very wonderful sight to see a girl picking out dresses for her date so happily on a warm afternoon, thinking about the love of her life.

Courtney, who indulged herself in her memory, must be very happy now.

"Sometimes, she acts like this, happily dreaming about the man. But after a few moments, she will suddenly return to the present and go back to her cold, indifferent self," Whitney explained.

It was difficult to watch her. Whitney looked at the ceiling to keep her tears from falling.

"Why don't you stay for a few more days in Norway, Cassandra, since you seldom come here? I have a lot of guest rooms. You can pick whichever you like. Remember to lock the door before you go to sleep so Courtney won't startle you. Please think about it," Whitney offered. "Anyway, I have a meeting with a securities agent. I should go now."

Whitney ended and left, leaving Cassandra with Courtney.

Cassandra went into deep thought.

"Pink, no. I wore pink last time,"

Courtney muttered to herself as she threw the pink dress away. Pouting, she looked like a three-year-old little girl.

"Black, no. He doesn't like me in black,"

she whispered as she threw away another batch of clothes.

"Purple? He thinks I look old in purple. No purple!"

Courtney still couldn't choose what to wear.

Cassandra walked over to her.

"Courtney, what does he like?"

she asked, being observant of Courtney's facial expression.

The girl suddenly stopped. The smile on her face disappeared gr

ne rang. Relief filled her when she saw Rufus's name on the caller ID.

The past two days had been tough. It would be great to have someone to talk to.

However, when she answered the phone, she didn't know where to start.

"How's everything going? Are you doing okay?"

Rufus sounded calm and was a comfort to Cassandra. She could picture him raising his eyebrows when talking to her.

"Not very well. I don't know how to bring this up to Whitney,"

Cassandra confessed.

"Your father and her husband are best friends. I thought she would support you,"

Rufus replied. He did not expect Cassandra to be in such a sad mood. He actually expected the meeting to go smoothly.

"She understands me and I understand her too. Since she needs to take care of her daughter and their assets at the same time, she does not have time to think about me or my father's business,"

Cassandra explained as she turned around, looking at the castle behind her. Under the blue sky, there was a dysfunctional princess and her unfortunate mother living inside that beautiful place. What a pity.

Wait, a princess?

Suddenly, an idea gripped her.

She seemed to have overlooked a very important fact.

"Cassandra? Cassandra Qin?"

Rufus raised his voice on the other end of the line after Cassandra didn't answer him, which brought back her attention.

"Sorry, I zoned out for a minute,"

Cassandra apologized.

"What are you thinking? I thought you were hypnotized. You scared me!"

Rufus said, a little disappointed with Cassandra's absent-mindedness. He felt as if he bored her.


Suddenly, Cassandra felt as if it all made sense.

"Rufus! Thank you! Now I know how to solve the problem!"

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