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   Chapter 120 The Person Sitting On Her Bed

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The dining room was luxurious. It made Cassandra feel as if she were back in the Middle Ages.

The steak was perfect. Cassandra was so impressed and she had to express it.

"Auntie, the chef you hired is incredible. This is the best steak I've ever tasted!"

she said before taking another bite.

Whitney couldn't help but smile when she saw that Cassandra enjoyed her meal so much.

"Courtney will not eat food cooked by anyone else," Whitney said.

This surprised Cassandra. She did not expect Courtney to be so picky. Then again, a picture of her cold face came back to her and Cassandra realized that it was, indeed, highly likely.

"Is Courtney sick? She didn't come down for dinner,"

Cassandra asked. To be honest, it would have made her feel better if she found out that the girl were just feeling unwell.

"Courtney… likes to eat in her bedroom,"

Whitney replied with sorrow in her eyes. Talking about her daughter seemed to bring her pain. Cassandra felt as if she wanted to tell her many things, but was working hard not to.

A part of Cassandra wanted to bring up the business deal—the initial reason for she visit.

After much thought, she decided that it was best not to ruin the trust that Whitney had given her by bringing up something she explicitly said she did not want to talk about.

She would have to be patient. Besides, she doubted that the Tang Group knew where Whitney's place was. As of now, she had an advantage.

Cassandra bid Whitney goodbye after dinner and waited for her ride back to the hotel. Suddenly, she received a call that the driver would not be able to come and get her.

"Stay the night. I'll ask the servant to prepare a room for you,"

Whitney offered. Then, she asked one of her helpers to clean the guestroom.

A stranger to Norway, Cassandra accepted the offer. She did not really have much alternatives.

She stayed in a room on the third floor, in the middle of a corridor.

Upon opening the door, she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

It looked like the princess bedroom every little girl dreamed of having.

The bed was European style with a frame carved with delicate patterns. The dresser next to it was decorated with flowers. It was so nice to look at. Even more so, to sleep in.

"Do all the guest rooms here look like this?"

Cassandra asked the butler in disbelief. She could not believe what she was seeing.

"Yes, they are all designed to look like rooms for princesses, but they all look different from each other,"

the butler replied.

"Oh, may I peek at the other rooms?:

Cassandra asked the butler. She was so curious. These guest roo

other coin. But again, she got nothing.

Beads of sweat began to form on her nose. She was determined to get the doll.

She opened her bag and took out all the coins. She inserted them into the machine one by one. However, no matter how many coins she inserted and how hard she tried, she ended up failing again and again.

Finally, she reached her last coin.

Little Cassandra looked at it in her palm. It was a little wet because of her sweat. After a little moment of hesitation, she finally inserted it.

The manipulator began to move. She aimed at her target doll and pressed the button.

The manipulator sunk, opened and caught the pony! Unfortunately, it fell again.

Cassandra felt very upset seeing her dream doll lying in the corner again. She took a last glance at her and turned around, ready to leave.

Suddenly, an older boy who looked like a high school student, walked towards the machine and inserted a coin.

The manipulator moved towards the white pony. It sunk and caught the doll.

Then it dropped the cute doll to the exit door of the machine.

The boy took out the pony and gave it to Cassandra. He said gently, "There you go. Here is your unicorn. You don't know how to catch a doll. Next time try not to play this game. It will only disappoint you. Disappointment isn't a good thing."

From what he said, Little Cassandra learned that the pony with a horn was called a unicorn.

She watched him disappear on the other end of the street as she held her new doll in her arms—her first doll in her life.

While she was having her sweet dream, Cassandra felt her bed sink.

She woke up immediately.

She opened her eyes. It took her a while to adjust to the darkness. Then, she realized that someone was sitting on her bed!

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