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   Chapter 122 Was It Love Sickness

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Whitney cried loudly. There were desperation and agony in her ear-piercing shriek.

Cassandra's heart sank horribly when she heard thescream. She rushed to the room where the voice came from and gasped when she saw what had happened inside.

The white European-style engraving dresser was turned upside down, and things that were once neatly placed on it were scattered on the floor.

Strong fragrance from a broken perfume bottle filled the room. Still, it failed to mask the smell of blood.

Courtney's long-sleeved silk nightgown was stained with blood. Cassandra's heart skipped a beat when she saw this.

The girl sitting on the floor was holding a piece of blade on her left hand, her face oblivious to her mother's scream. The shining piece of metal was bloody, too.

Looking closer, Cassandra realized that Courtney had cut herself. Blood oozed from the wound. And it stunned her just as much as it did Whitney.

After what felt like a long time, the frightened mother rushed to her daughter's side and knelt beside her. The girl still sat on her knees and gave no response at all. Whitney snatched the blade and flung it to a corner of the room before begging, "Please don't do this, Courtney!"

Then, tears started streaming down the poor woman's cheeks. Surrendering to the sobs, she held the bloody girl tightly as she cried hoarsely.

"I don't know what to do, sweetheart!" she wailed, heartbroken. "I did not know when you'll give up and hurt yourself. It pains me so much to see you like this."

Whitney's face that was distorted in agony was a stark contrast to her daughter's, which was blank and indifferent, staring into the abyss.

Cassandra put her hands over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. The strain of the situation was too much for her, and she nearly burst into tears as well.

Whitney had told her that Courtney might have some mental problems, but she did not expect it to be so grave. She was thinking something possibly like sleepwalking or reluctance to interact with people, not to an extend that she would be predisposed to self-harm.

It now made sense why Whitney chose to be away from most people. She was a proud woman. She knew how gossip would spread if anyone found out that she had a mentally ill daughter.

Feeling pity, tears finally welled up in her eyes as Cassandra watched the mother holding the girl and crying her heart out.

Just then, they heard quick footsteps from downstairs. Seconds later, a man in a suit was led to the room by a steward.

The man was around 50 years old, and carried a medical kit with him. He wore grave expression as he strode into the room.

Hope shone in Whitney's eyes seeing the man.

"You must help her, Smithers. She... has cut her own wrist," Whitney pleaded.

She then let go of Courtney, rose, and stepped aside to allow the doctor to get closer. It was then that Cassandra realized that the blood had stained her clothes too as she was holding her daughter, but it seemed to be the least of her concerns.

Clearly, it was not the first time that Smithers had handled situations like this. He crouched down beside Courtney, took out some drugs and bandage from

nd might very well be the one whom she was unable to let go.

Her shilly-shallying when selecting the clothes, the way she hurt herself and how she had been acting like a girl in love all seemed to point to one thing.

Cassandra guessed that Courtney was in love but was unable to move on. Would that explain her mental disease?

The door opened and Whitney walked in.

Her brows knitted, her eyes were red from crying, and she wore a look of despair when she saw Courtney choosing her clothes happily again.

" the matter with her?"

Cassandra asked in a low voice, referring to Courtney.

"She has again been caught up in remembering her last relationship. This was what she used to do when she was in love: dressing herself up for a date," Whitney sighed.

She closed her eyes as soon as she finished speaking with an expression of pain, as though she couldn't bear to look at it anymore.

Cassandra turned back to look at the girl. She felt so much sympathy for her, but also relief.

She remembered the locket around her neck and thought that Courtney's problem might have been caused by a man she loved. He was probably the man in the picture she carried.

Courtney indeed was one of her childhood friends. Though she had very little memory of her now and didn't even know where to start if she wanted to help, Cassandra decided she was going to do something about it. The girl was about her age, it was truly a tragedy that she had to spend the best years of her life in pain and suffering, and even sometimes ended up in hurting herself and breaking her mother's heart. Cassandra wanted so much to help.

A very wild idea prompted in her head:

she would find a way to get to the core of Courtney's misery and help her recover.

Didn't the doctor also say that he wished that he could find out the cause of her distress? Now that Cassandra might have a clue, she promised herself that she would do her best to help Courtney.

Taking another look at Courtney, Cassandra finally made up her mind.

"Auntie Whitney," she said seriously, "I might know exactly what has happened to Courtney."

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