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   Chapter 121 The Sleepwalking Young Lady

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Cassandra felt warm sleeping in her comfortable bed. However, her blood froze when she caught sight of a figure in the dark from the corner of her eye!

It was looming around the corner. She could not recognize who it was. It was just sitting there quietly, not moving.

Cassandra dared not do anything boldly. She covered herself with the quilt carefully while staring at that figure anxiously.

After what seemed like an eternity, the figure suddenly moved and stood up slowly.

Its shoulders moved up and down in a heave of sigh. Then it turned its head from left to right, and walked out of the room at a very slow staggering pace.

Through the dim light from the corridor outside, Cassandra saw its face all of a sudden.

It was Courtney!

Her skin seemed to be paler, and her face bore no expression. There was something odd in the way she walked. It was really slow, rigid and unnatural as if she was a puppet.

Then an idea occurred to Cassandra. She covered her mouth to stop herself from making any noise.

Courtney was sleepwalking! On the back of her mind, she recalled that sleepwalking happened in one's dream and the sleepwalkers were unconscious and didn't know what they were doing.

Cassandra was both surprised and curious. She remained silent and watched Courtney walk out of her room silently.

After Courtney left, Cassandra rolled out of bed. A precarious idea haunted her. She wondered why Courtney sleepwalked to her room and where she would go next.

With that thought in mind, Cassandra tiptoed and opened the door. Courtney went to the next room. She opened the door and walked in.

Cassandra followed her carefully. She didn't enter that room. Instead, she crouched down by the door and peeked inside.

Courtney walked to the walk-in wardrobe and opened the door. A ginormous closet filled with countless pieces of gorgeous garments surprised Cassandra.

"Not this one, nor this one..."

Cassandra heard Courtney murmuring. Her pale and thin hand stroked through the rows of fancy dresses.

'Is she looking for a special dress?' wondered Cassandra.

Finally, Courtney closed the door and turned around.

She continued murmuring, "No, no...not here. It's not here..."

Cassandra saw her walking towards the door of the room. She didn't want herself to be discovered. So she hurried to her room secretly.

Courtney repeated her act going into one room after another. She would open the door and walked inside to search for something.

Sometimes, she would open the cosmetic drawer, or stroke the mirror by the bedside.

She staggered to her feet during the whole process, which made Cassandra quite anxious, afraid that she might fall down.

Suddenly, Courtney walked downstairs. Cassandra followed closely behind her.

She was so nervous all the way that even her palms sweated. What she hated the most were horror movies, but with what was happening now, she felt like she was playing one of the roles in a horror film.

Midnight, inside the dark mansion, a young lady was sleepwalking. These were the classic elements in a horror movie.

Courtney reached the first floor and opened the door of the house.

The cold wind blew in, and a surge of tiny chills met Cassandra's tensed face.

However, it seemed that Courtney didn't feel the cold at all. She stood at the g

getting late. You can talk to the steward if you need anything. He will help you. The vegetables of the salad are from my own farm. They are organic."

Whitney's retaliation surprised Cassandra. She, however, understood why Whitney had a sudden change of attitude.

Whitney had been strong to endure for a long, dark, and depressing time. It was her love for Courtney that was supporting her. She would do anything she could to help her daughter out. She was a mother who was willing to sacrifice everything just for her child. No mother could bear seeing her child unwell.

All these years she was thinking about Courtney's welfare. She even built a castle with all the safety features to cater to her needs. Whitney's thoughts were immense with her lovely daughter. She had been taking a good care of her beloving daughter. Most especially, she wished Courtney would have a normal, healthy life.

Suddenly, a loud noise sounded from the upstairs as if something heavy was knocked over.

With the sound of a loud thud, Cassandra shivered with fear. She stared at Whitney with her eyes opening wide with shock.

"Auntie, is... there anything happening upstairs?"

Cassandra felt restless. Judging from the sound, an extremely big bang, something or someone must have fallen down.

Whitney sprang up from her seat immediately. She was not calm and reposed anymore. The table mat was pulled out by her sudden action. She threw the fork and the knife onto her plate, spilling the salad out forming a messy smudge on the floor.

The rumbling sound upstairs made her so restless that the elegance she once had was not evident with her now.

Whitney rushed to the stairs and shouted towards the steward who was just following her, "Call Smithers, now!"

Then she fled upstairs lightning-fast.

Cassandra was taken aback, for a moment her mind went blank and did not know what to do. Pulling her senses together, she immediately left her seat and followed Whitney upstairs.

Whitney ran so fast that Cassandra could hardly catch up with her. Obviously, she was extremely worried at this moment.

She barged in through the half-opened door and dashed into the room where the loud sound came from.


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