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   Chapter 118 The Palace

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10119

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Cassandar's sorrow turned to flaming rage after hearing what Lionel said to her.

She sacrificed a lot for Lionel and Ivy's benefit, even to the point of annoying Horace by telling him that she wanted a divorce. Then Lionel went ahead and said this? Was this what she got in return?

On one hand he showed consistently how much he fell for Ivy to win her sympathy; but on the other darker hand, he was poaching key business from Vernon's company.

"I have always seen you as family. What about you, though? Is this what I get for being so nice to you? Did you ever see me as family? You hide behind shadows and did everything in secret. You were careful enough not to let me know because you knew I would disagree. I was none the wiser on your dirty tricks. You bought the majority shares so dirtily. Do you want to devour the whole Qin Group? Well, you better listen then. As long as I am here living and breathing, you will never succeed!"

Cassandra radiated fury—a stark contrast from her usual self, which was peaceful and cautious.

She wouldn't hurt anyone else unless they tried to hurt her. 'I won't go easy on them. I will have to protect father's company, ' thought Cassandra.

"Cassandra, calm down, will you? Why are you even angry? Just because the Qin Group was going to be acquired and merged, doesn't mean you lose it all. I want to remind you that you still have 40% of the shares! You'll still benefit from the company as long as it runs well. Why are you so stubborn?"

Lionel frowned and walked from side to side. He tried to convince Cassandra who right now resembled a startled kitten.

"Have you ever run risk assessments for the Qin Group? If it goes under, the damages could cause irreparable damages to the Tang Group,"

Rufus reminded in a icy tone after being silent in the sidelines.

He had a gut feeling that something was off about Lionel and secretly did some digging. Turned out he was right, Lionel had been in touch with the board of directors of the Qin group for quite some time now. That was when Rufus realized that Lionel wanted to take over the whole company.

Normally, Horace would have discussed the merger with Rufus before hand, since he was in charge of the Tang group now. But he didn't, which meant the father didn't have a shred of trust on his son after all. Instead, Horace had given the case to Lionel directly.

Rufus squinted his cold dark eyes. It seemed that Horace didn't have much confidence in him.

What Horace asked of him was to solve the current crisis in which the company was trapped in. Rufus succeeded in doing just that. Not only that, he did so well that he managed to convince the board to expand new markets as well.

But despite proving his capability, Horace still kept him away from key businesses of the Tang Group, such as this merger.

"Risk assessment? High risks come with high rewards. I had hoped you would understand such a simple rule."

Lionel despised Rufus so much since he was always with Cassandra. One would thi

l her shares, that would save the company and there would be no need to let her mother know.

Cloris lay on the nearby sofa and fiddled with her phone. She was smiling and giggling every once in a while. It seemed like she was chatting with someone who made her happy.

"Cloris, do you have a boyfriend?"

Cassandra asked after she observed Cloris's sweet smile, the kind of smile you only see on girls who're in love.

"Nope. Just texting with a friend,"

Cloris answered coldly. It was obvious she didn't want to breach the topic.

At that moment, her phone lit up after receiving a message.

"Let's hang out tonight, I will meet you up in the Northern District," it said.

Cloris's heart fluttered with elation. She replied, "Okay." She even added a heart emoji.

Arthur snorted contemptously as he received Cloris's reply.

'Women are so gullible. It's easy to win their trust if you give them just the right amount of attention.

Cloris, this isn't personal. Blame your sister for what's about to happen to you, ' Arthur thought in the deep recesses of his mind.

Cassandra arrived in Norway, three days later.

Mrs. Zheng resided in a castle of antiquity. It was located in the center of a lush, thriving forest. The place was shrouded with mystery, looking abandoned and forgotten.

Cassandra took a deep breath before she rang the doorbell near the massive door. Moments later, a butler came out.

"Miss Qin, my lady knows you are here. Please, come in. She is waiting for you in the hall,"

the butler bowed respectfully. It's was obvious he was a professional.

He led Cassandra inside. She was taken aback and swept with awe as she saw the interior.

This wasn't just someone's home. It was a full-blown palace!

The hall was adorned with priceless antiques. The paintings were of the classical style and the furniture looked like they could be traced back to the time period of Renaissance.

Amidst all the grandeur, a woman was sitting at center of the great hall.

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