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   Chapter 119 Whitney Is A Fan Of The Royal Family!

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The woman had bushy eyebrows and pink, plump lips. Her raven black hair cascaded down her shoulders. With her hands, she was stroking a Persian cat.

The cat had white luscious fur and a pair of large, clear odd eyes—one yellow; the other, blue. It purred as it curled on the woman's knees.

The woman looked at Cassandra with indifferent eyes, then stood up and walked to the stairs. Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman wearing a pair of glasses was coming down the winding staircase.

She was the wife of Mr. Gary Zheng, Whitney Qiu.

Whitney Qiu was somewhere in her forties. She had a very fair complexion. She was living proof that a comfortable life tended to make one age well.

Knowing that this must be the woman she was looking for, Cassandra immediately approached to introduce herself.

"Mrs. Zheng, nice to meet you. I'm Cassandra Qin, the eldest daughter of Vernon Qin,"

she said, beaming. She was doing a great job hiding her nerves. For some reason, she felt odd being in the castle.

"I know who you are. Mr. Li has told me that you were coming. It was clever to have him put a good word for you. Otherwise, I would not even consider seeing you,"

Whitney Qiu replied. Cassandra was confused. 'Who's Mr. Li?' she thought. It took her a second to realize that Mr. Li must be the mediator Rufus hired.

'This mediator must be very reputable to have this kind of influence, ' she thought.

Whitney looked down at Cassandra from the second step of the stairway. She had a way of making people feel so severely inadequate.

Coming to her senses, Cassandra recollected herself and managed a smile.

"Mrs. Zheng, has Mr. Li told you about the current situation of Qin Group? Right now, I am..."

She gestured Cassandra to stop before she could finish talking.

"Hold on. I do not want to hear about the shares my husband left. I assigned someone else to handle it. I am a woman who is not interested in business,"

she imposed. This made Cassandra feel very disappointed. Deep inside, she knew that Whitney Qiu only refused to cooperate because she was aware of the current situation of the company.

Still, a part of her did not want to believe that she came all the way to Norway for nothing.

"With all due respect, Mrs. Zheng, you seem to have misunderstood. I came to tell you news about my family, not really the company. It has been a while since we last met, I almost feel like I should call you 'Auntie'. Would it be okay for me to talk to you about my family, Auntie Whitney?"

Cassandra said sweetly. She decided to change her approach to address Whitney's avers

eat bonuses.

Whitney was smart but chose to distance herself from people. Nevertheless, she began to feel at ease with Cassandra because of the memories she brought with her.

"In my memory, Courtney didn't like furry animals,"

Cassandra recalled. Her memories were a blur, faint and vague.

Most of them were from the small town where she grew up in. But she said this naturally.

'Strange. Why do I know what Courtney doesn't like? I don't remember her ever saying this to me. Did someone else say it?' she said, perplexed at her sudden recollection. She barely had memories of Courtney. How could she suddenly remember her very specific preference?

"She began to like cats after..."

the lady began, but could not seem to complete her story. She suddenly turned very desolate.

Occupied with her own thoughts, Cassandra failed to notice the sudden change in Whitney Qin's mood.

"Mrs. Zheng, dinner is ready. Will your guest stay for dinner?"

the butler asked politely.

"Yes, I will have dinner with Cassandra. Please bring Courtney's dinner up to her chamber,"

Whitney said as she stood up. Then, she turned to Cassandra, "Try the food my cook prepared. He used to cook for the Royal Family and I spent an arm and a leg on hiring him."

Cassandra was astonished. 'A chef for the Royal Family?

What is he doing here at dinner time? Shouldn't he be cooking for them?' she thought.

Finally piecing the information together, Cassandra began to notice clues that point to royalty in the Qiu's castle-like mansion. With all the decor and paintings on the wall, the place would pass as a movie set.

'This is interesting. Auntie Whitney seems to be a fan of the Royal Family!' Cassandra was truly amazed.

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